25 Wooden Blinds Ideas to Brighten Your House Design

Wooden blinds are details that complement the decoration of your home and all your spaces; such as dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and in many occasions the bathrooms, finding you with different styles and designs that you can wear.

Although there are a wide variety of materials for blinds the most common is wood, because it allows handling practical and functional designs, recognized for being versatile and durable.


There are also sophisticated and functional wood designs, which provide warmth and elegance creating pleasant environments. The wooden blinds have a sophisticated design and at the same time practical and functional, which provides comfort and glamour as only the natural beauty of the wood, can give it.

Wooden blinds are the most versatile when it comes to controlling the light that enters a room: you can let the light in, you can block the light completely by closing the tablets, you can also lift the blind to leave the window completely visible, close it by Complete to achieve privacy or regulate the tablets to handle the light input.

Apart from the fact that it can block direct sunlight entering your home and achieve the highest level of privacy when inside, you can also use wooden blinds to add style to your home.


These types of blinds come in several interesting styles and colors, depending on the color scheme in the interiors of your home; you can get wooden blinds that blend with the decoration. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to keep your home cool and let in natural light without sacrificing your privacy, wooden blinds could be what your home needs.

In order to make the most of your options for wooden blinds, it is always better to harmonize the color and style of the blinds with the interiors of your home.

To add a healthy touch to your home, you can choose a custom wooden blind that matches the design of the furniture and the rest of the house.


Wooden blinds give a natural and elegant view to any place; it also adds a good impression to the furniture you have in your home.

The wooden blinds can be adapted to a rustic look like modern colors and textures to give a more contemporary feel.

25 Wooden Blinds Ideas To Decorate Your Home

best wooden blinds ideas and designs

Blinds are known to be the best decorative elements of a house. They are often used to add impact and design to old windows. If you ask an interior designer to decorate your home, he will always advise you to buy custom wooden blinds that are made of sustainable wood.

Benefits of wooden blinds

  • The material is very resistant and at the same time light.
  • It is a classic style that integrates perfectly with any environment.
  • The slats are an obstacle to solar radiation protecting the occupants of the home where they are installed.
  • They offer insulation values that other types of sunscreens cannot achieve by avoiding extra energy expenditure, whether due to cold or heat.
  • They offer protection against environmental noise from the outside thanks to the qualities of the materials that form it, mainly aluminum or PVC.
  • It provides extra protection against carpentry that we have installed in the envelope of our house.
  • It offers protection against adverse atmospheric agents.
  • Security. It is an extra "layer" of security against thieves. The new models of blinds, thanks to technical advances are reaching high anti-theft levels, and certainly, it is appreciated.
  • They really form a barrier against those prying eyes from outside when we practice closing, and there are even installations with perforated or micro perforated slats that also let air and light pass.

What advantages do blinds provide?

The main objective of this type of screens that can be anchored or installed in a window (Curtains, awnings, pergolas, parasols, blinds ... etc.) are to control the entrance of light or the privacy of the outside, but the advantages of blinds in a house they go further.

In the market we have many types of sunscreens to use in the windows; cloth curtains, awnings, blinds ... etc. But as we will see throughout the article, the blinds that we use in the carpentry of our houses may be one of the best solutions we can adopt.

1. Two Wooden Blinds Ideas On A Living Room

2 wood blinds

The times when wooden blinds were only brown are long gone. Today you can find a wide variety of wooden blinds in different sizes, styles and colors. This duo of wooden blinds is black to complement the mostly white environment and the retro decoration. The dark color makes it better to restrain the sunlight.

2. Wooden Blinds Of Antique Style

antique style wooden blinds

In the beginnings of wooden blinds, they used to look like these. These wooden blinds keep the style of the vintage ones, from the color to the size. The deep brown works great for a house like this, with the vintage furniture. This is a traditional stile of blinds that never goes out of style.

3. High Quality Wooden Blinds Ideas

best quality wooden blinds

Obviously, as with any product, there are different quality levels when it comes to choose wooden blinds. Your choice should depend on the use you are pretending to give to your blinds. In this example, decorative and high quality wooden blinds with a curve design. This design is both quality and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Wood Blinds With Cheap Prices

cheap wood blinds

Wooden blinds like these thick red one can be found in may places with a relatively low price, especially compared with other wooden blinds. The cheaper wooden blinds can be used inside the house, like on this kitchen where it helps to control the light entrance as well to provide privacy.

5. Wooden Blinds Made Of Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds can b made in different types of wood. The blinds on this photo are make of cherry wood, therefor its vibrant reddish color. Note how in this room both blinds and curtains are being used to create a fun, interesting and even artistic look.

6. Custom Made Wooden Blinds Ideas

custom wood blinds

When it comes to wood, you can find several models of blinds in the stores to pick your favorite one and install it. But if you want to go one step further, all you have to do is get your own custom made wooden blinds to fit your imagination. In this example, the wooden blinds are custom made, which made it possible for the to be blue, and to have all its sizes.

7. Eco Friendly Blinds Made Of Wood

Eco Friendly Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds can also be a great option environmentally speaking, because they use wood that many times has been recycled from construction projects. This can also have an influence on the price they have, making them cheaper than other options.

8. Wide Wooden Blinds

extra wide wooden blinds

Wooden blinds can adapt to any need you have, as long as you have them custom made, like in this example, where extra wide wooden blinds were needed to cover this also custom made window. Wooden blinds are highly customizable.

9. Wooden Blinds With A Green Factor

Wooden blinds do not only come from trees such as cherry or oak, they can also come from other wood sources such as bamboo, which is normally used to create models like these ones, that works great with the room’s over all decoration.

