6 Indoor Garden Ideas To Try At Your Home

Indoor gardening is an element of lawn making that can be incorporated inside a small house, or a big mansion, given how the user, or owner utilizes the space. The first thing to know about planting a garden indoors is that, it does not have to be either big, or sprawling – neither do you have to incorporate rolling, tall foliage to give it a feel of a garden. Planting indoors is all about revamping the style, and aesthetic of a space, while retaining the integrity of the indoors. For achieving that characteristic indoor vibe, the garden needs to be restrained by applying certain setbacks, rules, and tempered styling, that defines the art of indoor gardening. In this article, we would be discussing six facts, which every home owner with a wish for an indoor garden space should be aware of.

1. Elegant and decent – how not to go overboard:

Plants For Indoor Garden


Depending on where you want to set up shop with your indoor scaping, the best way to optimize your space would be to go for a stark, austere, and neat minimalistic style that is both cost efficient, elegant, and effective at the same time. A nice way to achieve that would be by using vertical gardens, a la hanging planters, and a wide spread of hardscaping. A nice patch of well-worn flagstones, and pavers, rhythmically arranged in the best of patterns can give the space authenticity, and uniqueness. When going for an elegant design, try to create contrast between the landscape materials, and the actual plants being showcased – especially in the case of indoor gardening, which contrast could end up defining the aura of your space. The picture below is an ideal example of an elegant, and decent landscape formation for an indoor garden; the hardscaping adds texture to the inside, and the bright, popping, mauve of the flowers add a much needed dissimilarity of color in the entire mix.

2. The Zen Garden

The concept of Zen Garden comes from the Japanese ideology of Minimalism – use only what is needed, and discard the rest. While it reckons for a complete abandonment of useless materialistic things when it comes to interior, when it comes to landscape, the concept of Zen perfectly emulates a fettered sort of simplicity. This unadorned beauty is enhanced by use of hardscaping a la gravel, and pavers, a centerpiece fountain, and Bonsai plants, which could be shaped into elegant, circular topiaries. Zen Gardens are best suited for indoor landscape designing as they have minimal use of green foliage, and could be set up in areas with less growing light, and more cavity space. It’s simple, unembellished beauty, combined with the soothing sound of always falling water is what sets it apart from most.


Zen Garden Decor Ideas

3. The Atrium Style Garden – incorporation of grow lights

In large homes, and tall commercial buildings, the atrium has not only become a conventional design element, but it is also the architectural articulation of a large scale patio, or lobby. The atrium, is therefore, not at all unadorned, but usually set up with blooming indoor gardens, which make the space more interesting to the user. To affix a landscape feature in an atrium, one must dig up enough effervescent growing light, so the plants might be able to grow up well, in a controlled environment. Since, atriums are tall, and fixing up grow lights inside such a centralized are is a hassle, one must always make sure that there is an abundance of natural light coming to the indoors. You can do that by adding a skylight, or a clever feature windows that align with the path of the sun, and thus, in this way, featuring plentiful light in the indoor atrium garden concept.

Atrium Style Garden


4. A hanging Garden – innovative ways to lush it up in containers

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a thing of legends, but the hanging gardens of contemporary indoors are an experimental ideology that few and far between know of. If you’re low on space, and high on volume, than a hanging garden concept could be achieved through much deliberation, and hard work, but the overall outlook would be nothing short of amazing. What you can do is, use an old wooden ladder to give off a vintage vibe, use several glass containers to fix perennials, or other annual plants inside, and hang them up on the ladder a la Christmas tree decoration style. The overall vibe would be chic, and elegant, without consuming too much space.

Hanging Garden Decor Ideas

5. Hydroponic Gardens

With the advent of modern technology, and the term ‘green’ architecture, hydroponic architecture has been a concept that is slowly rising up the design ranks, one green wall, and sustainable initiative at a time. Hydroponic gardens are a great indoor landscape addition, in that, they do not take horizontal sprawl space, and use verticality as an element of design. A hydroponic garden is, in retrospect, technically more expensive to build, but given the stylistic opportunities, and the given the aesthetical value, these gardens have been becoming a leading trend in indoor garden design all over the world.

Hydroponic Garden Decor ideas

6. A planter garden

If you want something simple and sweet, uncomplicated, and mostly unadorned, then you can always use planters to create an indoor garden space that is lush, and uncomplicated, yet beautiful at the same time. Planters are not only inexpensive, but come in various styles, and sizes, so you always have more than a few options – you can always choose what defines the character of your space, or reflects your personality, or showcases the best of your choice of plants.

Planter Garden Ideas

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