29 Innovative Polycarbonate Gazebos

Polycarbonate is an incredible form of thermoplastic that is also, unusually enough, used for sunglasses because of its UV protective properties. This plastic is great for use outdoors as the covering for a modern gazebo due to the plethora of benefits that are brought to the party by substituting other roofing materials with polycarbonate

The benefits cover so many different spheres it seems like there is nothing polycarbonate can’t do. It has a very high impact resistance so it can withstand any weather conditions, whether that be rain, snow or hail. This versatile material has a long life expectancy, which means you save money on maintenance and replacements. Since polycarbonate is a plastic it also comes in many finishes including clear, opaque or coloured and it can be found in both flat and corrugated sheets. The sheets can also be cold bent and fixed in different shapes due to their flexibility.


29 Polycarbonate Gazebos to Relax Under Outdoors

polycarbonate gazebos

However, the main reason why polycarbonate is the number one material for gazebos is that is has very low heat emissions, as well as the aforementioned UV protections, so the space underneath stays cool and protects your skin from the harmful rays. That way you can enjoy your space outside while staying cool and keeping your skin safe.

So if you want to see all the different ways this amazing material can be used, here are:


1. Sophisticated Black Gazebo

A polycarbonate gazebo can be a stylish and practical addition to your yard design.

The sophisticated outdoor lounge space at the bottom of this garden is shaded by a pitch black gazebo that looks sleek and remains cool underneath. It has a simple structure with one rectangular sheet sitting on a thin steel frame with thin square legs. The roof of the gazebo is slightly pitched to direct rain towards the garden and to shade from the lower angle of the sun. Beneath the gazebo the black and grey outdoor furniture has been coordinated to fit the gazebo perfectly.

2. Quaint Floral Country Gazebo

A polycarbonate gazebo is built quite easily and quickly


The clear corrugated sheeting on a grey timber framework covering this quaint, floral space may look like average plastic sheeting but it is actually polycarbonate, which obviously has far more benefits because its low maintenance and resistance to the weather. The clear finish lets in all the light without the additional heat so you can socialize underneath in comfort.

3. Shaded Corner Gazebo

Almost any soil is suitable for installing a polycarbonate gazebo

This large gazebo has been built into two thin walls in a corner with the rest left open to the garden. The steel frame sits on wooden treated floorboards with sheets of translucent polycarbonate sheeting resting on long thin rafters overhead. The tinted finish of the roofing softens the light as it passes through and keeps the space cool. The large space beneath lets you furnish it comfortably complete with a portable BBQ.

4. Delicate Arching Gazebo


One property of this material that this large gazebo has taken advantage of is its flexibility, as these sheets can be cold bent to create this delicate arching roof in a golden shade. The large but light sheets are fixed to a delicate framework with gentle archways running down each side with curving rectangular joists with vertical supports adding a little detail.

5. Geodesic Polycarbonate Gazebo

Beautiful gazebo made of polycarbonate - decoration of the whole garden

A geodesic dome is a hemispherical structure built with faceted triangular shapes, which has been built here using timber and filled in with clear panels of polycarbonate. Sitting on a stunning marble platform with a dramatic outdoor dining space underneath this dome fits the aesthetic easily. The roof is also fitting for this almost closed gazebo because it limits the fresh air coming in so the material keeps the space comfortable and prevents a greenhouse effect happening inside.

6. An Emerald Garden Retreat

The translucent hue of this polycarbonate gazebo makes the structure blend in with the lush foliage and tree life around it. The walled in structure has rectangular panels at hip height on three sides and a curving sheet that forms the roof that shades you while you sit at the little table. A gazebo like this is the perfect escape that you can create within your own garden.

7. Minimalistic Long Gazebo

Cellular polycarbonate not only has thermal insulation properties, but also looks interesting

This long gazebo has been squeezed in between the main house and the boundary wall to take advantage of the available space. The open plan living space indoors opens out onto the white tiled platform with comfy furniture and a bio fireplace. The large gazebo roofing is simple with clear corrugated sheets spanning the length on a thick steel black structure that rests on the house at one end that shades the space and keeps it cool.

8. Rural Rippling Gazebo

Corrugated polycarbonate canopy

To take advantage of the location this long gazebo has been built beside an old rural stone house that is balanced on a tree lined hillside. The new material has been integrated into a more traditional setting very delicately with sheets that wave in a loose ‘S’ shape that attaches to the wall. The frame waves with it to elegantly emphasize the shape with a little extra detail from the strip of metal circles that line the edge.

9. Delicate Curving Polycarbonate Construction

Crystal color polycarbonate roofs

On a red brick patio beside this traditional wood paneled house a delicate gazebo creates a spot to socialize outdoors. The design is based around the curving steel frame in a blue grey with lightly frosted polycarbonate sheets curving overhead. Three thin legs on either side support three main beams with curving joists that assist in maintaining the elegant shape.

