35 Spring Primroses To Brighten Up Your Garden

Japanese muscari is pink

Spring is such a magical time of year, the days are getting longer, the nights are shorter and slowly but surely its getting warmer. This also gives you the chance to get back into your garden that has laid dormant for months but planting new seeds or plants can take time and often means you … Read more

41 Decorative Fences To Spice Up Any Garden

type-setting bright modules gives an oriental flavor to the area

Your garden fence isn’t an area that commonly used as a place for decoration but today we’re here to change your mind. A simple fence can be transformed into something fun and quirky with some simple interventions like paint, purchased wall decals or lights. Even better however, is the oppourtunity to flex your DIY muscles … Read more

31 Decorating with Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Mosaic is a great solution for garden sculpture decoration

Ceramic tiles are a finishing material that has been around since ancient times and there is reason for that. Do you think it’s by chance that archaeologists have discovered ceramic pots and mosaics for centuries? Nope! The reason for this is that ceramics, especially in with a glazed finish, are very hardwearing and resilient, which … Read more

29 Innovative Polycarbonate Gazebos

Having closed in such a polycarbonate gazebo, you can take a break from the outside fuss

Polycarbonate is an incredible form of thermoplastic that is also, unusually enough, used for sunglasses because of its UV protective properties. This plastic is great for use outdoors as the covering for a modern gazebo due to the plethora of benefits that are brought to the party by substituting other roofing materials with polycarbonate The … Read more

34 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes To Replace Insecticides

Mint ( Mentha )

We all know the frustration of drifting off to sleep only to be rudely awoken by the whine of a mosquito in your ear. These pesky insects take shine off of warm summer nights with their incessant buzzing and unbearably itchy bites; when this happens our natural action is to reach for a mosquito repellent … Read more

50 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas

Sculpture With Hammocks

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Designs are the new gardening trend that offers a different and fun point of view when it comes to landscaping your beloved garden. They can be placed in small containers or flower pots and embellish your garden in a creative that reflects the atmosphere and marvelous beauty of natural environments. With … Read more

7 Easy Vegetables & Herbs to Grow Indoors


Gardening itself is a well-received and widely embraced concept, especially in a world where carbon footprints are looked up to, while food wastage is frowned upon. Organic gardening is a newly rising trend, where one can grow the plants and crops of their liking in a controlled, environmental and ecologically friendly way. Fresh produce is … Read more