27 Best Modern Garage Door Ideas and Designs For Your Inspiration

Although you consider the garage door as an unimportant feature of your home’s exterior design, sometimes it may be the first thing people see, especially if your garage is facing the streets. Aware of this, we’ve come up with 27 ideas on how to embellish your home’s style and turn your old boring garage door into a modern one. Leave a hell of an impression on the people passing by your house by using one of these fashionable designs for residential garage doors.

27 Ideas On How To Turn Your Boring Garage Door Into a Modern One

Best Modern Garage Door Ideas


1. Automatic Garage Door

Automatic Garage Doors

Having an automatic garage door can make your life easier. However, you’ll have to choose the right one to enjoy its benefits and match it with your home’s exterior design. When buying an automatic opener, consider some important factors, such as noise, maintenance, and size. Once you chose what fits you best, you’ll not only have a modern and practical garage door but also embellish your home by choosing the right color and design, just like the particular one chosen on the photo.

2. Beautiful Modern Garage Door Ideas

Beautiful Modern Garage Doors


For those who wish to turn their boring garage door into something extraordinary and make a dramatic difference in their home’s exterior design, this type of garage door will meet your desires and imagination. The beautiful wooden door with small windows, surrounded by impressive stone decoration will definitely make passersby turn their heads and cause some envy with your neighbors.

3. Black Modern Garage Door

Black Modern Garage Doors

Black is always the right choice, especially if it’s your favorite color. Maybe you own a house designed with dark elements or painted in black? If yes, going for a black modern garage like the particular one on the photo is a perfect fit for your house exterior design. Don’t hesitate on choosing a garage door like this and wrap your home in elegance and glamour.


4. Carriage Style

Carriage Style Garrage Doors

Carriage garage door will bring style and value to your home. This type of design for garage doors create a harmonious blend of elegance and strength, giving your home an old-fashioned yet classy appearance. Anyway, if going for the carriage style, you’ll have a plenty of choices because these garage doors are available in a wide array of painted and stained finishes. Chose the one that fits your home’s exterior design and color best, and enjoy the wood grain texture that captures the traditional look of your home.

5. Classic Residential Garage Door

Classic Residential Garage Door

You can never go wrong when going for the classic residential garage door. If you’re not a fan of modern garage door Ideas with a striking appearance and want something simple yet beautiful – chose the classic garage door that fits every home’s exterior design. Just chose the color that matches your house and keeps the original residential look of your garage door.

6. Contemporary Modern Garage Door

Contemporary Modern Garage Doors

When going for a contemporary garage door for your house, consider choosing the one with anodized metal frames that hold the clear or frosted acrylic inserts. Simple and modern, this type of garage door meets the desires of those who wish to leave an impression with a garage door that completely matches their house exterior design and captivates with its splendor.

7. Creative Modern Garage Door

Creative Modern Wood Garage Doors

If you were looking for the garage door with a striking appearance and you didn’t want to choose something ordinary and boring, this type of mouth-like wooden garage door is just perfect for you. Although it seems a little extreme, owning a garage door like this will definitely keep your neighbors and the passersby amused. They will admire your creativity and sense of style.

8. Custom Modern Wood Garage Door

Custom Wood Modern Garage Doors

Observe your house exterior and chose the best garage door made custom according to your needs and desires. We’re suggesting something simple, elegant and beautiful that features wood details that will perfectly match your house fences. Enlighten your new custom garage door and enjoy its simpleness because sometimes simple is more beautiful than excessively decorated. Just chose the color that matches your house and keeps the simple look.

9. Home and Commercial Garage Door

Home And Commercial Garage

This vintage garage door in pale green would be the perfect choice for those who enjoy an old-fashioned house design and don’t have much time to dedicate on their home’s garage door. By choosing this design, you’ll never have to worry about its fading color or messy appearance – it’s all within the vintage style of the house. You can also use it for commercial uses or shoot some cool vintage photos.

