50 Best Patio Ideas for Design Inspiration


Patios are often viewed as an expansion of indoor living space. Regardless of the composition of patio, concrete, brick or stone, this paved place is frequently utilized as socializing location, a particularly when there is a fire pit or grill show. Toss in an open air feasting area and some patio stylistic theme, and it can likewise turn into your favorite eating spot!

Bright blue skies, warmer temperatures and sunny days always lure you outside. A perfect time when temperatures climb and days are long that are spend outside lounging with your loved ones and friends through gorgeous dusk hours and into the night. It did paint an enticing picture in your mind, didn’t it? Now, all we need is to create a perfect outdoor patio for making our dreams into reality.

When you plan to do eating, lounging or entertaining out there, then it is the time to ponder how that area must look like. Whether you are short on space or have a tight budget, no big deal. Sometimes a few square inches are all you need to work your way. From terraces and yards to porches and patios, these decorating ideas can work big on any spot that you want to beautify. Have a peek and try the patio ideas that we brought to revamp your backyard area.

When you start planning a patio project, you are confronted with a flood of patio ideas and options in patio designs. Among the choices of materials, patio furniture, patio décor and numerous choices in patio configuration, there are plentiful approaches to tweak your open air living space. Today, patios are made out of a lot of materials; granite, brick, sandstone, slate, wood, cement or stone. The possible outcomes are apparently endless while considering the alternatives for building your patio.

Each patio project starts by building a strong and solid base. This initial step is crucial, and if taken lightly and mishandled then it may lead to a patio that won’t last over a year. Patio base must either be constructed with concrete, sand or gravel. Regardless of the sort of material you use the base ought to be from six to eight inches deep.

Concrete if utilized as a flooring material for your patio can turn out to be surprisingly versatile. This amazing concrete can be shaped, painted and formed into different patterns. On the other hand, the interlocking stone can be utilized as a base. Stones have turned into an engaging and appealing option as of late and can help to drain water away from home properly.

Take benefit from the list of 50 Best Patio Design Ideas. If you are pondering to assemble your patio, then we welcome you to examine this list of patio ideas for inspiration. Beautiful hardscaping, stylish décor, and smart patio design combine to create perfect outdoor areas. Back patios and front porches are the most favorite spots to enjoy and relax on warmer days. Make your patio your favorite escape as well with the exquisite and stunning patio ideas.

1. Follow the Curve

Simply stunning! The curve has been beautifully utilized with gorgeous seating arrangements and fire pit. We have an ample amount of space and a lot of greenery here that is giving a soothing and fresh feel. For some people outdoor natural and green, this idea is especially for those people to apply. The lovely curve of the open air seating area of this Moroccan inspired patio impeccably takes after the arch of the encircling fire pit. The bronzed characteristic hues and earthy tones are present throughout the open air space. Flawlessly suited for engaging and entertaining, the double-decker patio is certain to awe its guests.

Follow the Curve


2. The New and the Old

The new with the old is juxtaposed inside this outdoor expansion. The perfectly balanced outdoor patio highlights reclaimed timbers and a perspective of a unique brick wall. The astounding use of clean lines and modern features harmonizes perfectly with the older materials in an updated space and pay tribute to the structures’ unique past. Refreshing an older space can be beneficial to protect the interesting history of your home. Have a go at repurposing, restoring and revealing bits of your home’s unique structure to reproduce this interesting look.

The New and the Old


3. Motif in Pavers

The hoisted patio carved into the hill side goes about as a retaining wall. This one of a kind patio’s design fuses a stacked block retaining wall as a feature of the implicit seating. The splendid open-air living space utilizes extensive square tiles of green grass and cement to form a rug-like pattern. Greenery developing in the middle of the cement appears as a contrast to the red pops of colors utilized as part of seating place’s throw cushions and pillows. The intriguing utilization of space’s cement tiles is a great motivation for anybody planning out their own patio.

Motif in Pavers


4. A Variable Arrangement

This lovely Spanish-style yard opens up to the home’s inside though a sliding movable wall. The mixing of an outdoor and indoor space gives far more choices while engaging. The patio zone is of this place is well prepared for visitors and brags two separate feasting areas. The cutting edge style of the home’s furniture delicately contrasts with the walls’ terracotta tile rooftop and rustic brick. When planning your patio space consider exquisite approaches to consolidating your principle living space with your open air living space. This can be refined using French doors, sliding wall or large windows.



