25 Wooden Plant Stands Ideas That You Will Adore

Within the section of articles for the garden, you can find well differentiated those that aim to decorate the interior of the rooms as well as the exterior. Wooden plant stands are an item that work great for both interior and exterior premises.

The flowerpots or wooden pots are widely used in somewhat more rustic and rustic decorations, they are usually large and very visible, you can choose, after a good sanding, varnished from a bright pine color, to a nice dark mahogany, the shades in the wood “even leaving it in its natural color are really decorative because of the beautiful veins that the wood itself possesses.


In wooden plant stands you can place both natural and artificial plants, they help the plants to keep the balance inside. They are perfect for any kind of plant, such as a small palm tree, for example, to be placed next to the window.

You can match the color of the wooden plant stand together with the curtains to create an effect of spaciousness and serenity in your rooms with ease and beauty.

On the other hand, you can also find the wooden plant stands for the garden, where you can fit plants of several sizes such as natural trees.


Wooden plant stands are normally used on their natural colors, making them perfect to use near to brick walls. The wood can be reddish, light or dark colors, and together with the colors of the leaves and flowers that the plants may have they combine very well and give a dose of extra charm to your garden.

These planters are also ideal to place next to an armchair. If the colors surrounding the patio or garden are clear, the rest of the wooden plant stands should also be dark wood.

These large wooden plant stands will also come great if you have a pergola of slats in the same tone, because it will create a sense of continuity and harmony that you can accompany with white and cushions in chocolate, light blue, green and sand.


You can recycle and reuse those old wooden items that you are sure to keep at home and turn them into real decorative pieces, which will enhance your plants, like the 25 examples we will show you today. Keep reading and get inspired.

25 Wooden Plant Stands to Enhance any Corner of Your Home

best wooden plant stands ideas and designs

You still haven't considered filling your terrace or balcony with plants? Well, the time has come ... And to help you with this decision, today we propose a lot of original pots with different ideas and the same materials. Yes, today we want to show you a selection of amazing wooden plant stands to enhance your plants and aim you to grow things!

Wood is an absolute guarantee in the creation of anything, but this time we will show how it looks great and quite effectively when it is used as a raw material to create the perfect complement to any plant: the planters.

Either for a garden that likes to be full of a lot of vegetation, or like that green detail in a patio that does not have it, even in an interior that seeks to keep in touch with the natural, or as part of a small home garden that today it has become an important piece for its function as for how decorative it can be.

Advantages wooden plant stands

  • Wooden plant stands provide warmth and elegance. In general the wooden plant stands that you can find in department stores or garden stores, come with a pre treatment to prevent moisture from affecting them and rotting the material.
  • There are pots or planters made of wood fibers with almost zero maintenance that resist everything, moisture, fungi, insects. These wood fiber materials are very strong and lightweight. Ideal for decorating terraces or gardens.
  • Other materials such as mud or terracotta suffer contractions due to humidity and temperature and break easily. However, wood adapts well to temperature changes and is good insulators.
  • Versatile, you can paint any color and there are many different styles to choose from. Designs that combine with any decoration from minimalist to Rustic

Care of wooden plant stands

Place plants that merit moderate watering so that the wood does not rot with a lot of water.
Too much sun can also cause various damages, such as cracks or rot.
Place them in ant-free spaces or termite mounds, as you will be placing a nice banquet for them.
To cure wood that is new or that has many splinters use burnt car oil, cover it with this and left in place outdoors, after a couple of weeks you can use your wooden plant stand without problems.
Remember to varnish at least every 6 months if the wooden plant stand is outdoors. This will help you keep much better.
you should try to place several drain holes to avoid accumulating water and reproduce fungi and mold.

You have run out of excuses to turn your home into a garden. In addition, children can help you with the decoration. You will get some unique pots, which will brighten up any corner of your house. Do not miss our 25 proposals of decorated pots.

1. Antique Style Wooden Stand

antique wooden plant stands

Wooden stands look great because they have a rustic style that matches perfectly with the nature of the work: the plants. It is almost as seeing a little tree, like in this example, where this small antique box is almost a little trunk.

