wood and wrought iron entry doors

27 Wrought Iron Doors for Every Aesthetic

Wrought iron is a material that is often used outdoors due to its strength and hardy qualities, which makes them ideal for exterior entrance doors. Their impenetrable qualities they will be very low maintenance and will keep any unwelcome guests out and keep your family safe. However where this material really shines is, when it comes to doors like these, is their sculptural decorative qualities. 27 Beautiful and Hardy Wrought Iron Doors This material can be cast into many different shapes,...
When choosing a door, special attention should be paid to the lock.

28 Steel Entrance Doors to Fit Any Home

Steel entrance doors have been around for a very long time but often times in the form of huge, chunky solid doors that practically need a team of people to open them. Luckily, years and many innovations later, steel doors have been transformed into thin, lightweight fixtures that can be opened easily without a reduction in their strength and safety. Steel is the ideal material (specially treated steel more specifically) for an exterior door because it is weatherproof and incredibly...
Swing gates and wickets made of metal

35 Metal Swing Gates For Any Occasion

Metal swing gates are a trendy style of gate and for very good reason. If you have the space to accommodate their swing these single or double leaves gates swing open in a dramatic way to make entering your home a real experience. These are often paired with a matching wicket that sits beside them for people entering on foot that is just as beautiful as the full gate itself. Metal is an ideal material to be used outdoors, which...