5. Isolated Spaces

This stunning laid-back patio highlights both uncovered and covered spaces. The covered living area gloats a beautiful stone-confronted hearth with a flat-screen LCD drifting simply over the mantle. Extra outdoor storage is accessible in implicit cupboards that are housed to the other side of the patio’s chimney. The living area develops ostensibly past the patio’s covering to the exquisite open air feasting area. The separated space gives choices when entertaining and dining. For little gatherings, you can adhere to the lower level.  In the case of facilitating large events, it is pleasant to have more space to oblige extra visitors. If you are enthusiastic about outdoor entertainment, you can consider including an overflow region for bigger gatherings.

Isolated Spaces


6. A Standing Garden

This modern and contemporary patio space brag a stunning upright or vertical garden. The greenery shapes the backdrop to a novel and exquisite outdoor seating territory. The variable specimens of vegetation frame an excellent living quilt on the patio’s essential wall. The cedar planked sectional is spruced up with navy cushions beautified with white piping detail. Flies of lively patterns and color dress up space and include extra intrigue. If your patio space has a dull vertical divider, you can also make a vertical garden.

A Standing Garden


7. Dining Styled in High Fashion

This open air kitchen is very much prepared and ready to provide for an army. The noteworthy open air range is a delightful deed of culinary inventiveness. The kitchen brags an electric grill, a refrigerator, and pizza oven. The impeccable styles eating space highlights black-granite countertops, ultra hip feasting furniture and stainless steel appliances for an utterly contemporary look. When arranging your open air kitchen, consider your necessities and what number of individual will go to your outdoor meals.

Dining Styled in High Fashion


8. Comfortable Ambiance

Comfortable is the word utilized while depicting this wooden-secured patio region. The liberal use of cozy seating based on a stone hearth makes a space that is primarily inviting. The expansion of both resting and hanging grower in and around the open air living region frames a passage to the encompassing greenery enclosure range. The warm shine of strands of hanging lights adds to the already unwinding ambiance of the outdoor room. When arranging your own outside space, consider when you will utilize the space. If you choose to spend time in evening hours, make sure you have furnished your space with full lighting.

Comfortable Ambiance


9. Absolute Outdoor Kitchen

The outside kitchen in this contemporary home’s patio can equal many of its indoor counterparts. A fully equipped kitchen with a sink for quick cleanup, a small refrigerator, and a full stove is placed here. The accompanying seating area and outdoor area make a space that offers the aggregate package for outdoor entertainment and dining. This pace is the perfect size for family suppers. If you are thinking about an outdoor kitchen, first take a look at your needs, choose your budget, and afterward you will have the capacity to arrange a kitchen that will splendidly fit your way of life.

Absolute Outdoor Kitchen


10. Basic Seating

A concrete divider forms the foundation of this patio’s essential seating area. The concrete patio is decorated with cedar planks and is based on a basic rectangular fire pit. The basic solid fire pit is the focal point of the streamlined open air space. The little patio space makes a major impression with is perfect lines and contemporary look. For those who do not have big living space, consider utilizing a retaining wall as a component of solution for your open air seating.

Basic Seating


11. Mega Modern Rooftop Patio

This mega modern rooftop patio shows an energetic feeling of design and color. Unexpected touches like Astroturf floor rug or blue light that spill out from the chaise, appeal to a kid-like sense wonder. The exceptional touches are found all through this design, and the guests will dependably have the capacity to investigate the marvels of the patio in addition to the city beyond. While planning your outdoor space include touches that inspire you and people around you.

Mega Modern Rooftop Patio


12. One-of-a-Kind Fire Feature

The interesting winding shape, of the fire feature in this open air area, becomes the overwhelming focus. The fire pit goes about as characteristic boundary and encases the patio range while giving natural light and warmth. Lolling in glow is simple to close to the delicate blazes of the fire feature wall. Visitors lounging around the patio’s round table will certainly appreciate the mesmerizing view. While planning your outdoor space consider what kind of unique element you would like to incorporate.