10. Wooden Blinds For The Kitchen

kitchen wooden blinds

Wooden blinds work great on any room, and the kitchen is not an exception. These dark beige wooden blinds are the prefect contrast for the dark brown dinner table and chairs, as well as the dark blue walls.

11. Wooden Blinds For Large Windows

large wooden blinds

The blinds made of wood are particularly beneficial for homes of all sizes because they can be fabricated under custom settings, such as length, wide, thickness of the wood and other interesting details. Their high customization allow wooden blinds to be perfect for apartments like this.

12. Wooden Blinds In Light Green

Light Green Wooden Blinds

See how versatile the wooden blinds are. Seeing this color you may think this is a blind made out of plastic, metal o a resin, but the truth is that technological advances, you can dye wooden blinds in an extensive variety of colors. This light green is refreshing and relaxing.

13. Wooden Blinds Made Of Light Oak

light oak wooden blinds

Even if you go for a natural styled wooden blinds, you will still have a range and chooses you can make, because natural wood also have a wide color scheme. Take for example this natural wooden blinds, made of light oak wood. The design is natural, but there are still lots of colors to pick from.

14. Luxurious Wooden Blinds

luxury wooden blinds

With wooden blinds the sky is the limit. You can have simple designs to help you enhance your rooms, or you can use dramatic set like this one that definitively creates a focus point.

15. Wooden Blinds For Modern Tastes

modern wooden blinds

Regardless of your designing style, wooden blinds will work perfect in all your ambiences. This blinds have a modern style that adapts easily to any modern room.

16. Narrow Windows Wooden Blinds Ideas

narrow wooden blinds

Just as you can have wooden blinds custom made for wide windows, you can also have custom made wooden blinds for the exactly opposite reason. If you have a narrow window, having wooden blinds especially designed for your window can be easily done by a professional.

17. Wooden Blinds With Natural Style

natural wooden blinds

Wooden blinds add a touch of nature to all the spaces where they are installed. These blinds are ideal to incorporate to country or rustic designs like this one, where the light brown blinds enhances the autumn style of the room.

18. Navy Blue Wooden Blinds For The Bathroom

navy blue wooden blinds

In this white and blue bathroom, the presence of the navy blue wooden blinds is ideal for a bubble bath by the light of the candles. The dark color of the blinds stops any light coming from outside, while at the same time diffusing the candle light all over the room.

19. Wooden Blinds For The Patio

patio door wooden blinds

Another use for wooden blinds, one that is not talked about much, it the use of wooden blinds as spaces separators. Meaning you can use extra large blind like this one to use them as a passage to another area of the house. Wooden blinds are definitively a design item very useful.

20. Roll Up Wooden Blinds

roll up blinds

This is a very popular style of wooden blinds. They roll up instead of folding. This design is vey modern, and a trend when it comes to wooden blinds.

21. Rustic Wooden Blinds For The Dining Room

rustic wooden blinds

These rustic wooden blinds are the perfect match for this dinning room the holds a rustic and vintage design style. Rustic wooden blinds art normally dark brown and you can see have a sort for a vintage style.

22. Modern And Small Wooden Blinds

small modern wooden blinds

The variety of colors, sizes, styles, and even prices on wooden blinds, make them the best ally for your decoration needs. Not many decoration items can have some many options on the same kind of product. Wooden blinds can also de colored on many colors to adapt to your personal decoration and designing needs.

23. Wooden Balcony Blinds

wooden blinds for balcony

It can be the bathroom, the bedroom, an isle, or the balcony. Wooden blinds look great on any room of the house, because they are very versatile. They can be the accent point on any decoration, like in this room, where the floral design on the blinds make them be the focus point. The flowers, very similar to the one on the vase, give a touch of joy to the room.

24. Vertical Wooden Blinds Ideas

wooden blinds vertical

The dispositions of your home element’s are not obstacle for wooden blinds. Whether you have vertical or horizontal windows, , you will be able to find a wooden blind perfect to help you avoid the sun and the natural elements. Vertical wooden blinds open and close from up to down. When completely open, they are located on the top of the windows.

25. Mini Wooden Blinds Ideas For The Bathroom

wooden mini blinds

These wooden blinds for the bathroom have a reduced size, and just like with other models, these one were custom made in order to adapt to perfection to the window’s size. No matter what room you choose to install your wooden blinds on, you will surely make the right decision.

Blinds are a good space optimization solution when there is no place on both sides of a window to put the curtains. Its simple lines also give a fresh and modern feeling.

As anecdotal data and a little history of this type of latticework, they have their origin in the eighteenth century, in Persia, where a piece of fabric was used to cover doors and windows blocking the passage of light and dust. Its name derives from the French word persienne, which means, from Persia.

Used for both indoor and outdoor, they have eventually replaced traditional fabric curtains. Although they apparently perform the same function, they offer other capabilities that will help us improve our comfort inside the home and that without a doubt, we cannot miss.

Here are a few tips you should remember:

  • Install the blinds 1 or 2 inches away from the glass, to avoid heating the wood by the effect of solar refraction.
  • When opening the window, always pick up the blind completely.
  • Avoid pressing the blind with furniture or other elements.
  • Avoid using soaps, bleaches, chemical solutions, solvents or abrasives as these cause damage to the product.

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of models, which means that they are available to any potential customer with relatively cheap prices.

They also adapt to different styles and budgets, and although we can play to be carpenters and installers, making unnecessary expenses is not a game; you have to ask for an opinion and consult the professionals, who are meant to do that job.

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