26 Modern Corner Fireplaces to Sneak into a Corner


The corners of many rooms can end up being dead spaces that are difficult to furnish in a useful and beautiful way. Corner fireplaces are the perfect solution to fill these spaces since they add warmth, ambiance and a unique beauty to your room. These modern designs give you the oppourtunity to transform traditional materials … Read more

30 Innovative Modern Fence Designs Ideas

original fencing made of forged and concrete structure

Fences are a necessity to any home that are most commonly built from timber, steel or brick to define your boundary and keep your home safe. However, just because they are traditional doesn’t mean their design needs to be dated; time and innovations have moved on and opened up our design opportunities to allow us … Read more

24 Classic Stone Fireplace Mantels Designs

Contemporary Rustic Living Room Fireplace

Stone is a classic material when it comes to fireplaces. Not only is it beautiful and comes in many different natural shades and marbling but it also amplifies your firepower, literally. Stone is a natural insulator so it slowly absorbs the heat of the fire and remains warm to the touch even after the fire … Read more

29 Innovative Polycarbonate Gazebos

Having closed in such a polycarbonate gazebo, you can take a break from the outside fuss

Polycarbonate is an incredible form of thermoplastic that is also, unusually enough, used for sunglasses because of its UV protective properties. This plastic is great for use outdoors as the covering for a modern gazebo due to the plethora of benefits that are brought to the party by substituting other roofing materials with polycarbonate The … Read more

33 Sliding Wardrobes That Free Your Living Space

The sliding door model is one of the most popular storage systems

Wardrobes are a necessity in any home but they can often be bulky, take up your precious floor space and ruin your carefully planned room design. But, never fear, sliding wardrobes are here to save the day! With these innovative designs you don’t need to accommodate for a door swing and they can seamlessly be … Read more

35 Concealed Doors to Spice Up Your Space

Frescoes in bedroom design

When you think of concealed doors the first thing that comes to mind is probably those rooms hidden behind a bookcase in old mystery novels or maybe in an episode of Scooby Doo. But these clever features aren’t just reserved for fiction, you can have your very own concealed door in your home to fill … Read more

25 Corrugated Metal Fences: Uplifting Everyday Materials

Fence decoration with flowerpots with live plants

Corrugated iron is a traditional building material that has been used for decades for everything from roofing to wall treatments and, ofcourse, fencing. This material is lightweight and cheap and can be bought by the metre at any hardware store. Another added bonus is that most times corrugated iron will come already treated to be … Read more

25 Cheap Fireplace Mantel Ideas that are Budget Friendly

Modern Monochrome Faux Fireplace

Fireplaces are a beautiful feature frames by a mantelpiece that automatically infuses your space with a sense of comfort and warmth. These mantelpieces can get expensive however due to the fact they they need to be appropriate to be in close contact with intense heat for extended periods of time. But never fear, there are … Read more

30 Metal Picket Fences to Make Your Home One to Watch

Ideal for separating pool and lawn

Picket fences have been a traditional, quintessentially suburban feature for decades at this point. Most of the time we picture these fences painted white and constructed out of simple pointed timber boards, however there is a more modern and durable alternative. Metal picket fences come with a lot of practical benefits. Often these are made … Read more

24 Flexible Shingles to Suit Any Pitched Roofing

Houses covered with soft tiles withstand all attacks of the natural elements

Flexible shingles are a revolutionary roofing material that allows you to customize your roofing for a fraction of the price. The shingles are made out of a composite material made up of bituminous asphalt that has been reinforced with glass fibre and finished with coloured ceramic granules, which is where you get the unique finishes. … Read more

41 Of The Most Incredible Buildings In The World

Home-maker (Kettle House)

From the ancient ruins that formed the building blocks (literally) of the way live and build today, to the contemporary buildings of the present; architecture creates man made wonders that push the boundaries at every step. Their functions can vary from homes and guesthouses to places of worship and office spaces and everything in between. … Read more

24 Ways To Use Terrace Board In Your Home

The pier from the decking looks very beautiful

Wood panels or terrace board are most commonly found in the form of wooden floors but this isn’t the only way you can use this beautiful material. These slim timber boards can be used to make beautiful outdoor decking, porches, wooden facades and even furniture! 24 Terrace Board or Wood Paneling Ideas: More Than Just … Read more

26 Staircase Railings That Make All The Difference

Very stylish railing in the form of spreading mercury

Staircase design has come along in leaps and bounds since the days of beige, carpeted steps in your grandmother’s house. Suddenly risers have disappeared, stairs can float and the materials used to build these essential features have broadened substantially. Along with this design revolution the staircase railings themselves have also undergone a makeover. 26 Truly … Read more