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Solar Electricity

The industrial revolution has been the harbinger of many things—progress in technology, new forms of construction material, the concept of suburbia, industrialization; and as a consequence, pollution. For two hundred years now, the environment, the atmosphere has been steadily polluted, and as a result, we are facing the biggest enemy yet; global warming. So to … Read more

Sharp ND-Q245F


Solar energy has been trending the renewable energy circle for quite some while now. Ever since the after effects of industrial revolution were brought to light, the construction industry has been struggling for a permanent solution – a metaphorical ‘green’ band aid for the severe repercussions of pollution. The very first of its lot, solar … Read more

Samsung LPC250SM


The advent of solar technology has marked the beginning of a new era for the world. After the inevitable repercussions of the industrial revolution, there has always been a need of change. The idea of renewable energy was built upon the basis of counteracting the damage done by the pollution of the industries. Solar energy … Read more

Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb


Since solar energy has been taking the world by storm, it was only eminent that it build itself a well- respected enterprise in the genre. Solar power is the conversion of the sun’s rays into useable electricity and depending on the scale of project, along with the number of solar panel modules, could power a … Read more

Grape Solar 250W


Now that Global Warming is a real, relevant threat, many users and consumers are taking to new ways of life by embracing the way of ‘green’. Green energy is essentially derived through renewable sources like biomass, earth, water, and sun. Most of these sources come in infinite supplies, or can be easily renewed. The most … Read more

Grape Solar 390W


Solar energy is quickly climbing up the ranks in the renewable energy market. It is resourceful, reliable, and literally infinite – at least until the sun burns out! With the advent of industrial revolution, came the problem of pollution. Industries started popping up all around the world, and with them, increased the smog, smoke, carbon … Read more

Canadian Solar CS6X-305M


Renewable energy is all the rage these days and gives the consumers a wide range of variety to choose the energy source from – geothermal, hydro, biomass and solar. Out of all these options, solar energy is becoming quite the conventional. Breaking records in technological advancements, and consumer-production percentages, solar energy is quickly becoming the … Read more

Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 Watt Solar Panel


The Industrial Revolution has marked the beginning of a new era in human history. Not only has it led to the development of new technologies, but has also defined a new way of living. It has especially been a god send for the construction industry. The past century has observed a massive difference in construction … Read more

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There has been a market change in the world ever since the advent of industrial revolution. Not only do we have new technologies, but we now follow a new style of living. In a world that has become a global village, we now enjoy the perks of technologies that even a century ago, were just … Read more

What Is Solar Water Heater


Solar power has changed the tides in the favor of renewable energy over the years. While before, people were scared to accept the idea of ‘clean’ energy, today is becoming a widely embraced trend. Solar energy has been breaking boundaries in the renewable energy genre for quite a while now. It is a fully established … Read more

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With the rapidly fast pace the construction industry is growing at, it is only right that the innovation leading the way is just as exciting. Renewable energy has become a center of urban conventions and construction practices. This idea of renewable energy is being carried out through architecture and urban installations in the form of … Read more

What Is Solar Panel Mounts


The era of clean energy does not seem like a farfetched dream anymore. While the industrial revolution came with many gifts, it also came with just as many setbacks. It has certainly improved our way of life, has help make the world a global village, and connected societies in a way that nothing else could; … Read more

Solar Panels Installation


Solar energy is an exciting phenomenon that is not exactly old, but isn’t exactly new either. The industrial revolution bought on many changes in the world – some for better and others for worse, and climate change along with environmental degradation is one of them. Massive population growth has led to a huge urban boom … Read more

How Do Solar Panel Work


With the speedy leap in development of newer, better solar technology, renewable energy is sure to be making common utilities redundant in the next few years. With its unlimited advantages it is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with the clean energy business. Locating a solar panel on a residential roof is becoming more … Read more

What Is Solar Electricity?

Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is basically a conversion of the sun’s rays into usable energy. It is one of the foremost pioneering technology in the field of renewable energy, along with wind electricity, biomass, and geothermal energy. The idea of renewable energy was conceived and developed as a response against the impacts of massive urbanization, and the … Read more