50 Best Patio Ideas for Design Inspiration

Patios are often viewed as an expansion of indoor living space. Regardless of the composition of patio, concrete, brick or stone, this paved place is frequently utilized as socializing location, a particularly when there is a fire pit or grill show. Toss in an open air feasting area and some patio stylistic theme, and it can likewise turn into your favorite eating spot!

Bright blue skies, warmer temperatures and sunny days always lure you outside. A perfect time when temperatures climb and days are long that are spend outside lounging with your loved ones and friends through gorgeous dusk hours and into the night. It did paint an enticing picture in your mind, didn’t it? Now, all we need is to create a perfect outdoor patio for making our dreams into reality.


50 Best Patio Ideas for Your Dream Home

Best Patio Ideas

When you plan to do eating, lounging or entertaining out there, then it is the time to ponder how that area must look like. Whether you are short on space or have a tight budget, no big deal. Sometimes a few square inches are all you need to work your way. From terraces and yards to porches and patios, these decorating ideas can work big on any spot that you want to beautify. Have a peek and try the patio ideas that we brought to revamp your backyard area.

When you start planning a patio project, you are confronted with a flood of patio ideas and options in patio designs. Among the choices of materials, patio furniture, patio décor and numerous choices in patio configuration, there are plentiful approaches to tweak your open air living space. Today, patios are made out of a lot of materials; granite, brick, sandstone, slate, wood, cement or stone. The possible outcomes are apparently endless while considering the alternatives for building your patio.


Each patio project starts by building a strong and solid base. This initial step is crucial, and if taken lightly and mishandled then it may lead to a patio that won’t last over a year. Patio base must either be constructed with concrete, sand or gravel. Regardless of the sort of material you use the base ought to be from six to eight inches deep.

Concrete if utilized as a flooring material for your patio can turn out to be surprisingly versatile. This amazing concrete can be shaped, painted and formed into different patterns. On the other hand, the interlocking stone can be utilized as a base. Stones have turned into an engaging and appealing option as of late and can help to drain water away from home properly.

Take benefit from the list of 50 Best Patio Ideas and Designs. If you are pondering to assemble your patio, then we welcome you to examine this list of patio ideas for inspiration. Beautiful hardscaping, stylish decor, and smart patio design combine to create perfect outdoor areas. Back patios and front porches are the most favorite spots to enjoy and relax on warmer days. Make your patio your favorite escape as well with the exquisite and stunning patio ideas.


1. Follow the Curve

Simply stunning! The curve has been beautifully utilized with gorgeous seating arrangements and fire pit. We have an ample amount of space and a lot of greenery here that is giving a soothing and fresh feel. For some people outdoor natural and green, this idea is especially for those people to apply. The lovely curve of the open air seating area of this Moroccan inspired patio impeccably takes after the arch of the encircling fire pit. The bronzed characteristic hues and earthy tones are present throughout the open air space. Flawlessly suited for engaging and entertaining, the double-decker patio is certain to awe its guests.

Follow the Curve


2. The New and the Old

The new with the old is juxtaposed inside this outdoor expansion. The perfectly balanced outdoor patio highlights reclaimed timbers and a perspective of a unique brick wall. The astounding use of clean lines and modern features harmonizes perfectly with the older materials in an updated space and pay tribute to the structures’ unique past. Refreshing an older space can be beneficial to protect the interesting history of your home. Have a go at repurposing, restoring and revealing bits of your home’s unique structure to reproduce this interesting look.

The New and the Old


3. Motif in Pavers

The hoisted patio carved into the hill side goes about as a retaining wall. This one of a kind patio’s design fuses a stacked block retaining wall as a feature of the implicit seating. The splendid open-air living space utilizes extensive square tiles of green grass and cement to form a rug-like pattern. Greenery developing in the middle of the cement appears as a contrast to the red pops of colors utilized as part of seating place’s throw cushions and pillows. The intriguing utilization of space’s cement tiles is a great motivation for anybody planning out their own patio.

Motif in Pavers


4. A Variable Arrangement

This lovely Spanish-style yard opens up to the home’s inside though a sliding movable wall. The mixing of an outdoor and indoor space gives far more choices while engaging. The patio zone is of this place is well prepared for visitors and brags two separate feasting areas. The cutting edge style of the home’s furniture delicately contrasts with the walls’ terracotta tile rooftop and rustic brick. When planning your patio space consider exquisite approaches to consolidating your principle living space with your open air living space. This can be refined using French doors, sliding wall or large windows.



5. Isolated Spaces

This stunning laid-back patio highlights both uncovered and covered spaces. The covered living area gloats a beautiful stone-confronted hearth with a flat-screen LCD drifting simply over the mantle. Extra outdoor storage is accessible in implicit cupboards that are housed to the other side of the patio’s chimney. The living area develops ostensibly past the patio’s covering to the exquisite open air feasting area. The separated space gives choices when entertaining and dining. For little gatherings, you can adhere to the lower level.  In the case of facilitating large events, it is pleasant to have more space to oblige extra visitors. If you are enthusiastic about outdoor entertainment, you can consider including an overflow region for bigger gatherings.

Isolated Spaces


6. A Standing Garden

This modern and contemporary patio space brag a stunning upright or vertical garden. The greenery shapes the backdrop to a novel and exquisite outdoor seating territory. The variable specimens of vegetation frame an excellent living quilt on the patio’s essential wall. The cedar planked sectional is spruced up with navy cushions beautified with white piping detail. Flies of lively patterns and color dress up space and include extra intrigue. If your patio space has a dull vertical divider, you can also make a vertical garden.

A Standing Garden


7. Dining Styled in High Fashion

This open air kitchen is very much prepared and ready to provide for an army. The noteworthy open air range is a delightful deed of culinary inventiveness. The kitchen brags an electric grill, a refrigerator, and pizza oven. The impeccable styles eating space highlights black-granite countertops, ultra hip feasting furniture and stainless steel appliances for an utterly contemporary look. When arranging your open air kitchen, consider your necessities and what number of individual will go to your outdoor meals.

Dining Styled in High Fashion


8. Comfortable Ambiance

Comfortable is the word utilized while depicting this wooden-secured patio region. The liberal use of cozy seating based on a stone hearth makes a space that is primarily inviting. The expansion of both resting and hanging grower in and around the open air living region frames a passage to the encompassing greenery enclosure range. The warm shine of strands of hanging lights adds to the already unwinding ambiance of the outdoor room. When arranging your own outside space, consider when you will utilize the space. If you choose to spend time in evening hours, make sure you have furnished your space with full lighting.

Comfortable Ambiance


9. Absolute Outdoor Kitchen

The outside kitchen in this contemporary home’s patio can equal many of its indoor counterparts. A fully equipped kitchen with a sink for quick cleanup, a small refrigerator, and a full stove is placed here. The accompanying seating area and outdoor area make a space that offers the aggregate package for outdoor entertainment and dining. This pace is the perfect size for family suppers. If you are thinking about an outdoor kitchen, first take a look at your needs, choose your budget, and afterward you will have the capacity to arrange a kitchen that will splendidly fit your way of life.

Absolute Outdoor Kitchen


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