How to Apply DBS Credit Card: Benefits, Fees, and More

Are you ready to unlock exclusive perks and rewards? 

Applying for a DBS Credit Card is your ticket to a world of benefits, from cashback rewards to travel privileges. 


But before you dive in, let's explore how to apply, the fees involved, and other essential details.

DBS Credit Card Types

DBS offers a variety of credit card types to suit different lifestyles and preferences. Here's an overview of the kinds of DBS Credit Cards available:

  • Classic Cards: Basic credit cards with essential features and benefits.
  • Premium Cards: High-end credit cards offering exclusive perks such as concierge services and luxury rewards.
  • Co-branded Cards: Co-branded cards offer unique rewards and discounts for specific brand or organization products and services.
  • Travel Cards: Cards designed for frequent travelers, offering travel-related perks such as air miles and travel insurance.
  • Cashback Cards: Cards offering cash rebates or rewards for certain purchases, such as groceries or dining.
  • Rewards Cards: Cards that allow you to earn reward points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for various rewards.
  • Lifestyle Cards: Cards that offer discounts, rewards, and privileges for lifestyle-related expenses such as dining, shopping, and entertainment.

How to Apply DBS Credit Card: Benefits, Fees, and More


Benefits of DBS Credit Card

Discover the benefits awaiting you with a DBS Credit Card, from cashback rewards to travel perks.

  • Cashback rewards: Earn cash rebates on everyday spending, making each purchase more rewarding.
  • Travel perks: Enjoy exclusive privileges like flight and hotel discounts, plus travel insurance coverage.
  • Lifestyle benefits: Access discounts on dining, entertainment, and shopping for a more rewarding lifestyle.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers: Get special deals at select merchants, enhancing your shopping experience.
  • Complimentary travel insurance: Stay protected on travels with free insurance coverage for you and your family.
  • Access to airport lounges: Relax before flights with lounge access at airports worldwide.
  • Reward points for every dollar spent: Earn points for spending, which you can redeem for vouchers, gifts, and more.

Card Charges

Before applying for a DBS Credit Card, it's essential to understand the associated charges. Here's a breakdown of the fees you should be aware of:

  • Annual fee: Varies depending on the card type, typically ranging from $0 to $192.
  • Interest rates: Typically around 26.80% per annum for retail transactions and 29.80% for cash advances.
  • Late payment fee: $100 or 6% of the minimum payment due, whichever is higher.
  • Cash advance fee: 6% of the amount withdrawn or $15, whichever is higher.
  • Foreign transaction fee: Up to 3.25% of the transaction amount.
  • Overlimit fee: $40.
  • Card replacement fee: $30 for regular delivery and $60 for express delivery.

How to Apply DBS Credit Card: Benefits, Fees, and More


How to Apply for a DBS Credit Card

Whether you prefer the convenience of online applications or the personalized touch of in-person service, applying for a DBS Credit Card is straightforward. 

Here's how you can apply, both online and in person:

How to Apply for a DBS Credit Card Online:

  1. Visit the DBS website and select the credit card that suits your needs.
  2. Click the "Apply Now" button and complete the online application form.
  3. Upload the required documents, such as proof of identity and income.
  4. Review your application and submit it online.
  5. Wait for approval, which typically takes a few days.
  6. Once approved, your new DBS Credit Card will be sent to your mailing address.

How to Apply for a DBS Credit Card In-Person:

  1. Visit a DBS branch or participating partner location.
  2. Speak with a customer service representative or credit card specialist.
  3. Fill out a paper application form provided by the bank.
  4. Submit the completed form and the required documents, such as proof of identity and income.
  5. Wait for approval, which may be provided on the spot or within a few days.
  6. Once approved, your new DBS Credit Card will be sent to your mailing address.

Required Documents

To complete your DBS Credit Card application, you must provide certain documents to verify your identity and financial status. 

Here's a list of the required documents:

  • Proof of identity (e.g., NRIC or passport)
  • Proof of income (e.g., latest payslip or income tax assessment)
  • Proof of residence (e.g., utility bill or bank statement)
  • Employment pass (for foreigners)
  • Additional documents may be required based on the applicant's profile

How to Apply DBS Credit Card: Benefits, Fees, and More

Tips for a Successful Application

Ensuring your DBS Credit Card application goes smoothly can increase your chances of approval. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Check your credit score beforehand and work to improve it if needed.
  • Ensure all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Review your application before submission to avoid mistakes.
  • Provide all required documents promptly to expedite the process.
  • Consider applying for a card that matches your credit profile and spending habits.

Managing Your DBS Credit Card

Managing your DBS Credit Card effectively is vital to maximizing its benefits while avoiding unnecessary fees. 

Here are some tips for managing your card:

  • Payment options: You can pay on your credit card online, through mobile banking, or ATMs.
  • Monitoring transactions: Regularly check your credit card statements for unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards: Immediately report any lost or stolen cards to DBS to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Setting up alerts: Consider setting up alerts for transactions, payments, and balances to stay on top of your spending.

Rewards Program

The DBS Credit Card rewards program offers a range of incentives for cardholders. Here's a closer look at how you can earn and redeem rewards:

  • Earn reward points for every dollar spent on your credit card.
  • Redeem your points for various rewards, including vouchers, gifts, and travel perks.
  • Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts at partner merchants.
  • Track your points balance and rewards options through the DBS rewards portal or mobile app.
  • Take advantage of bonus points promotions to accelerate your rewards earnings.

To Conclude

Applying for a DBS Credit Card offers a range of benefits, including cashback rewards, travel perks, and lifestyle privileges. 

Understanding fees is crucial, but the simple application process, online or in-person, makes it easy to start enjoying these benefits.

You can make the most of your DBS Credit Card with the proper preparation.

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