20 Fabric Vertical Blinds To Customize Your Space

The first thing can comes to mind when you think about fabric vertical blinds is a stuffy old office circa 1975, thankfully they have undergone a makeover recently to become a customizable room feature for the contemporary age. The traditional mechanism and adaptability has always been efficient so that remained the same for the most part: each set of blinds is equipped with a set of pulleys that can close the blinds fully, rotate them to let light in or slid away completely. This system is useful and opens up the opportunity for a really beautiful design that is transformed depending on how you hang them.

20 Fabric Vertical Blinds For Every Room In The House

best fabric vertical blinds ideas


Blinds are a lightweight option to curtains that eliminates the heaviness they can sometimes bring to a space as they slide away into an unobtrusive corner so you can enjoy an obscured view through your windows. They can come in all kinds of finishes, colours and heights that you can choose to fit whatever space you’re working with.

So if you want to explore the newly stylish world of fabric vertical blinds here are:

1. Floor To Ceiling Black Blinds

Black blinds look very impressive.


This contemporary dining room is lit by luxurious floor to ceiling windows. Walls of glass like this have the potential to make a room very hot but this problem has been solved by sleek floor to ceiling black blinds. The blinds can be left hung open as pictured or closed to form a solid black backdrop to the space or slid away completely. The look is classic but effective while sitting in with the contemporary styling.

2. Unique Bath Side Blinds

Blinds in the bathroom must have good water resistance.

Fabric blinds have found themselves in a unique location in this modern bathroom beside the massive square bathtub. The colour of the fabric blinds has been chosen carefully to match with the other unusual feature in this bathroom, the timber accents. From the comfort of your bubbles you can control whether you want the blinds open fully to have a view while you bath or in completely privacy with the blinds closed.


3. Blue Jacquard Blinds

blue jacquard blinds

This plain hallway has been enhanced by a set of traditional fabric vertical blinds in a powder blue that helps to avoid them looking like an old office hand me down. They provide a beautiful backdrop to the coat hooks and gives some privacy from the floor to ceiling window that sits next to the entrance door.

4. Vertical Stripes Of Colour

Colorful blinds in different colors

This unique set of floor to ceiling blinds has taken the 70s inspiration and run with it into the retro inspired interior in a plethora of colours. The vertical blinds are made of alternating strips of colour in 70s disco colour scheme so when they are closed you’re treated to this gorgeous mosaic of colour. They are a great example of how vertical blinds can add a little extra something in an unexpected place within your home to mix it up a little.

5. Graphic Colourful Fabric Blinds

Combined plastic and fabric blinds

Bedrooms are another place that vertical blinds can be used to create an entire room aesthetic. These vertical blinds have been created with layers of white, teal and green that combine to create a graphic wall décor. Strategic gaps have been placed between the colours to enhance the pattern in a subtle way. The colours work with both the feature wall and the bed linen, which makes the room feel cohesive even when the blinds are open with the pattern obscured.

6. Statement Kitchen Blinds

Convenient use of blinds in the kitchen

This modern monochrome kitchen has used pops of red throughout the room to break up the black and white from candleholder, vase and even the cookware culminating in the statement crimson blinds that are the real attention grabber. The short kitchen blinds can bring colour into the room in a subtle way when they’re pulled to one side or in a dramatic way when closed, which show how adaptable vertical blinds are.

7. Minimalistic Wall Of Blinds

Minimalism in the interior of the kitchen, combined with the dining room

This modern apartment is glazed along the whole living space, even wrapping around the corner. This has the potential to make the apartment very hot so blinds are needed to combat this. The floor to ceiling blinds that have been chosen are in a gentle dove grey, which fits in perfectly with the minimal, monochromatic interior and contributes to the sleek and expensive appearance. Blinds that run across such a large area can be opened and closed in sections to change up your space day to day.

8. Narrow White Blinds

Minimalistic Fabric Vertical Blinds

This set of living room blinds is made of elegant slim shades that are really chic and different. The sleek style suits the contemporary interior of grey walls, cool toned floorboards and exposed beams and cast a gentle light onto the leather camper style chair and soft green ottoman sitting in the window. The translucent material the blinds are made off allows light to pass through, as if by a soft box, so when they are closed the space will be lit in a gentle glow.

9. Quirky Kitchen Blinds

Multi-colored Fabric Vertical Blinds

This huge monochrome kitchen, like example 6, has used vertical, fabric blinds to break up the monotony of bright white cabinetry and black countertops. The quirky blinds bring texture and colour into the room through the alternating pink and polka dot design that is unexpected and fun in a room that’s so minimal. The dusty pink colour has been subtley echoed throughout the rest of the kitchen in the crockery and fresh flowers sitting on the countertop.

10. Glowing White Blinds

Panoramic windows - great for smaller rooms.