2. A Wooden Plant Stand Made With a Wooden Cart

Cart Wooden Plant Ideas

The best thing about wooden plant stands it that you can use many different recycled thing ins order to create magnificent pieces, like this one that took advantage of and old cart, and after some sand and varnish work, made it look like this amazing and unique work of art.

3. Wooden Plant Stand With Cheap Prices

cheap wooden plant stands

If you want to get into the wooden vibe, but you have a very high budget, start with these small wooden plant stands, made with little pieces of wood that have a unique style. They are ideal to place on the coffee table, or maybe on the windows. This is a great option for apartments.

4. Wooden Plant Stands to Place in The Corner

corner wooden plant stands

This example is a great way to show how recycling is the best way to use these wooden plant stands. In this corner, the home owners decided to place a wooden beam to place a planter made with an old tire. Since it is a large area, it was possible to create this style that is very large as well.

5. Decorative Wooden Plant Stand

decorative plant stands

Wood allows to make the most varied shapes and designs in plant stands. This one is made out of wicker and wood, and allows to stand up to 6 different planters with different height s to make sure they do not crash into each other. This wooden plant stand is ideal for plants small to medium sized.

6. A DIY Project of a Wooden Chair Plant Stand

DIY Chair Wooden Plant Stands

The great thing about plant stands is that they allow you to build them with almost any material, making the wooden plant stand project a great way to practice recycling. This planter is made by using an old wooden chair, and where there should be a cushion, you will find a coconut fiber planter, which has great humidity control and last for long time. This project is perfect to showcase flowers.

7. Wooden Like Flower Pot Stand

flower pot stand

This vase is not made out of wood, nevertheless, it has a carve and paint job to make it look as such. These large plant stands are ideal to grow small trees and bushes, because they create the aesthetic of a mini tree. You can place these planters anywhere you want, but it is always better to do it in places not to crowded by things.

8. Hexagonal Wooden Plant Stands

Hexagon Wooden Plant Stands

These are large wooden plant stands made with several wood pieces as in some sort of a puzzle that forms a nice hexagonal figure. The wooden plant stands are modern and vibrant and work great both at indoor and outdoor premises, they can have a rustic look, or be like this one, with a more polished style.

9. Home Made Wooden Stands to Place Pot Planters

homemade wooden plant stands

This is a very easy to make wooden structure, created only with 4 tubular sticks and 4 flat sticks. After a few nails, they are ready to hold any plant potter you want to select. In this case, the large size of the structure gave the chance to place extra large plant pots. Depending on your DIY skills, you can create these structures in different sizes to hold different sizes of potters. It is just a matter of where your imagination takes you.

10. Small Indoor Plant Stand Made Out of Wood

indoor plant stands

This tiny wood planter is held inside a colorful ceramic glass, to increase its beauty. Wooden plant stands come in may colors, sizes, shapes and styles. They can be tiny like this one or huge. They can be rounded like this one, or squared, horizontal and more. They can be polished like this one, or they can be rustic. There are a lot of options when it comes to plant stands made of wood.

11. Modern Wooden Plant Stand With Shelves For Other Plants

Modern wood plant stand with additional shelving units at base

This a great example of the versatility wooden plant stands can have. This stand has 3 different levels that allow you place other plants, or if you prefer, use them to showcase picture frames, photos and more. You do not have to place the plant on the top, it depends on you how to make the best out of this structure.

12. DIY Oak Wooden Plant Stands

Oak DIY wooden Plant Stands

Having a wooden plant stand is really easy to do, and will give you great satisfaction. It is just a matter of taking any old wood you are not using and creating something new. Depending on your carpentry skill, you can come up with very modern and complex things, but if you are not a master handling wood, you can simply give a new purpose to your old wooden boxes, cabinets, drawers and more. With just a couple of tweaks, you can create great things.

13. Wooden Plant Stands Created With Old Wood Pieces

old wooden plant stands

With an old piece of wood like this one, it is possible to create impressive plant stands. This one used a few vintage small containers that can serve to place small plants, or even to light up candles. Speaking of versatility.

