Job Vacancies at Subway – Find Out How to Apply

Explore the process of applying for a job at Subway and discover the opportunities available to you. In this article, we will guide you step by step so you know how to apply and what positions are open. 

Whether you're seeking valuable skills, career growth, or a friendly work environment, Subway may have something to offer you.


Through a step-by-step process, you will learn how to effectively submit your application and identify open positions that best suit you.

Job Vacancies at Subway – Find Out How to Apply
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What Is the Value of Working at Subway?

The benefits of working at Subway are valuable for several reasons. Depending on your needs and professional goals, you may find them more significant.

You will receive a salary that supports your income and enables savings. Furthermore, additional benefits such as discounts and bonuses maximize your earnings.


Flexible hours allow you to balance your work and personal life, promoting your financial and personal well-being. Depending on the franchisee, additional perks like health insurance and education assistance may be offered.

For more accurate and detailed information, it is advisable to review the specific job postings and details provided by the franchise you are interested in working for.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Job Vacancies at Subway

If you're interested in applying for a job at Subway, here's a detailed step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Subway website: Go to the official website and locate the "Careers" section.
  2. Registration: Sign up on the careers portal to be able to submit your application. This registration typically requires an email address and a password.
  3. Explore interactive map or job list: Use the available tools to find opportunities in your area, either through an interactive map or a list of open positions.
  4. Select the Position: Browse the available vacancies, reading each description to understand the responsibilities and requirements of the position.
  5. Skills and Requirements Assessment: Compare your skills, experience, and education to the requirements of the selected position to ensure you're a suitable candidate.
  6. Complete the Form: Fill out the online application form with your personal information, work experience, and education.
  7. Upload Resume: Attach your updated CV and ensure it accurately reflects your profile.
  8. Answer Questionnaires: Some applications may include questionnaires or skill tests; complete these as required.
  9. Review and Submit: Double-check all the information to ensure it's correct and complete, then submit your application.
  10. Wait: Once you've submitted your application, wait for the team to contact you for the next steps, which could include an interview.

Common Job Positions and Requirements

The positions at Subway are mainly divided into store roles and corporate roles.

Store Roles: Common jobs that take place in the establishments.

Sandwich Artist: They are dedicated to serving customers, preparing sandwiches, and maintaining cleanliness.

  • Requirements: Customer service skills, teamwork.
  • No prior experience required.

Store Manager: They are responsible for supervising employees, managing inventory, and handling daily operations.

  • Requirements: Management experience, leadership, communication skills.

Corporate Roles: These vary from marketing to finance and human resources. Requirements depend on the specific position, typically including:

  • Relevant college degree.
  • Experience in the field.

Standing Out During the Interview

To stand out in the job interview with Subway managers, follow these steps:

  1. Know the Company: Familiarize yourself with Subway, its history, values, and products.
  2. Relevant Experience: Highlight any previous experience that is relevant, especially in customer service or the food industry.
  3. Key Skills: Focus on skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and time management.
  4. Positive Attitude: Display enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Show that you can be a reliable and committed worker.
  5. Practical Examples: Be prepared to share specific examples of how you've handled situations in the past related to customer service or problem-solving.
  6. Questions: Prepare some questions about the role or the company, demonstrating your interest and initiative.
Job Vacancies at Subway – Find Out How to Apply
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Best Positions According to the Applicant

Depending on the applicant, different roles at Subway may be more suitable.


  • Sandwich Artist: Flexible hours, dynamic environment. No experience required, ideal for students looking for extra income while studying.

Beginner (No Experience):

  • Sandwich Artist: Entry into the workforce with on-the-job training. Opportunity to learn customer service and teamwork skills.

Experienced (Industry Experience):

  • Store Manager: For those with management and supervisory experience in the food or retail industry.
  • Corporate Roles: If you have experience in fields such as marketing, finance, or human resources, corporate positions could be ideal.

Career in Management or Administration:

  • Store Manager: Opportunity to lead a team and manage the daily operations of a store.
  • Corporate Administrative Roles: Diverse options for those with experience in administration and management.

Professionals in Specific Fields:

  • Corporate Roles: For professionals with experience and education in specific fields (marketing, HR, finance, etc.), there are corporate positions that allow you to apply and expand your specialized skills.

Choose the role that aligns best with your career goals, skills, and experience.

Pros and Cons of a Career at Subway

Working at Subway comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Skill Development: You acquire valuable skills such as teamwork, customer service, and time management.
  • Growth Opportunities: There are clear paths for advancement and career growth within the company, from entry-level positions to managerial roles.
  • Supportive Environment: Many employees highlight a friendly and supportive work environment where teamwork and camaraderie thrive.
  • Discounted Meals: As an employee, you may enjoy discounted or complimentary meals, adding to your overall compensation package.


  • Salary: Initial salaries for entry-level positions can be low compared to other jobs in the industry.
  • Working Hours: Depending on the location, you may work unconventional hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Physical Demands: The job can be physically demanding, especially during peak hours.


Applying for a job at Subway can be a viable option for various applicant profiles, including students, beginners, and experienced professionals.

The roles range from entry-level positions like Sandwich Artist to managerial and corporate roles, providing opportunities for learning and growth.

However, consider the initial salaries, working hours, and the physical nature of the job when making your decision. To apply, the online process is accessible and straightforward.

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