30 Best Corner Computer Desks To Maximize Your Space

The black

Corner computer desks are a stylish addition to any home or workplace office that maximizes on your space and can be adapted to suit any layout you’ve got to work with. They give you plenty of room for your chair as well as sneakily hiding a bulky computer box underneath for a more seamless look. … Read more

37 Best Concrete Furniture To Enhance Your Home or Garden


Concrete is a widely used building material but its uses are not limited to construction alone. Sculptures, garden ornaments, paving, furniture; the uses for this material are tenfold. The main reason for its adaptability is the way it is made. The ingredients are mixed together and form a thick liquid that can be poured into … Read more

25 Ceiling Decor Ideas To Stylize Your Dream Home

modern ceiling design

Ceiling decoration has been a trend through out history. Throughout periods; such as the Renaissance and Baroque eras; ceilings have been adored with elaborate murals, gold leaf and intricate mouldings. More recently however the standard white ceilings boards have become far more common place If you think about it ceilings take up the same area … Read more

20 Best Hanging Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

DIY ceiling lamp made of wood and metal graters.

Hanging lights is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Their variety and adaptability makes them both useful and aesthetically pleasing. They can be used to accent a certain area of a room, to create a certain and express your personal style. Lighting plays a huge role in the ambiance and … Read more

30 Eye-catching Automatic Stand Out Gates Designs

stylish automatic gate design

Automatic gates are becoming more and more common as more houses are built with walls around them to enhance our sense of safety. However they’ve become more than just a remote controlled entrance way, they’ve become an element of our houses design. Let’s face it to have an automatic gates like these, you have a … Read more

40 Modern Dining Room Furniture Ideas That Really Work

Unusual Modern Wood Dining Furniture

The dining room is the social area of our house where we share conversations, meals, and in general, the day to day with family and friends. Therefore, we can choose different ways to decorate it and achieve a comfortable and cozy environment for all members of the family. Here we show you 40 different modern … Read more

40 Smart Window Seat Storage Ideas To Try Right Now

modern window seat with storage

Windows with custom seats are very common in traditional UK homes and their use is spreading around the world today. It is very pleasant to contemplate the exterior sheltered from the cold and rainfall in a comfortable and padded interior corner, so today we will show you 40 examples of windows with custom storage benches … Read more

25 Killer Ideas To Build Your Entryway Storage

reclaimed wood entryway storage bench

It is not a matter of space, but of organization. We propose you the perfect accessories to keep the entryway clear and take advantage of any corner to gain some storage. You come home after a long day at the office, you can’t feel your feet and you just want to take off your shoes … Read more

42 Clever Wardrobe Rooms Ideas That Will Inspire You

luxury wardrobe rooms

Walk-in closets are one of the new emblems of home comfort and design. They are great allies of practicality and order and have become the ideal space to store clothes, accessories and shoes in a super organized way, having everything at hand. It is an ideal space to have your clothes tidy, with everything at … Read more

42 Home Office Organization Ideas that Will Make You Feel at Office

Eco Friendly Home Office Organization Ideas

The lack of work and the many opportunities offered by the network mean that more and more professionals are deciding to create their own activity and manage it from home. In reality, the home office era seems to be living its golden moment and for now it doesn’t seem like too many changes are going … Read more

30 Tips to Build Effortless Laundry Room Designs

laundry room storage

The times when laundry rooms were strictly a utilitarian space are over. We give you proposals for putting together charming and well-organized corners. When we think about the design and organization of the house, we often do not pay attention to some spaces that we then use daily and that are super important in the … Read more

30 DIY Headboard Ideas To Create The Rocking Bedroom

diy headboard ideas with pallets

They are practical and aesthetic. Like any custom furniture you can design it to your liking and according to the specific needs of storage and space. The work headboards offer many possibilities. We tell you everything you need to know about them: materials, design, and measurements… Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging … Read more

28 Storage Ideas To Spark Your Dream Home Space

Semicircular pantry looks very impressive

In a home it is common for furniture and gift items to accumulate, irresistible offers, inheritances and in the most creative cases, even furniture made by themselves; this is how the spaces get smaller and people go from an apartment to a house. Sometimes these changes of housing are not necessary, since the problem lies … Read more

25 Small Front Porch Ideas To Spruce Up the Entrance Nicely

Wonderful front porch ideas

The porches, gardens and terraces are spaces that, although they are not essential in the house, make it a more pleasant place and generally give us more happiness. As for the porch, this is a space attached to the house, with a roof and generally totally free on its vertical sides, making it ideal for … Read more

24 Best Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Try Right Now

Stylish rustic bathroom vanities

There are many types of bathroom decoration, but there is a style that has managed to stay with the passage of time, becoming the favorite of many homes that want to give a different touch to that particular space. We are talking about the rustic style in the bathrooms, which of course over time has … Read more

26 Best Portable Room Dividers to Solve Your Problem

unique mobile partition in the bathroom

If you need to divide a room into smaller sections but you don’t want to build walls, or you can’t build them because of a low budget or because you’re renting a space, temporary and portable partitions are the solution. Partitions may not offer as much privacy and sound control as actual walls, but they … Read more