One problem with closing your blinds is that it often closes up the room and requires artificial lighting to make it feel like you aren’t living in a cave. These blinds solve that issue because they are made of a white translucent fabric that the sunlight glows through, reflecting off the bright white walls. The windows are situated in the corner of the minimal lounge, which makes the whole room feel light and airy.

11. Roman Blinds

Roman shades

As an alternative to the slatted vertical blinds we’ve looked at previously these roman blinds close by dropping from above in panels. This style of blinds works perfectly on these tall windows since they obscure none of the view while adding an element of colour and texture above head. The blinds have been chosen to match the grey room that has coordination down to a fine art.

12. Colourful String Blinds

rope vertical blinds

At first glance these bright blue shades appear to be normal blinds hung on the same hanging mechanism as a classic vertical blind but when you look a little closer they are in fact made up of two layers of colourful strings hung from a woven top. This imbibes the space with a strong boho, free spirited vibe that shades your space while blow pleasingly in the breeze.

13. Hidden Artwork

silhouette blinds

Like the blinds we just saw above, these also have a secret. When they’re open they appear to be plain white blinds, however when they’re closed they reveal a hidden artwork that has been painted across the blind’s expanse. This is a novel and adaptable design choice that adds a bit of drama while helping you maintain your privacy. The stormy cloud design is the ideal monochromatic backdrop to this modern lounge.

14. Soft Blue Corner Blinds

Soft blue blinds will make your interior more comfortable.

These simple floor to ceiling blinds wrap around the corner of this large lounge to encapsulate the room in the azure tone. When the blinds are closed or partially open as is pictured the colour cast over the room is a beautiful, soothing tone, which makes the space feel restful. The rest of the room has been decorated in neutral tones so that the blue is the predominant colour when the blinds are closed and the view is the showstopper when they are open.

15. Translucent Grey Blinds

Spacious living room with panoramic windows

Like the room above these tall blinds wrap around the corner to encapsulate the lounge in a very striking way. The blinds are made of a translucent grey fabric that allows the natural light to shine through that prevents that sealed off trapped feeling that opaque blinds can sometimes elicit. The uneven weave and overlapping layers creates a fine texture within the contemporary interior that is painfully stylish and rich is texture if not colour.

16. Burgundy Floor To Ceiling Blinds

Terracotta Vertical Fabric Blinds

In a seemingly popular choice these tall, burgundy blinds reach from floor to ceiling and wrap around the corner of the room. The red tint acts as a backdrop to the eclectic lounge that is made up of a patchwork of colours and textures from the chunky beanbag furniture and striped rug. The deep shade doesn’t make the room feel closed off and small because it has been paired smartly with bright white walls and ceiling that counteracts them.

17. Walls And Walls Of Teal Blinds

Turquoise color in the living room design

This synchronized living space has used the same teal blinds across two semi open plan rooms to string together the spaces with one long teal ribbon. When the shades are propped open like this the solidity of the colour varies when viewed from different angles, which makes the room’s appearance change as you move through it. The contemporary interior has used teal as the statement colour in the blinds and matching ottoman coffee table that is augmented by the pale timber floors with pops of yellow and clean white walls, which show it to its greatest advantage.

18. Pitched Bathroom Blinds

Vertical blinds are very popular

This unique pitched bathroom has a really modern, sleek design that takes full advantage of the beautiful architecture of the space. The white blinds create a striped view to the glazed pitched wall beyond that disappears into the bedroom space beyond the bathroom and provides a stunning view of the forest beyond. Since the house is set within a private garden if you want to have a bath you can open the blinds and take in the beautiful tree lined view while you relax and soak in luxury.

19. Thick Graphic Blinds

Vertical blinds made of wide fabric stripes with leaf ornament

In a contemporary twist on the traditional blinds these wide translucent sheets unroll from above sheet by sheet to adjust how much shade you need and from what angle. The design alternates plain white panels and stylized leaf panels that can slide aside and overlap one another beautifully in an uneven manner so the background of the dining room is always changing allowing peeks of the garden beyond. The translucent material means that the room is always well lit even when all the shades are rolled down as it lets the sunlight shine through in a gentle glow.

20. Woven Textured Blinds

Vertical fabric blinds - the perfect window design for any room

If you want to bring a little bit of texture into your living space these woven grass fabric blinds are a great way to do it. The classic style is executed in the same traditional manner that we have come to expect but with a rustic effect due to its natural materials. When the blinds are partially closed the overlapping shades create a secondary layer of texture that contributes to the rustic aesthetic. As if that wasn’t enough the vivid ochre weave brings a pop of colour to the space to contrast against a bright white walls.


As this list of fabric vertical blinds has proven over and over the retro blinds of the past have been transformed into something stylish and refreshing. They have also escaped the office and classroom settings of old and found their way into every part of the house to bring a new option into your interior design arsenal.

Whether you need some added texture or an unexpected layer of colour fabric blinds have your back. So next time you need to upgrade your shade game why not consider the humble vertical blinds and turn something old into something beautiful and new.

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