24 Stylish Vintage Chest of Drawers For Any Room

vintage chest drawer

Vintage Chest of drawers are a humble piece of furniture found in almost every home. Most commonly found in bedrooms they are an efficient way to store clothes and other bits and pieces all in one neat unit. However, they aren’t just reserved for the bedroom or limited to just a functional item. Drawers can … Read more

25 Small Benches For Hallway To Make It More Useful

oak hallway benches

Hallways are very often under used dead spaces, purely there to funnel traffic in and out of your house. However, with the addition of a small hallway bench this space can be transformed into an area that is useful and visually appealing at the same time. 25 Small Benches For Hallway Ideas That Will Warm … Read more

40 Stylish and Useful Small Coffee Tables

trunk coffee table

No lounge is complete without a gorgeous coffee table. These small coffee tables can be decorative in their own right while also providing you with a useful space to hold decorative items, coffee table books and even your feet when you settle in for the night. Throughout the years these humble pieces of furniture have … Read more

29 Outdoor Dining Tables For Dining Alfresco

Oval table and chairs

Dining in the outdoors is a quintessential summer experience and if you’re lucky enough to have a nice big garden you can create this experience for yourself with an outdoor dining tables. It is essential that outdoor dining tables are made of the right material; your average indoor wooden table just won’t cut it against … Read more

25 Best Cabinets and Cupboards To Suit Any Space


Cupboards are one of those necessities found in just about every home to serve all our storage needs. This common piece of furniture doesn’t have to be reserved for pure functionality however. They can be found in so many sizes, materials and used in different locations, which makes them an underestimated but effective design factor. … Read more

30 Best Oval Tables Ideas You’ll Love

Coffee tables with a pot

Round and Oval tables are an easy alternative to the traditional rectangular dining set to change up your interior design. Just like their cornered counterparts they come in a variety of styles and colours to perfectly compliment and tie together your space. Dining areas are a space that you can really have fun with and … Read more

30 Best Corner Computer Desks To Maximize Your Space

The black

Corner computer desks are a stylish addition to any home or workplace office that maximizes on your space and can be adapted to suit any layout you’ve got to work with. They give you plenty of room for your chair as well as sneakily hiding a bulky computer box underneath for a more seamless look. … Read more

40 Modern Dining Room Furniture Ideas That Really Work

Unusual Modern Wood Dining Furniture

The dining room is the social area of our house where we share conversations, meals, and in general, the day to day with family and friends. Therefore, we can choose different ways to decorate it and achieve a comfortable and cozy environment for all members of the family. Here we show you 40 different modern … Read more

42 Clever Wardrobe Rooms Ideas That Will Inspire You

luxury wardrobe rooms

Walk-in closets are one of the new emblems of home comfort and design. They are great allies of practicality and order and have become the ideal space to store clothes, accessories and shoes in a super organized way, having everything at hand. It is an ideal space to have your clothes tidy, with everything at … Read more

35 Wall Shelving Ideas To Maximize Your Spaces

unique shape wall shelving decor

The shelves are very useful, mainly for all of those that have small rooms and many things to accommodate. The shelves are more than convenient when it comes to not having much space and wanting to take advantage of the area of the walls to decorate or to organize, because sometimes many things that would … Read more