14. Wooden Plant Stands For The Outdoors

outdoor plant stands

These great wooden boxes are the perfect home to plant beautiful flowers such as these. The wooden plant stands are perfect to use outside because the follow the nature picture: trees, bushes, flowers and grass all can be enhanced just by placing a wooden plant stand. Just make sure to have your wooden treated to be long hours outdoor.

15. Wooden Plant Stands Made Out of Pallet Boxes

Pallet Box Wooden Plant Stands

As you can see in this photo, wooden boxes made out of pallets are used for many purposes, one of them being of course to works as plant stands. In this case, they work for 2 things at the same time. On one hand, they are a great surface to put your potters, and on the other hand, at the interior of the box you can place books, candles, or anything you want. Is a modern and fun design.

16. Wooden Stand For Plant Pots

plant pots with wooden stands

This wooden base was designed to hold several pots in diverse sizes. This base is also carved with interesting designs to make it look perfect for an interior design.

17. Wooden Plant Stand With a Rounded Design

round wooden plant stands

This wooden plant stand is very modern and innovative. It features 3 bases to place your plant pots, and it is designed to be used indoor. The beauty of wood allows it to be worked to create an ex-tense variety of styles that match with any decoration, this is one of the reasons why people prefer wood.

18. Squared Small Wooden Plant Stand

small square wooden plant stands

This may look a jenga game, but is in fact a nice small squared wooden plant stand. This modern model is perfect to use inside the house, or to enhance the design of your deck. Wood can transform into the style you need.

19. Tall Wooden Plant Stand With Various Levels

tall plant stands

Just as we have been saying, wooden plant stands are easily transformed into anything you need. Wood is a noble material that can be transformed into countless designs that suit any style of decoration. In this case, this tall plant stand is ideal to place on the porch, in a deck or even at the pool backyard. But even it would look great on these places, is noticeable how good it could also look against a wall in the living room.

20. Traditional Planter Made Out of Wood

traditional wooden plant stands

This is one of the most traditional ways to see a planter, a rectangular shaped plant stand. And as you can see, it can also be recreated in wood. We are used to see this type of planter made out of plastic, these model looks better, wouldn’t you say?

21. Unique Plant Stands Made of Wood

unique wooden plant stands

This are tiny wooden plant stands created with irregular pieces of wood. This style is great to place on the top of your coffee table.

22. Victorian Style Wooden Plant Stands

victorian wooden plant stands

Look how cute this design is. It is perfect to have a unique touch on your garden or backyard, or even on your deck. It is amazing how many things you can create with wood.

23. Vintage Wooden Plant Stand

vintage style wooden plant stands

This amazing vintage model of a wooden plant stand also features a rustic tiny table to place it if you want to add a little more height.

24. Wooden Plant Stand With Plates

wood plant stand stool

This model features wooden plates to place the potters and it is perfect to use on the kitchen with aromatic plants, small flowers and such.

25. Wooden Plant Stand to Place In The Wall

Wooden Plant Stands For Wall

If you like to have plants on your walls, here is a perfect idea to do it. With this wooden plant stand, your walls will screen nature in no time.

Lately, a lot of people like wooden plant stands to place plants and plants with decorative flowers. For this they use wooden boxes of small trunk, or boxes of wine or fruit, or containers made with pallets, or other type of wood or recycled wood in order to make these amazing planters all with style and personality. This type of recycled wooden pant stands have become so fashionable and they are commonly seen decorating shops and shop’s windows. In addition to being a great way to recycle wood, these wooden plant stands give a rustic and natural air that is always beautiful, whether at weddings, shops, or as home decoration. Because plants and flowers are a good complement and a good gift at any time of the year, they are a great decoration item.

To create your own wooden plant stands, wooden boxes, barrels, wooden logs, wooden wheelbarrows or ideas made of pallets can serve as planters to decorate the garden or terrace. To be able to use them without deteriorating you will have to give them a fungicidal treatment to avoid rotting. Then a primer is applied that will make the wood more resistant to attack by insects such as termites.

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