One-of-a-kind Fire Feature


13. Every Comfort of Home

This patio incorporates every one of the comforts of home in an impeccable open air setting. The patio’s covering propose a high roof with a modern fan for additional solace. Winter or summer, this patio has covered it all as the patio is outfitted with a stunning outdoor fireplace. Hanging over the chimney shelf is a top quality flat LCD. So, relax, put up your feet and appreciate the show. When arranging your outdoor retreat, think about your environment. Is it cold or is it hot? Do you have to include a chimney or fan? Include highlights that will help you benefit as much as possible from the outdoor space in each of four seasons.

Every Comfort og Home


14. Make your Art the Center Stage

A wonderful bit of open air art can transform a hum-drum are into a stunning retreat. The corrosive green of the wall art can firmly entwine the space and make the outside room feel like an area worthy of calm and quiet reflection. Amid private social events, a space revolved around creative bits of art is certain to rouse and charm your visitors. Who knows, the art may even be a friendly conversation starter?

Make your Art the Center Stage


15. Smooth Transitions

Custom contemporary furniture, glass enclosure, and concrete floors make this fantastic patio territory. The glass doors and walls are prompting to the smooth transition into the open air space. In amazing congruity with the world beyond, glass railings open up the patios area towards the cliff beneath. The outcome is stunning. And the open air space stays one with indoor space and also the sea past its fringes. While planning your outside territory, consider playing to the space qualities by making use of your scene’s best component. This home highlighted an incredible water view. The house owner’s benefitted as much as possible from this quality by making maximum visibility.

Smooth Transitions


16. Patio at your Home’s Facade

This dazzling patio backyard drops down to a huge pool and separate hot tub regions. The patio space is extensive and highlights a fire pit with sitting range and substantial pergola with extra seating. This design is ideal for daytime unwinding as well as night time entertainment. The stone highlighted all through the plan ties the extensive open air space to the stone veneer of the home. Due to the similarity in building materials union or cohesion is achieved all through the property. While arranging your open air patio, ponder how the material you are utilizing will relate to your home’s current material.

Patio at your Home's Facade


17. Fun loving Little Patterns

Stunning and playful possess large amounts of this brilliant patio setting. The novel Moroccan tile frames the base of this interesting porch’s style. The one-of-a-kind patio is then layered with a varied blend of color and pattern. Artistically rendered furnishings make a flawless small seating zone as a honeycomb designed rug unites it all together. Outdoor spaces like this one challenge the idea of everything ought to coordinate. In making your patio, you must not be hesitant to play with patterns. The consequence of bold pattern can be surprising and very dazzling.

Fun Loving Little Patterns


18. Pleasurable Patio Idea

The contemporary chaise lounge is assembled on a peaceful patio and look out on the display of a quiet, modern wellspring. The sound of water can calm, and the tranquil sitting region offers a place of peace and reflection. The quiet pergola is ideal for tasting your morning espresso of reflecting on the excellence of your backyard oasis. While making your own particular private oasis, think about what you might want to see, smell or listen. Concentrate on those smells, sounds, and sights and fuse them into your open air plan.

Pleasurable Patio Idea


19. Effortless Beauty

Simply splendid! The simple beauty of this calm space can be converted into open-air patio ideas for your place. With a couple of basic botanical embellishments and rich touches, this basic space has been changed into a traditional garden getaway. The secured region gloats a simple wonder. The wise green highlighted al through the veranda is a touch with a serene effect on the general design. For your area, consider including sage green touch, simple seating zone and floral elements.

Effortless Beauty


20. High Style Flying

The ideal marriage of outdoor and indoor space is shaped in this top of the line entertainment region. The silver drink trolley demurely waits behind the impeccable custom-made sky-blue settee. The restricted palette lime green and sky-blue mixes the Hollywood rule style with that of hip, contemporary outlook. A surreal landscape indeed when the elegant sitting area is flying in high style. Encompassed by an arrangement of falling curves, the scene inside the painting give an effect of a continuum of the genuine scene that is quietly surrounded inside the stone curves. While arranging your outdoor space, ponder on how your space will interface with the encompassing scene.

High Style Flying


21. Personal Paradise

Huge cedar boards shape the basic structure of this larger than average open air hammock. The custom hammock takes the show that is flanked on either side by additional garden components. However this exceptional, high-walled gardens blend of water feature, unique seating zone, and dining area makes a personal paradise inside what is a bigger urban area.

