26 Mindblowing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect place for spending your spare summer days together with your family or friends by sharing meals and drinks. Anyway, designing an outdoor kitchen can be a difficult task because outdoor kitchens are as much about performance, as they are about style. Before you chose your favorite outdoor kitchen idea, you must first observe your free space and patio design. According to them, you can later choose your outdoor kitchen design.

26 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Decor Your Home

best outdoor kitchen cabinet ideas


You can also start your kitchen by making a list of must-have items, such as grill, sink, pizza oven, bar, chairs, table, an island, and refrigerator. However, once you decide to start an outdoor kitchen in your patio from scratch or remodel your old one, we’re always there to help with our creative ideas. Scroll down and check out these 26 mind-blowing outdoor kitchen cabinet ideas and feel free ‘steal’ the one you like the most. Create a cozy cooking spot where you can spend your free time cooking for you and your friends today!

1. Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Contemporary Rsutic Kitchen Cabinet

A wide contemporary kitchen cabinet perfect for a wide option. Resembling a stone bar, this kitchen in rustic style definitely meets the imagination of those who wish for a large kitchen cabinet where they can organize cocktail parties or family gatherings on summer nights.


2. Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Instead of copying an idea for your new outdoor kitchen, use your imagination and create a custom one that meets your needs and desires. Use the particular one on the photo as a startup to install an outdoor kitchen from a scratch or remodel your old one in your own unique manner.

3. Glass Outdoor Kitchen

Glass Outdoor Kitchen


Looking at this kitchen makes you feel like looking at a luxurious hotel patio. Anyway, this isn’t a hotel patio but an idea for your new outdoor kitchen. The glass features and the pale gray details, give the entire space a clean and glamorous look. No one can resist a kitchen like this one and if you chose this idea, you’ll probably end sleeping in your new outdoor kitchen. It’s perfect for having a breakfast, lunch or dinner with your friends, partner or family.

4. ‘L’ Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

The ‘L’ shaped outdoor kitchen is perfect for smaller patios. You can place it in some free corner and enjoy this super cute small kitchen. Invite some friends over and celebrate your new outdoor kitchen sharing a glass of wine on the ‘L’ bar. Don’t hesitate on choosing this practical idea and turn your small available space into the perfect cooking spot.

5. Lime Green Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Lime Green Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Do you seek for something outstanding and unusual for your patio? If yes, stop searching because you already found the perfect lime green kitchen cabinet that will perfectly fit your patio and attract the attention of your visitors. Few simple cabinets and a small refrigerator are the features of this tiny lovely kitchen that will become your favorite cooking spot in the summer days when cooking inside the house seems almost impossible.

6. Modern Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits

Modern Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits

A freestanding prefab kitchen in a modern style that will mark your passion in a unique manner. The white color of the kitchen will give your yard a fresh look and become your favorite place for hanging out with friends or a perfect place where you can spend your weekends with your family by sharing meals and swimming in the pool.

7. Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Installing a modular outdoor kitchen remains as an easy task due to its flexible arrangement. Simple and elegant, the modular outdoor kitchen cabinet will embellish your patio and remain as the perfect place where you can spend your spare time cooking for you and your friends or family. Chose the one that matches your needs and imagination and just goes with the flow.

8. Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

We all wish to have a BBQ kitchen outside our house, situated near the pool like the ones we see in movies. If you dream of having a kitchen like this, observe your free space outside the house and if you decide that a BBQ kitchen will perfectly fit somewhere around, then go for it. Chose the one that you like the most and make your dream come true. After, invite some friends over and enjoy some quality time preparing barbecue near the pool.

9. Outdoor Cabinet for Bartending

Outdoor Cabinet For Bartending

If your idea for an outdoor kitchen includes more drinking than cooking and you feel like bartending is in your blood, then this outdoor cabinet idea for bartending will be just perfect for you. Resembling the original bar we see in clubs, the outdoor cabinet will become the ideal place for hanging out and organizing summer night parties with you behind the bar, preparing different cocktails and shots for your friends or family.

10. Outdoor Concrete Kitchen Cabinet

Outdoor Concrete Kitchen Cabinet

This outdoor concrete kitchen cabinet is a feast for the eyes and would be the perfect choice for those who aim to have a classy and elegant patio with a cooking spot and a bar. The concrete kitchen cabinet is easy to install and easy to maintain. However, before choosing this outdoor kitchen for your patio, make sure you have enough available space where you can place it. After you install it, organize a private party and celebrate your patio’s new look featuring this appealing kitchen cabinet. We promise you’ll be satisfied with the outcome once you install a beautiful outdoor kitchen like this one.

11. Outdoor Gourmet With Steel Kitchen and Drawers

Outdoor Gourmet With Steel Kitchen Counter and Drawers

Gourmet, we’ve found the perfect steel outdoor kitchen with drawers that will become your favorite cooking spot if you decide to install it. Medium-sized, practical and easy to maintain, this outdoor gourmet with steel kitchen and drawers will perfectly fit your patio. You can always add a table and a few chairs near the kitchen and have your meals outdoor together with your friends or family. Feel free to use this idea and create your favorite spot for hanging out today.

12. Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Choosing the right kitchen appliances is as important as choosing the kitchen design. Consider buying a small refrigerator for cooling your drinks on summer days, steel plates for storing your food and a sink where you can wash your hands without having to go inside the house. Don’t spend money on other unnecessary appliances and chose only those who are mandatory.

13. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet with Pergola and Glass Doors

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet With Pergola and Glass Doors

Owning an outdoor kitchen cabinet that resembles a small restaurant with pergola and glass doors will give your house a striking appearance and will become your favorite spot for hanging out with your friends or family on summer. The perfect walls decorated with stone and the wooden pergola are the main features that make this outdoor kitchen extraordinary and unique.

14. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet with Refrigerators

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet With Regrigerator

Having a few refrigerators is always a good idea. You’ll have a plenty of space for storing your food and drinks when arranging a party or a family gathering on weekends. Don’t hesitate on installing a small and practical stone kitchen like this one with a two/three refrigerators and mark your patio in a simple and unique manner.

15. Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Outdoor Kitchen Islands

If you want to take your outdoor entertainment to a whole new lever install a grilling island. You’ve heard us – a grilling island where you can cook and feel like you’re on a desert island. By choosing this idea for an outdoor kitchen, you’ll create a useful and elegant food prep area and also a cool place for hanging out with your friends or family.

16. Outdoor Kitchen with Straw Roof

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

If you want to feel like you’re having a drink on the beach, just chose the outdoor kitchen with a straw roof and enjoy the improvised ‘beach’. We promise that the new outdoor kitchen will become your favorite place for prep cocktails for you and your friends on summer days. A kitchen like this is perfect for organizing parties and enjoy the summer days with a cocktail in your hand. Placing a kitchen like this would have an even more impressive outcome if it’s situated near a pool or a fountain.

17. Outdoor Kitchen with a Bar and High Wooden Chairs

Outdoor kitchen with bar and high wooden chairs

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor kitchen with a charming bar and high wooden chairs like the ones we see in bars? If yes, stop searching because we found your new favorite outdoor kitchen decorated with stones and see ornaments. Perfect place for outdoor parties or chilling with friends or family on summer days. Do you like this idea? Feel free to use it and install your outdoor kitchen from scratch or turn your old boring kitchen into a cozy and charming outdoor cooking and resting spot like the particular one on the photo.

18. Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs Yard

Outdoor Kitchen WIth Metal Studs Yard Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are as much about beauty and aesthetic appearance as they are about functionality. This small stone decorated kitchen with metal studs is both beautiful and functional and you can place it wherever available on your patio. The gray stone decoration and striking appearance make this kitchen a perfect choice for those who seek for a practical and beautiful outdoor kitchen. Don’t hesitate on choosing this idea for your outdoor kitchen – we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed by your choice at the end of the day.

19. Outdoor Kitchen with Steel Furniture

Outdoor kitchen with steel furniture

Steel furniture is always a good idea for landscaping an outdoor space because this kind of furniture is easy to install and maintain, same as an outdoor steel kitchen. Organize your patio with steel furniture and kitchen and you’ll get the perfect place for hanging out with your friends and family and enjoy some meal or drink near the pool.

20. Outdoor Teak Cabinet

Outdoor Teak Cabinet

Chose the perfect teak cabinet, place it outside the house on your patio and you’ll get a small practical spot for preparing drinks or salad for your friends or family. A teak cabinet is just perfect for those who own a small yard and don’t have enough space for installing an outdoor kitchen. However, you can always use it as an accessory for your bigger kitchen if you own one and use it for a cutlery storage.

21. Prefab Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Prefab Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Owning a prefab kitchen with fireplace in your yard has a few benefits to offer, such as preparing pizza for your friends and family or some other food that tastes better if prepared on fire than electricity. Don’t hesitate on installing a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen and create a cozy environment where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family.

22. Small Outdoor Kitchen

Small Outdoor Kitchen

If you own a small patio or wish to install a smaller outdoor kitchen that’s both practical and beautiful, this particular stone decorated kitchen on the photo is the perfect choice for you. A freestanding kitchen that will definitely become your favorite cooking spot while the sun is shining above your head. Feel free to use this idea and install a small kitchen like this one in your yard today.

23. Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinet

Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets

You can’t make a mistake with the stainless steel kitchen cabinet. Owning one of these kitchens, means you don’t have to worry about rusting and fading. You can also feel free to leave it uncovered on rainy days. It’s easy to install and even easier to maintain. Decorated with stone walls matching the color of the cabinets, gives this kitchen a striking appearance and will definitely become your favorite spot for sharing meals and drinks with your friends and family.

24. Traditional Kitchen Cabinet

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to stick to the casual outdoor cabinet look, chose the traditional landscaping idea like the one on the picture and organize your patio by adding only the necessary furniture and a small traditional kitchen for preparing quick meals and drinks. A radio like this one is perfect for summer night gatherings or chilling alone with a glass of wine while everyone else sleeps.

25. Vintage Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

vintage outdoor kitchen cabinet

Vintage style is always suggested as an idea when it comes to kitchens and outdoor kitchens aren’t an exception. The wooden pergola gives the entire kitchen a cozy, old-fashioned look and creates a pleasant atmosphere for cooking. If you’re a fan of vintage design and wish for a unique outdoor kitchen, use this idea and organize your patio in a creative manner with some vintage elements like the ones in the photo. We promise you will be satisfied with the outcome.

26. Wheeler Residence Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Wheeler Residence Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

If you seek for something simple and inexpensive, the Wheeler outdoor kitchen cabinets will perfectly fit in your residence free area. The cabinets are frequently the focal point of these type of kitchens because they’re easily movable and you can place them wherever you want. A kitchen like this one is perfect for those who wish for something simple, practical and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to choose this outdoor kitchen cabinet and make your outdoor cooking easier. Which idea catches your eye? Feel free to ‘steal’ it and install your new favorite outdoor spot for cooking and hanging out today.

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