10 Awesome Flower Garden Ideas


One of the most frequently visited public spaces when it comes to going back to nature are gardens – be it in the very front, or back of your yard as a small sanctuary, or a booming public enterprise in the form of public parks. A little bit of nature never hurt anyone – in fact, it takes away all the stress, and the incongruent beauty of a little foliage, a verdant carpet of green, and a thriving, blooming flowerbed not only enhances the quality of ambiance in a space, but also shifts the perpetual discombobulation of a grueling city life. It sooths the soul, and inspires creativity – especially a cheery disposition of a flowering garden. Its exuberant beauty lifts up the space of any home, and provides beautiful vistas. Here, we would be discussing ten awesome flower garden ideas that would highlight your home, and inspire you.

1. A koi Pond

A carefully constructed, meticulously placed, almost frugal element in the midst of a flowery landscape would lend an air of credibility to your garden. This particular set of intervention would add an element sobriety to the otherwise daringly bold cheerfulness of a regular flower garden. In addition, the gentle lapping of the water would make for a Zen effect in the overall ambiance of the garden. Add to that, the tiny flitting of the Koi itself, and sitting by the edge of the pond, surrounded by a multitude of flowers might become your next hobby.

A Koi Pond

2. Birdbaths

Want to attract a bit of fauna to your green space? Well there is a way to that. Just affix an adequately sized birdbath in the midst of your garden space, and it would attract all manner of birds to your garden. You may have a regular viewership of sparrows reveling in a summer laden coolness, and flitting around from one edge of the birdbath to the next. The size and stature of the birdbath would depend on the aesthetic and style of the user.

Bird Baths Flower Garden Ideas

3. Container Gardening

Container gardening ranges a wide variety of spectrums – there are a lot of options when it comes to ‘containing’ a ‘garden’ in a small pot, or planter. It is essentially a glorified version of planter gardening, and covers all things from cheap and inexpensive DIY flowering techniques in paint boxes and diapers, to the relatively economical terra cotta, and the expensive marble or granite, depending on the size and budget of the project, and the aesthetics of the user.

Containeer Gardening

4. Rooftop Gardening

With sustainable preservation, and construction as a new trend to strive for, roof gardens are becoming the norm, in this new era. LEED certification is the new ‘it’ and to find a wide expanse of green on the roof of a home is no big deal. So applying a little landscape strategy to a rooftop garden with the addition of flower beds would not only enhance the visual quality of the overall building, but make for an addition of beautiful viewership – just imagine taking in the skyline from the top of your home, with a strategic placement of a beautiful flowerbed on the edge.

Rooftop Gardening

5. The Tier Planter Garden

Arranging different sized planters in alternating tiers according to size and shape, then planting beautiful flowers in each subsequent layers would make for a picturesque landscaping technique. This element in flower gardens would work well with addition of foliage, and grass. The tallness, or size-ability of the planters depends on the kind you choose, and the sizes it is available in, but rest assured, once the work is complete, the end result would be charmingly alluring.

Tier Planter Garden

6. Topiary

Usually, a well-constructed topiary is the main featurette of any space, but given the feasibility of the plant it I molded in, it can be places in planters, or grown in a hedge form, and from there, you can decide according to your design aesthetic what kind of formation you actually want it to be featured it. Any shape or form it takes, it would always be a welcoming companion to a plethora of flowers – be it in the flowerbed, or planter formation.

Topiary Garden Idea

7. Labyrinthine

The arrangement of flowers in a garden space is always an important element that depends on the aesthetics of the owner of that space. The most elaborate formation that one could achieve with a row of flowers is labyrinthine. It is complicated to make such flowerbeds, but the end result is mostly stunning.

Labyrinthine Garden

8. The Grid

One of the simplest flower garden formations to achieve is the grid lock. Alternating between green and flowery, the grid could be a contrasting mechanism of materials and planters – and that contrast in each design element could become the defining feature of your garden.

Grid Gardening Idea

9. The Stone Walkway

Walkways are used to define the walking path in any garden, and they need to be well established – be in completely different material, yet complementary composition with the rest of your landscape features. One of the best featuring material that is highlighted in contrast to the green of the grass, and the vibrancy of flowers is stone. Its ruggedness sets it apart amongst the rest of the natural features in a garden.

Walkway Gardening Idea

10. Moss Phlox

A clump formation plant, this remains green all times of the year – be it summer, or winter, and blooms a beautiful shade of white and red when spring starts. It attracts a lot of butterflies, and would definitely be a fauna attraction in your garden.

Moss Phlox Gardening Idea


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