Personal Paradise


22. Transformation with Color

Splendid bright paint changes this patio into a sprouting field of color. The flies of shading all through the patio have transformed a boring patio in a territory of intrigue. The artistically rendered blossoms add hues to the patio fencing. Indeed even in a little spending plan, with a little paint and a considerable measure of creative ability, you can also change your patio into a splendid piece of art. While planning your patio, consider how all different components in your space meet up and shape one complete space.

Transformation with Color


23. Get it Covered

The contemporary, streamlined outside design balances natural components with a stupendous feeling of style. The substantial patio is covered with large patio space that is perfect for entertaining and engaging in all seasons. Shine or rain, with this patio you are all covered. Furthermore, a fan placed at the center, high over the living territory moves between lighting and presents a cool breeze amid warm summer month.

Get it Covered


24. Old World Beauty

An intricate metal crystal chandelier, untreated timbers, and rustic stone curves make sense of medieval appeal in the midst of this calm patio setting. The outdoor kitchen and wicker feasting seats add modern comfort and solace to this old world fashioned living space. Adding this exquisite old world charm to your patio setting can be refined through the correct blend of old world style and materials. While making your own patio porch, consider the sort of style that you might want to consolidate, and then explore components of that style so you can settle on informed design decisions.

Old World Beauty


25. Mixed Stuff

The center piece of this quiet outdoor space is a rustic table. The custom table developed from roughly shorn trunks settled at the bottom of a windswept Willow makes a special seating territory for four. The mysteriously tangled branches of the upwardly moving tree uncover enlivening metal spheres, and they dangle unobtrusively over the patio’s cedar planked flooring. This pensive patio impeccably adjusts the well-used patina of rural metal with the delicate vividness of natural wood. The consequence of this balance is a living space that is ideal for unwinding one’s soul and reestablishing one’s creativity.

Mixed Stuff


26. A Perfect Plan

This bright raised patio porch expertly utilizes contrasting hues to make a space that peruses like a firmly arranged plan. The basic blue-green, plum and yellow hues are scattered all through the porch and the encompassing patio nursery. The centrally placed red fire bowl shaped in petal underneath an embellishing metal blossom that holds tights a yellow swath of wall situated on the contemporary dwellings cement privacy enclosure. With astute decisions, restricted shading palette and overall theme or look of your design can be as elegant as this state-of-the-art masterpiece. When planning your own living space, think about centering your area on a theme. In spite of the fact that, it is a bit much, themes can help to inspire your plan decisions.

A Perfect Plan


27. Simple Pleasures

White, green and red are the basic keys to internal workings of this perfect, fresh design style. Bamboo outlines the cutting edge white patio furnishings. The tiled patio is sponsored by a modern home with a brilliant red door. The contemporary white furniture and clean lines permit the more bright components to become the overwhelming focus and add to the general design. Designs like this one depict the familiar proverb: less is more.

Simple Pleasures


28. Fun and Funky

The energetic utilization of shading on this covered patio space breaks all rules, however in a good way. The general impact of the spaces expertly blended theme presents a funky and fun place to set up a lawn party or simply appreciate an evening. Spaces like this exhibit that home décor can be personal. When conceptualizing your patio thoughts, consider the space that you need and how you can apply your style to that area.

Fun and Funky


29. Brilliant Explosion of Patterns

White space is enlivened with brilliant punches of the pattern. The diverse blend of shading and design boldly reveals this covered patio’s maximum potential. The general space has been effectively changed into sprightly tropical oasis through a couple of simple brightening touches.

Brilliant Explosion of Patterns


30. Impeccably Curved Pergola

An exquisite and truly one-of-a-kind living space, this remarkable curved pergola sits on a wooden stage. The well-developed round pergola outlines a cozy nook for entertainment and relaxation. The curving and spherical nature of the outline’s most stunning component is resounded all through patio’s outdoor embellishments. The blend of natural material and stunning curved designs makes a space that feels most comfortable. While developing your patios space, consider what special design components you might want to incorporate.

Impeccably Curved Pergola


31. Perfectly Designed Patio

This exquisite asymmetrical patio streams ostensibly towards a lavish green garden. Utilizing a variety of natural stuff, like stone and wood, the open air design has mapped out a space ideal for outdoor entertaining, cooking, and dining. The stone divider encompassing the fire pit serves as an eating space and open air bar. Seating scattered all through the zone welcomes you to unwind and appreciate the view. A roofed seating nook is located in a zone with an open-air café table and outdoor natural stone fireplace.