10. Inexpensive Garage Door

Inexpensive Garage Doors

If you wish for an elegant wide garage door that doesn’t cost much, the particular white on the photo will definitely meet your imagination and impress you with its appearance. Simple, classy and cheap – you couldn’t ask for more. Don’t hesitate on choosing this inexpensive garage door design in the color that matches your house and embellishes its exterior in a unique and cheap manner.

11. Minimalist Black Double Garage Door

Minimalist Black Double Garage Doors

If you own tow vehicles, then a double garage door is a must. However, why going for an expensive and complicated design when you can choose this minimalist black double garage door? Elegance screams out of its simple black style and gives the house on the photo a classy chick appearance. If you're seeking for something simple and beautiful – this is the perfect black garage for you. Don’t miss impressing passersby by owning a garage door in a modern style like the particular one on the photo.

12. One More Idea For a Minimalist Garage Door

Minimalist Garage Doors

Minimalists, if you didn’t like our previous idea or don’t need a double garage door but you prefer sticking up with the simple minimalist style, the particular garage door on the photo meets your imagination and will definitely meet the exterior of your house if you’re a fan of the minimalist landscaping. Add a simple ornamentation near the elegant black door and embellish the entire exterior by highlight your refined taste in landscaping.

13. Modern Aluminium Garage Door

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

Despite its striking modern appearance, the aluminum garage door offers you a clean and sleek design that will perfectly fit your house exterior and embellish its design even more. Choosing an aluminum door for your garage means choosing a door that costs less and has only a few maintenance issues, unlike many other garage doors. Chose the one matching your house color and enjoy your house wrapped in simplicity and its traditional exterior elegance.

14. Modern Flush Panel Garage Door

Modern Flush Panel Garage Door

Although a flush panel garage door may look simple at first sight, doors like this build tough, with heavy-duty electrified tracks and hardware. Giving depth and distinction to the door, the modern flush panel adds an extraordinary touch in your house overall appearance. Used to complement the surrounding wall area without drawing much attention on the door itself, this type of garage door is a flat, slightly textured panel that resembles its owner’s refined taste in landscaping. Do you think you have a refined taste in choosing landscaping idea for your house? Choosing a garage door like the particular one on the photo will definitely prove your statement.

15. Modern Glass Garage Door

Modern Garage Doors Made From Glass

Just another modern garage door that features glass. Choosing a garage door like this one is the perfect way to modernize the look of your home. Garage glass doors will add a unique and contemporary touch to your home, and once you install it, your garage will be the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t miss impressing passersby by owning a glass garage door in a modern style like the particular one on the photo.

16. Modern and Beautiful Garage Door

Modern Garage Doors

This type of garage door is the perfect complement to your home’s clean and modern look, presenting a contemporary elegance. The minimalistic enlightenment and the stone pillars only add a more sophisticated touch to the home on the photo. If you think that a door like this for your garage meets your ideas and house exterior design, don’t hesitate on choosing it and turn your home into a place with a striking appearance that will make passersby turn heads.

17. Garage Door Designed With Concrete Block Wall

Modern Garage-Doors Design With Concrete Block -Wall

This concrete garage door with block wall is a mixture of old-fashioned and modern style, without any appeal and is purely functional. The colorful glass windows featuring the door will embellish your house in a unique manner. However, before choosing a concrete garage, you need to ensure that it’s right for you due to the large selection of styles and designs.

18. Garage Door in Open and Modern Style

Open Modern Style Garage Doors

If you dream of turning your house exterior into an exhibition for your beloved cars, then an open garage in modern style will definitely make your dream come true. Consisted of even three car spaces, this open garage decorated with stone walls, promises a contemporary appearance of your entire house and after installing this garage, your neighbors won’t stop talking about it. Passersby will break their necks when passing near your house and you will enjoy every benefit that this garage has to offer. Don’t hesitate on choosing this idea and ‘steal’ it today – we promise you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

19. Double Red Garage Door Panel


For those who wish to give their house exterior design a retro touch and refresh their living space, should definitely add a red garage door panel like the particular one on the photo. Just looking at the garage door, rests your eyes. Imagine having this beauty as a part of your own home – sounds appealing. Simple, elegant and classy, this garage panel in striking red will make people turn heads and give your house a whole new fresh look, especially if we’re talking about a white one like the house on the photo.

