Sharp ND-Q245F

Solar energy has been trending the renewable energy circle for quite some while now. Ever since the after effects of industrial revolution were brought to light, the construction industry has been struggling for a permanent solution – a metaphorical ‘green’ band aid for the severe repercussions of pollution. The very first of its lot, solar energy was an unprecedented breakthrough and has been in practical applications for more than a few decades now. Converting sunrays into usable energy that could autonomously power buildings was an ingenious concept, and is the basis on which newer, better technologies are building up today. It boasts a wide range of applications and has been generously received by the public. Over the years it has morphed into a thriving industry, and today there are more than a few brands representing the solar panel technology. Today, we would be discussing the Sharp ND-Q245F – a solar panel module of a famed brand.



Key Features

Sharp is a renowned name in the solar industry. They have diligently pioneered in solar technology over the years and have succeeded in making quite a name for themselves in the industry. Solar technology has been static since the moment it was conceived and Sharp has kept up with the trends through the years. This company has made leaps and bounds in solar energy and its development, and is famous for producing high quality photovoltaic technology. The products that Sharp manufactures are appropriate for a wide variety of applications. On top of all that, Sharp has been in the solar industry for more than fifty years and has a solid reputation, along with a reliable relationship with its consumers. The Sharp ND-Q245F consists of the polycrystalline technology, which makes it a bit economical than the other options in the market. The Sharp ND-Q245F has made it quite well into the top seven solar panel modules on the basis of efficiency and sturdiness. The Sharp genre solar panels are durable and effective. If you want a brand name solar panel at an affordable cost, then buying the Sharp ND-Q245F would be the best way to go. Sharp has been pioneering the leading trends in the solar industry for a long time, and this product is no exception.


Let us have a look at all the advantages of Sharp ND-Q245F:

  • The wafer technology of the polycrystalline trough makes the Sharp ND-Q245F truly resilient, and durable.
  • Given its cost efficient budget and wattage, it gives off a fairly impressive efficiency rate of 15%. It might not be the highest, but is certainly not the lowest.
  • The Sharp ND-Q245F is put through a rigorous quality control program that vies for the products to meet all international standards.
  • Sharp is a notable company and has a historic value in the solar industry. They have been pioneering photovoltaic technology for fifty years, and are a respectable brand in the industry.
  • The Sharp ND-Q245F can withstand inconsistent and harsh temperatures from as high as 40 degrees to as low as below zero degrees and more.
  • The Sharp ND-Q245F requires low maintenance and could be easily cleaned off with water and soft sponge in a manual fashion.
  • This product can withstand harsh climatic conditions and their subsequent loads – snow load, hail, wind load, etc.
  • The Sharp ND-Q245F come with an effective warranty package – one that consists of a ten year material and workmanship warranty, along with a twenty five year power output warranty.


There aren’t many disadvantages in the products of this well-known company, but it would be important to note that the Sharp ND-Q245F solar panel module is comparatively a bit less efficient than the other Sharp modules.


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The Sharp ND-Q245F comes with an efficiency output of 15% which might not seem like an impressive figure given the efficiency rate of its contenders, but is definitely a respected figure in the industry.


Since it can withstand a variety of harsh temperatures and work well in those conditions, combined with the fact the it does not cave under snow load, hail storms and such, it would be correct to estimate that the Sharp ND-Q245F is a sufficiently durable product.


Tester’s review

  • Tester A was pleased with the low maintenance policy of the Sharp ND-Q245F.
  • Tester B appreciates the efficiency output of Sharp ND-Q245F.


The Sharp ND-Q245F is a well-respected brand name in the solar industry and given that the advantages of this product far outweigh the disadvantages, combined with its spot in the top seven contenders of the solar panel genre, it would be a good product to invest in.

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