25 Best Cabinets and Cupboards To Suit Any Space


Cupboards are one of those necessities found in just about every home to serve all our storage needs. This common piece of furniture doesn’t have to be reserved for pure functionality however. They can be found in so many sizes, materials and used in different locations, which makes them an underestimated but effective design factor. … Read more

25 Bedside Table Lamps To Suit Your Every Need

Small Dark Wood

Bedside table lamps are a part of your bedroom decor that serve a purpose; to light up your bed in a soft light before you go to sleep; and can form a key element in your bedroom design. A set of matching beside table lamps on matching bedside drawers can frame your bed in a … Read more

20 Easy Ways To Use Ceiling Paint In Your Home Decor

Rainbow painted ceiling

Ceilings are often an area that we neglect when it comes to interior design. More often than not they are your average plain white expanse with the room below it providing the opportunity for personalization and styling. However, that is not your only option. How to Use Painted Ceilings To Make Your Space Special Painted … Read more

25 Backyard Storage Sheds To Store Things Away In Style

Painted Blue Shed

Whether you need tool storage or just a little backyard escape, sheds are a great avenue to go down for an efficient and beautiful garden feature. Sheds are a multi use and come in so many shapes and sizes that you can easily find one that fits your garden size and personal style. Traditionally they … Read more

34 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes To Replace Insecticides

Mint ( Mentha )

We all know the frustration of drifting off to sleep only to be rudely awoken by the whine of a mosquito in your ear. These pesky insects take shine off of warm summer nights with their incessant buzzing and unbearably itchy bites; when this happens our natural action is to reach for a mosquito repellent … Read more

30 DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Wall vases

Decorating the walls of your home can be a pretty pricey endeavor, especially when your only option seems to be buying expensive art and wall sculptures, but never fear DIY is here again to save the day! By choosing the DIY route you open yourself up to using a multitude of different materials and application … Read more

30 Best Oval Tables Ideas You’ll Love

Coffee tables with a pot

Round and Oval tables are an easy alternative to the traditional rectangular dining set to change up your interior design. Just like their cornered counterparts they come in a variety of styles and colours to perfectly compliment and tie together your space. Dining areas are a space that you can really have fun with and … Read more

28 Ideas For Beautiful Sustainable Cork Floor and Walls

Unobtrusive pattern

Sustainability is a subject that has been spoken about more and more as the effects of climate change become more of a tangible reality. Due to this realization many people have taken to looking for more ecofriendly replacements for things in their everyday life including interior design. Enter cork flooring. Cork flooring and wall coverings … Read more

25 Outdoor BBQ Ideas That Will Add Charm To Your Home

Country-style canopy grill

A barbecue is the perfect way to bring the people you love together around food. Communing around a fire with the nostalgic scent of smoke in the air creates an atmospheric and welcoming environment for a relaxed and cozy dining experience all year round. Now you may be thinking that you can’t possibly jump on … Read more

25 Ideas For Some Iconic Ceiling and Wall Moldings

Volumetric compositions

Ceiling and wall molding (s) are a common household feature usually seen in cornicing and skirting boards, however, they can be so much more than that. They can take the form of layered suspended ceilings, gypsum plaster relief sculptures and decorative ceiling roses. These often overlooked features can be used to create an all encompassing … Read more

24 Rustic Bedroom Ideas That Will Add Charm to Bedroom


A rustic bedroom is the perfect blend of beauty and comfort. While minimalism and hotel like style is glamorous and chic they can also feel clinical and uncomfortable, making you scared to relax in it just in case you mess up the pristine bed sheets. Rustic interiors are all about comfort and relaxation; they’re defined … Read more

30 Ideas for Beautiful and Innovative Kitchen Chandeliers

Wine cork model

Kitchens are not a room you expect to find a chandelier in. When this glamorous light fixture is mentioned we picture grand hallways, elaborate staircases and ostentatious ballrooms from a bygone era. However chandeliers are more than the traditional tiered rings of lights dripping in crystals adorning opulent public spaces. 32 Kitchen Chandeliers To Enrich … Read more

22 Plants And Flowers Ideas That Can Brighten Up Your Home


Plants and flowers are a massive interior design trend right now. You can barely open Instagram without seeing some influencer showing off their perfect plant filled homes. However, plants and flowers aren’t just a beautiful and on trend way to bring life into your interior design or garden. They can have a multitude of different … Read more

32 Amazing Ground Pools For Swimming In Style


Ground pools are not something every household has because of their expense and the amount of space they take up. Having a personal swimming pool makes the statement that you have the luxury of spending money on recreational items. This gives them an air of exclusivity and excess. Ground Pools design has been progressing in … Read more

32 Ideas For Dazzling Outdoor Lamps For Lighting

outdoor floor lighting

Outdoor lamps is a really flexible and impactful element of home decor. It is both a useful and a tasteful way of decorating your garden, pathways or any other outdoor areas to express your taste and enhance your existing space. These designs are also weatherproof and waterproof so you don’t have to concern yourself with … Read more

25 Ideas For Freestanding Bathtubs To Treat Yourself With


Freestanding bathtubs are very much in vogue right now. Gone are the days when a basic built in fiberglass tub is your bog standard option; bathing has become more than just cleaning your body, it’s an exercise in relaxation and self care. It’s time to treat yourself. Choosing to use a freestanding bathtub gives you … Read more