10. Brightly Lit House Side Patio

Gazebo with a roof made of cellular polycarbonate

In this tranquil gazebo attached to the traditional wood paneled house, an idyllic suburban look, uses polycarbonate in clear corrugated sheets to shade the space and bathe the it in soft light while you stay cool. The timber framework of the gazebo helps the bright look along, which is in a pristine white and reflects light. The roof has been slightly pitched towards the grey wall on one side so the rain can be channeled into the built in gutter.

11. A Wrought Iron and Polycarbonate Collaboration

gazebo with polycarbonate top

This ornate little gazebo makes your garden look even more beautiful than before through shape and colour. It uses a combination of a wrought iron framework with tinted teal polycarbonate sheeting curving across the top with a curved panel filling in each gable end. The wrought iron also adds some delicate details spiraling across the whole structure through curlicues that decorate the base and the front of the polycarbonate panels.

12. Little Hot Tub Dome

Having closed in such a polycarbonate gazebo, you can take a break from the outside fuss

Sitting beside this large garden pond is a magical hemisphere of timber and polycarbonate sheets that taper like flower petals towards the centre. The structure is made from thin timber ribs inset with tinted polycarbonate to shade the room within. It has been built around a large luxurious hot tub with wooden floorboards that fits with the structural ribs and wooden flooring. The dome keeps the heat in, as its only open on the segment facing the pond to create an idyllic view.

13. Tropical Inspired Poolside Gazebo

Hawaiian style gazebo with solid polycarbonate roof

In this case polycarbonate has been used for its usefulness rather than its appearance. The look of the gazebo is tropical inspired with a grass roof and a timber pole structure so to make sure it doesn’t get too humid and become more weather proof it has been covered over by a sheet of clear polycarbonate. This will make the gazebo easy to keep clean and more long lasting that if it was left uncovered.

14. Clear Gazebo Over the Pool

hi-tech gazebo

Hiding a pool under a polycarbonate gazebo means you can use it all year round no matter the weather! The pool area is covered by clear polycarbonate on three sides in a thin, lightweight frame allowed by the lightness of polycarbonate. The most attractive feature is the roof, which is supported up against the boundary wall, spans over the pool and curves down to the floor on the far side. The curved side has been specially designed so they can be sit open up and onto the roof when the weather is nice. The gazebo sits atop a red brick platform with wood paneling encircling the pool accented with bright pot plants.

15. Quaint Simple Gazebo

Inexpensive polycarbonate gazebos to suit your tastes

This traditional wooden paneled suburban home has a small and simple polycarbonate and timber gazebo attached to the back, overlooking the garden. A painted white square timber framework supports flat clear sheets of polycarbonate that have been tinted to shade the space. It’s even fitted with its own gutter. The whole pitched roof is anchored to the porch floor and raised above the roof on two little legs to visually create more space that makes your porch feel cool and spacious.

16. Luxurious Black Gazebo

Nice and cozy polycarbonate gazebo

This glamorous square black steel framed gazebo has a pyramidal roof covered in panels of polycarbonate. The tinted, reflective finish of the panels deflect the sunlight and allows it to reflect the sky above so its beautiful from outside and in. The space is large enough to shade plenty of people that create a social space outdoors in your home. Each corner is tied with sheer, white curtains, which make it look dreamy and inviting so you can socialize in complete relaxation.

17. Shaded By the Pool

Pergola from cellular polycarbonate by the pool

The roof of this tropical style poolside gazebo may look like clear plastic but it is, in fact, polycarbonate so you get all of the light and none of the heat as you socialize beside the pool. The roof covers the whole outdoor dining and social space next to the long beautiful pool, which is framed by the chunky timber frame that was chosen purely for aesthetics since its not structurally needed since polycarbonate is so light. The resulting look is glamorous and beautiful.

18. Futuristic Polycarbonate Dome

Pergola of unusual shape, completely made of polycarbonate

In the back garden of a little house, hidden around the corner, is this spooky little dome that contrasts with its traditional surroundings. The hemispherical design has a white frame with sliding door all filled in with translucent black sheets of polycarbonate in a similar way to example 12. The intensely dark shade keeps the space private since you can’t see in so it could be used for whatever you want without changing the outside. Just as a covered gazebo on its own its an interesting piece of garden furniture.

19. Chic Gazebo with a Harbour View

Pergola roof made of polycarbonate with optical illusion of openwork

The bright white of this simple gazebo contrasts refreshingly against the a vivid green lawn its sitting in. The white rectangular frame has been bolted into the concrete rectangle in the middle of the lawn. The whole space is white, down to the table and chairs but the real showstopper is the polycarbonate roof, which is made of one solid sheet. The sheet alternates opaque and translucent to create a paisley pattern that runs seamlessly across the surface.

20. Modern Frosted Polycarbonate Gazebo

Polycarbonate is a pretty practical, pliable and durable material

The contemporary painted brick home has a luxurious wood paneled patio that runs around the house on multiple levels. The gazebo is built in around the corner over the BBQ area to provide shade. A simple steel frame with thin joists holds aloft a sheet of frosted polycarbonate that filters the light and makes it soft. Its UV filtering properties also means that you won’t get sunburned or overheated while you cook. It can even be used when its raining!