20. Residential Garage Door

Residential Garage Dors

If you want to refresh your house with a brand new garage door but keep its traditional look and stay on a budget, the classic residential garage door is the perfect choice for you. You can never make a mistake by choosing the typical white door for your garage that matches every home’s exterior design and color. Its simple style will give your home a warm and elegant touch. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and turn your boring garage door into something more appealing and elegant like the residential design.

21. Rustic Garage Door for Residence

Rustic Garage Doors For Residence

The rustic design makes everything seem more warm and glamorous and garage doors aren’t an exception. By choosing door for your garage in this style, you’ll completely transform the boring look of your home exterior design into a residence that’s more appealing and modern. The perfect dark brown door that features the finest glass details will wrap your house in elegance and make your neighbors jealous. Don’t hesitate on choosing a rustic door for your garage – we’re sure you won’t regret your choice.

22. Sliding Garage Door

Sliding Garage Door Ideas

If you’re looking for a more practical garage door which can be manually controlled, the sliding garage door idea will perfectly meet your imagination. Although it seems simple, the sliding door can be the perfect complement to your house if you pick the right color and design. The particular freestanding garage on the photo will perfectly match every house exterior design and color; however, make sure to chose the style and design that fits you best and embellish your home in a simple and unique manner.

23. Solid White Garage Door Ideas

Solid White Garage Doors

The solid white garage door is like the ones you can see in movies. So, for those who wish to add a classy door to their garage and create a clean, simple outlook for their house – this is the perfect garage door for you! Feel free to use this idea and turn your boring brown garage into a solid white that will refresh your home’s exterior design and wrap it in elegance. Adding a stone decoration on the walls will only embellish the garage even more and add a warm finishing touch to the entire home.

24. Unique Garage Door

Unique Garage Doors

A garage door like the one on the photo is perfect for houses situated in nature. The built-in wooden garage that’s consisted of two car spaces will definitely meet the imagination of those who wish to build a medium-size house in future situated in nature or an environment resembling nature. Don’t hesitate on choosing this 2 in 1 idea for your future home and garage and enjoy the beauty of this simple yet elegant exterior design in person one day. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed in the outcome at the end of the day.

25. Delightful Glass Garage Door

Unique Glass Garage Doors

Bulky yet delightful glass door for your garage that’s nothing like the previous you’ve seen before. The thick black frame and glass features make the door enchant with its splendor. Perfect for those who seek for a garage door with a striking appearance that will perfectly match their house exterior design. Simple, beautiful and practical are the main characteristics of this garage door. Feel free to ‘steal’ our idea and install one of these at your home, providing your house with a fresh new modern look.

26. Vinyl Double Front Garage Door

Vinyl Double Front Garage Doors

Engineered to provide a maintenance-free and long lasting elegant looks, the vinyl garage doors don’t rust, crack, dent or fade. Door like this are resistant to salt, humidity, and sand and are the perfect choice for those who seek for something beautiful that will last for years and embellish their home in a unique manner. Vinyl garage doors are ideal for tough environments and will meet the needs and desires of the perfectionists. Feel free to use this idea and install a vinyl garage door that matches the exterior design of your lovely home. If you have more than two vehicles or wish for a bigger and practical garage, you can always expand your garage, add the double door and enjoy the simple beauty of this design.

27. Modern Garage Door Design

Modern Garage Doors Design Ideas

The last but not less impressive idea for a modern garage door is perfect for those who want to embellish their house exterior design with something elegant and appealing. A freestanding garage like the particular one on the photo matches the gray color of the entire house and yard creating a feast for the eyes. Owning a garage door like this will definitely make your neighbors jealous and your garage will be the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t hesitate on choosing this simple gray garage door and impress every visitor or passerby, starting today. We hope our ideas helped you to define your needs and some of them met your desires and imagination about your new garage door. No matter which landscaping idea you chose, you won’t make a mistake. However, before realizing any of them, make sure that the garage door you like the most fits the style, color and exterior design of your house.

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