Perfectly Designed Patio


32. Fun Features

Set out to be diverse in life and with your home beautifications. Delightful additions to patio spaces can give unexpected outcomes. On account of this unconventional outline, a touch of fun patio furniture makes a perky environment. The comfortable bean bag of patio sets the tone of the laid-back design of this patio layout. While designing your patio consider what elements in your space will make you truly happy.

Fun Features


33. Bold Symmetry

Strong hues, striking patterns, and modern design characterize the outdoor living zones. Designs for contemporary patios seldom meet up as cohesively as this open air seating zone with its matching fire-place. The splendid orange love seats reflect each other as they sit on either side of the table.

Bold Symmetry


34. Artistic Strokes

Borrowing themes from the surrounding vegetations showcase a dazzling set of patterns from blooms and garden life. The patio includes various artistic lighting features. The beautiful chandelier is suspended over the basic wooden table that is placed in the heart of the design. The primary wall holds extra lighting apparatuses to light the route of those feasting inside the garden.

Artistic Strokes


35. Equal but Separate

This simple and elegant outdoor plan is superbly tailored for the individuals who cherish big way entertainments. Slated even wood bars extend the rectangular patio’s longitudinal feeling of the area. On the other hand, the patio’s furniture separates the lengthened space into two particular ranges. Separating an expansive space into devoted segments for engaging and eating is one approach to handling the precarious design.

Equl But Separate


36. Know Fun!

It is best to have fun both in design and life. The outdoor kitchen knows the value of outside entertainment. The red pops in patio space here and there exhibit playful vibe. The dining space is beautifully graced with winding tendrils of greenery going inside the pergola just above the heads of the diners. Think what fun strokes you can incorporate to your patio space.

Know Fun


37. Elegance on the Roof Top

This terrace on the top of your house makes you feel to be sitting at the top of the world. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surroundings while enjoying and relaxing on cozy seating arrangement. The marble made a table with fire pit integrated into it makes this layout perfect for an entertaining evening. Tile flooring keeps it bright and clean while simple prints of cushions add to the sophistication of this elegantly decorated patio. The overall look of the place gives you a feeling of a high-end place where you can meditate under the roof of the sky.

Elegance on the Roof Top


38. Beautifully Flowered

Whenever you have a luxury of natural plant habitat near your veranda, you can do wonders while decorating and designing the place. Such is the case with this patio design, where a beautiful flowering plant is grown tantalizingly on the wooden shade, making it a true show stopper. The pink hibiscus gives the flowery look and brightness in an overall green locale. The brick patio under a lovely seating area rather completes this wonderful design with no requirement of further décor. This straight forward and simple designed is supplemented by large plant pots scattered around the main seating area.

Beautifully Flowered


39. Corner of your Balcony

The outdoor design ideas always employ plants and flowers in pots as decor, especially when there are no grounds for their growth available. Same is the case in this patio design where the balcony of the house is primarily decorated with a deep green vertical hedge. The privacy screen painted in red defines the theme of this beautifully decorated patio. A simple seating bench with two modernly designed stools adds to this stylish design idea for outdoors. The adorable candles nicely complement fashionable lights on the platform on the table.

Corner of your Balcony


40. Pleasure in the Pool

Having a large outdoor pool is a luxury in itself, but topping it with royally designed seating area right in the middle of the pool usable for relaxation and enjoyment makes it an extravagantly overwhelming experience. The picture depicts the design idea just like a modern man cave placed softly and caringly over the pool as an oasis. The neon light covers the patio in a modish way like a fragile curtain. The sitting area and the wooden flooring depict the modern outlook of this lavish place to entertain you.

Pleasure in the Pool


41. Built In Seating Arrangement

It is always convenient to have a solidly built seating arrangement in your patio so that you would not be worrying about the wear and tear of the furniture. This design inspiration can be acquired from this sophisticated patio idea, where a modern concrete seat with a curved layout is embedded in this simple, elegant area. The light shade of the seat is nicely complemented with bright lime colored pillows and dark gray cushions, adding life and fun to this setting. Two modern chairs are adding to this long term design idea for a patio.



