36 LED Ceiling Lights That Look Great and Save You Money

The advantage of LED downlights is durability

LED bulbs have become increasingly popular as people become more conscious of their carbon footprint because of their eco friendly benefits. They also come in many forms, the traditional round bulb, tapered bulbs, bayonet or screw in fixtures and even imitation fluorescent tubing so you can replace just abut any bulb in your house with … Read more

20 Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures That You Will Adore

Rope Pendant Light

From small private patios to huge back gardens, strategic lighting can make your outdoor spaces not only usable at night but create an ambiance at the same time. Light fixtures in an outdoor space can be permanent and weather proof so all you need is to flip and switch and boom! Atmosphere! Or some temporary … Read more

30 Ideas for Beautiful and Innovative Kitchen Chandeliers

Wine cork model

Kitchens are not a room you expect to find a chandelier in. When this glamorous light fixture is mentioned we picture grand hallways, elaborate staircases and ostentatious ballrooms from a bygone era. However chandeliers are more than the traditional tiered rings of lights dripping in crystals adorning opulent public spaces. 32 Kitchen Chandeliers To Enrich … Read more

32 Ideas For Dazzling Outdoor Lamps For Lighting

outdoor floor lighting

Outdoor lamps is a really flexible and impactful element of home decor. It is both a useful and a tasteful way of decorating your garden, pathways or any other outdoor areas to express your taste and enhance your existing space. These designs are also weatherproof and waterproof so you don’t have to concern yourself with … Read more