21. A Sunny Summer Getaway

Polycarbonate roofs in opal colors

This steeply sloped gazebo covered in clear corrugated polycarbonate is a beautiful spot to escape to in the summer at the bottom of your own garden. A very fine, steel framework holds the sheets up without making itself known. The walls of the gazebo on two sides are screened with shutter style walls in bright yellow that allows airflow through the space. The gazebo has a wood paneled floor with white timber furniture where you could hang out in the summer without getting hot and burnt.

22. Incredible Crimson Tunnel

round polycarbonate gazebo

This crazy crimson tunnel juxtaposed against this rural setting shows off the incredible cold bending properties of polycarbonate. The translucent red sheet of polycarbonate has been built around little bench seating to create a small, intimate space on a paving platform bathed in an unreal red light. This is a cool feature for a garden that is large or small that you can escape to and escape to another world.

23. Simple Square Polycarbonate Gazebo

Simple polycarbonate gazebos

The gazebo tucked around the red brick house is square with a pyramidal polycarbonate roof on a slim steel frame bolted to the paving stones below. Thin steel strips in the same shade as the legs divide the polycarbonate panels for aesthetic purposes in an opaque finish to shade you from the sun completely. This is the perfect size for a little set of wrought iron table and chairs to encourage you to spend time outdoors and appreciate nature and your garden.

24. Rustic Chic Square Gazebo

Stylish and beautiful gazebo roof made of monolithic polycarbonate

This imposing chunky, umber timber interlocking frame gazebo is covered by one sheet of polycarbonate that spans across the whole square gazebo. The result is stunning and rustic, which works alongside the exposed white stonework. The polycarbonate sheet is slightly tinted to add shade along with the coolness already coming from the material so you can still sit in the sun without damaging your skin with direct sunlight.

25. Stylish Gazebo Attached to the House

Stylish gazebo attached to the house

This simple face brick house is updated with this ultra modern gazebo rendered in black steel and frosted polycarbonate. The frame has two thick legs on one side with a large lintel and it is attached to the house on the other side with thick black joists running between. The frosted panels of polycarbonate span between black joists, filter the light and provides UV protection while you still get some sunlight. The spacious area covers a comfy outdoor lounge and BBQ area, perfect for entertaining in the summer.

26. Colourful Cantilevered Gazebo

Stylish, bright minimalistic polycarbonate gazebo

In a unique manner, polycarbonate has been used here to brighten up the public space. Two thick timber, cantilevering frames lean over the gathering space’s with thin sheets of coloured polycarbonate alternating shades spanning between them over the crazy black chairs. The combination between the gazebo and the chairs creates a cool place of pause within the city. The shade of the polycarbonate has been coordinated with the plant life around the modern gathering spaces to synchronize the roofs with the space and make this space feel really special and vibrant. The kind of public space that can change a city completely.

27. Long Poolside Gazebo

The metal frame, although more expensive than a wooden one, is more durable and more practical

To incorporate the two main parts of the outdoor design the gazebo has been incorporated into the pool itself as the wooden floorboards offsets itself around the steps. One large sheet of frosted polycarbonate sits on a chunky black frame. The frame is rather graphic with two square frames with thin joists running between the two to support the polycarbonate. This huge gazebo spans the whole large outdoor socializing space that lets you get sun while you stay shaded and watch the kids swim safely.

28. Tinted Pitched Gazebo with a View

The translucent roof creates the illusion of illumination in any weather

On a large raised patio to take advantage of the stunning sea view this elegant pitched gazebo has a black steel frame bolted to the patio screed floor. The polycarbonate panels are tinted to lessen the harsh sunlight and protect you from burns while you sit outside and socialize while looking at the view. The comfortably cool space is large enough to encompass an outdoor rug, two wicker armchairs, a wicker couch and a wicker coffee table that does well outdoors, just like polycarbonate.

29. Polycarbonate on Four Stone Pillars

Wonderful gazebo in Mediterranean style

Next to a large pool, in the grounds of this large house, sits a tall gazebo that combines a series of materials together to create this beautiful structure. Four stone pillars have a chunky, interlocking timber framework sitting on them with clear corrugated polycarbonate sheeting spanning across the whole space. This thin, clear material doesn’t appear to have a purpose but, in fact, it filters the UV light from the sun and makes the space underneath cooler so you can lounge by the pool in comfort.


Polycarbonate, as you can see, is one incredible material especially when you want the perfect gazebo for your garden.

It can be manipulated and combined with many different materials like timber and steel, to construct a piece of outdoor furniture that keeps you cool and protects your skin from the damaged UV rays of the sun. Combine this with some cute outdoor furniture and you’ve got yourself an amazing space to spend time in while you languish in the garden.

So why not give your garden a little treat and turn your attention to some stunning polycarbonate gazebos that will be perfect for the job.

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