42. Garden across the Wall

This decent patio idea is an inspiration for those who don’t have the budget to set up the whole theme and build their seating area from scratch. You can convert any available space with some creative thinking and basic items into an innovative patio design of your own. The trees laying over the wall provide a beautiful back drop for this seating arrangement. The earth tones are nicely amalgamated with cool shades of blue, giving this casual style space the necessary sophistication. With a simple outdoor rug and DIY lighting on the trees makes this an excellent place to have a sitting with friends and family.

Garden Behind the Wall


43. An Atrium Full of Liveliness

You can find the concept of a large open space in the interior of houses in ancient Roman architecture. If you have a spacious atrium at your disposal, then this patio idea should be inspiration enough to develop it into a lavishly styled sitting area. This courtyard portrays a unique style of its own due to the use of bold approach and bright colors in decoration. Such a place can be used in various ways such as dining and gardening. The walls made from round stones and pebbles set the theme, while stylish rug and cushion prints make it a beautifully decorated area.

An Atrium Full of Liveliness


44. Let’s Sit Oceanside

The theme of this seaside seating area is based on the physical portrayal of the concept of magic. The introduction of a bare tree in the middle of this patio makes this traditionally styled design more whimsy and unique. The high roof of the place gives it a spacious look to this already open area, while curtains on sides of this patio exhibit the feeling of an indoor arrangement. It has the elegantly designed lighting arrangements both in the midair using unique chandeliers and on the floor with funky lamps on the floor and candles on the table.

Lets Sit Oceanside


45. Rooftop Modernized

With modern civil engineering techniques, it is not at all difficult to bring your garden on your rooftop. This technique is intelligently implemented in this patio design idea to bring the feeling of sitting alongside your garden in this modern oasis like a garden patio. The overall unfinished wooden flooring combined with the same kind of material used on furniture gives it a raw and casual look, while the cushions on the chairs and the layout of the table top exhibit the modish look of this seating area. This rooftop terrace is well versed with the greenery and natural habitat under the sky.

Rooftop Modernized


46. Outdoor Seating with Rustic Finish

This small place for the outdoor patio is well versed with the luxuries one can desire of such a setting. The mountain abode of this incredibly charming patio idea makes it more elegant and likable. The surroundings, well versed with large trees and openness, give a feeling of freedom and serenity to this lavish place for relaxation. The refined modern chairs are nicely placed alongside the stylishly designed fireplace. The fireplace is built beautifully using gray stone, which adds to the elegance of this excellent patio design. The scroll pattern on chairs is also depicted charmingly on the print of the pillows.

Outdoor Seating with Rustic Finish


47. Between Garden and Pool

The patio design ideas are themed alongside a water pool or in the vicinity of a garden in your backyard. But when you get the luxury of both the themes side by side, it would end up in a locale like a gist of heaven on earth. This design idea for the patio is one of the best examples of such cases. This elegantly designed wooden structure is placed along the poolside with a garden in the background is the perfect example of how to smartly use the advantageous location with a touch of serenity and calmness.

Between Garden and Pool


48. Somber and Soft

The outdoor seating area is not necessarily required to be outrageously bold and bright or extravagantly expensive in its outlook. You can replenish yourself after a long tiring day in a simple seating area with elementary décor in an enjoyable locale. This cozy and comfortable outdoor living area is perfect for you to have your feet propped up while having a drink. The lilac color nicely sets in with the cozy furniture often seen in home décor placed on a lovely rug. The hanging purple lights and plants in the backdrop enhance the beauty of this adorable patio.

Sombre and Soft


49. Fire in the Water

Fire in the Water


Another patio design with a water body on one side and greenery on the other side, this voguish idea is nicely implemented alongside a hill full of the ornamental plantation and other types of trees and bushes. But the feature which makes this design a stand out idea is the fire pit carved nicely into the wall, which gives the feeling of warmth and coziness in an otherwise cold and harsh environment. This modern seating area is creatively carved on a concrete base on which simple and elegant furniture sets in stylishly.

50. The Glowing Pergola

The Glowing Pergola


Keeping it simple always helps when designing your home decor, be it indoor or outdoor. This wooden pergola made up of simple polished wood sets nicely the tone of this elegant patio design. This pergola turned shade looks aesthetically pleasing with the building in the background painted in dark gray and light gray shade of the flooring. The furniture is also colored to match the theme of the building, while the stylish fire lanterns surround the living area and exhibit a splendid sight.

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