15 Stunning Garden Patio Ideas

Planning an open space in the outdoors has become kind of a contemporary trend. No matter how small this space is, there is always a way to make it presentable. This dressing up of space is not an upscale limitation. Instead of designing vast landscapes dressed only in green, we’ve learned to break these spaces into connected counterparts called patios. On a side note, any small indoor landscaped outlet is also a patio. These can be open or enclosed, but the consistent thing about this concept is that it always caters to a small seating space in between. A garden patio can be installed inside a home, or in your backyard. The catch is to design it in a way that will help the idea stand out in any kind of a space – be it large or small. Today, we’ll be looking at fifteen stunning garden patio ideas.


This garden patio idea emulates the perfectly designed sunny nook. The circular dais stands out inside all of the green space and the surrounding foliage make a perfectly natural backdrop to the sunny exposition of the patio. The setting is well designed and elegantly chic. The round edges of the furniture design complement the curvature of the dais, making the design very organic and complementary.



2. Enclosed

Slightly enclosed, but sit open this garden patio idea perfectly encapsulate the idea of a Zen garden. The idea of raised levels is very complementary against the rigidly square-ish theme the rest of the design follows. The pergolas add a feeling of enclosure to the entire setting while providing a stature for artificial lighting at the same time.



3. Vertical

This garden patio idea could be easily applied to a semi-enclosed patio. The idea is to create a perfectly workable and natural setting inside a limited amount of space while catering an organic look and human activity. For a place with space constraints, this idea could add that all-organic look. The garden spreads in a vertical fashion, complementing its surroundings and allocating space for human activity at the same time.


4. Nook

Ever wanted your very own garden nook? Well this garden patio idea provides that coveted separate spot from the rest of the dizzying activities of your home. Dressed in a plethora of foliage, a single round seating object is almost hidden from view. In this setting you can enjoy a few quiet moments away from routine and enjoy a bit of nature at the same time.



5. Hardscape

Focused more on the hardscape, this garden patio idea does very little to incorporate green space into the mix. Instead we have levels that separate the entire sitting enclosure from the rest of the garden space. This idea works for people who want to enjoy nature from a bit of a distance, and not directly interact with it.


6. Organic

This garden patio idea incorporates an all-natural feel to its setting. This is in part because of the strategic placement of the flagstones, and their careful integration with the rest of the facade. The rust color of the furniture only adds to its overwhelming authenticity. This patio almost seems like a secluded nook in an upscale restaurant.


7. The Fairytale Effect

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a quiet evening in an enchanted cottage, then this garden patio idea certainly lives up to the aesthetic. The falling greenery from the trellis walls in a wisteria like fashion adds an aura of enchantment to the setting which is only enhanced by the dated crafty look of the furniture design and the cobbles of the flooring.


8. Simplistic

An easy take on the garden patio ideas. This design is rather elementary in nature – there is no hodge podge of nature with the manmade interventions – instead a clear line divides the two aspects entirely with a single stone pathway as a connection.


9. Elaborate

If you are looking for something uniquely elaborate, then this garden patio design may just fit the bill. From levels to nature and an organic freefall design, this idea has it all. The earthy tones of the hardscape add a fine contrast against the lush greenery.


10. Mirror, mirror

Adding mirrors to landscape designs is an underrated phenomenon with excellent results. This garden patio idea incorporates this element in its design in the best way – making the design seem like an extension of itself through the mirror.


11. Swing

A beautiful combination of pergolas and swing sets, this garden patio idea emulates a sweet, simple charm that can be easily integrated in any setting.


12. Gray

Another design that features hardscape – but this one integrates the nature well with the interventions. The borderless plant beds along with a turbulent greenery adds a mystic appeal.


13. Violet

Admittedly the aesthetic effect of this garden patio idea is only distinctly achieved by the careful manipulation of the violet flower topiary. The lush green backdrop provides a fine contrast to the setting.


14. Standard

If designing patios were a standardized business then this idea would have been the base point. It is the easiest one to create, and has that carefully oversimplified charm.


15. Bright

A bright, popping garden patio idea. The flower garden is the main characteristic of this one. The blooming buds alongside the round dais of broken flagstones create atmospheric value.



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