30 DIY Headboard Ideas To Create The Rocking Bedroom

They are practical and aesthetic. Like any custom furniture you can design it to your liking and according to the specific needs of storage and space. The work headboards offer many possibilities. We tell you everything you need to know about them: materials, design, and measurements...

Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging fashion that is growing by leaps and bounds, so much that it can no longer be called even fashion, right now it is a full-fledged trend, and that trend is precisely decorating, creating or manufacturing our own headboards for bed.


Original, extravagant, striking headboards, made with a thousand and a different material, some difficult to make others very simple, some expensive, but most totally free since this trend has joined another trend, that of using old elements and recycling them to create new furniture, such as using old doors to turn them into headboards.

And since we see that this trend does not stop expanding and every day you suggest us and ask us to bring you new ideas to make an original headboard, we have prepared a large collection with 30 photos of original headboards, made from fabrics, even with wood, through paint, quilts, cushions, shelves, wallpaper, tapestries, rugs, vinyl ... and dozens of other items that have served to create these impressive and original headboards.

So without further delay here you have this wonderful collection of 30 modern and original headboards.


30 DIY Headboard Ideas To Enlighten Your Bedroom With Very Cheap Prices

best diy headboard ideas

Are you thinking of changing the decoration of your room? So we have to talk about a very important topic: headboards. No, you didn't read it wrong, this piece is essential to give that special touch to the environment, you know? And that is why we have separated some very interesting tips for you to bet on the correct piece.

The trend in DIY has been steadily increasing gradually, it is becoming inspiration for people to start creating and generating their own concepts by letting their imaginations run wild.


Today we want to talk to you and give you some DIY headboard ideas to redefine and decorate the head of your bed in a very original way, you can paint it, decorate it with some vinyl or even with emergent elements that will make your bedroom shine.

The focal point of the design and decoration of your bedroom is the headboard of the bed. A space that you can fill with color, textures, different materials and even furniture that allows you to have your favorite books there.

You can choose very original, extravagant, striking or even simple and minimalist designs, which you can make with many different materials, the idea is that you can use old elements or that you may have at your disposal, in addition to being recycling you will be generating savings for yourself pocket. For example, did you imagine using an old wooden door as a headboard? Why not? It is very simple to place and it is magically like "Alice in Wonderland" decorating your room.

You do not have to invest a lot, in making a good design of your bedroom, with some ideas that we can give you to make the head of your bed something special. When you enter the bedroom, at night to rest from that stressful day, you will be surprised with its great decoration and what is better; you made it, in your own house, with little investment and a lot of imagination.

Materials Used In The Manufacture Of Headboards

The materials used are as diverse as possible, from wood, upholstery, acrylic and even adhesives, which are merely decorative. The choice of the same depends a lot on the touch you want to give to your room. Let's go to the materials of the most common types of headboards:

Upholstered Headboards

As we said before, the upholstery is perfect for those who want to bring more comfort to the environment. The choice of the fabric that will cover the headboard is essential to define the decoration style. Among the most widely used are velvet and leather. Here it is also possible to give a special touch using different patterns such as geometric or floral shapes.

Wooden Headboard For Bed

The wood used in the headboard models is the most varied possible, however, the most popular is MDF, which offers a low cost and greater versatility when decorating. The interesting thing about working with this type of material is the possibilities of organizing the environment, for example, those who have little space can transform a simple headboard into a shelf to store some objects such as books and other decorative pieces.

Acrylic Headboards

Looking for something very stylish? Then acrylic bed headboards are perfect for you! The material allows molds of the most diverse shapes, giving the environment a touch of modernity.

Headboards For Beds Made With Pallets

Pallets are a decoration fever and work for just about everything, including making a beautiful pallet headboard. This option allows you to do it yourself without spending money on labor. But here's an important tip: sand the wood on the pallet and apply a few layers of waterproofing before installing it in your room.

You Also Have The Option Of Headboards With Vinyl Or Stickers.

Is there a lack of money to invest in a header? Stickers are a good option for those who want to save money without giving up on style. The interesting thing about working with this item is being able to personalize the headboard with a vinyl, doing something unique that has your style.

Lighting To Give A Special Touch

Lighting is very important for any environment and it is possible to work indirectly in the room. Placing a few low intensity light bulbs on the headboards of the lit beds can add a sophisticated touch to the environment, making your room even more beautiful.

Get inspired with these 30 ideas, for the head of your bed. You will love them!

1. The Most Affordable DIY Headboard Ideas

affordable diy headboard ideas

The most important thing is to be clear about what we want, since it is a personalized headboard it will be a fixed element that if we want to change then it will require more work, so it is important to be sure of what we are looking for. If you are not entirely sure of your choice, you can choose a painted headboard like this one.

2. A Cheap DIY Headboard Ideas With Shelf

cheap and chic diy headboard ideas

Choosing the right material, according to the needs of the space and its use, are the keys to designing a headboard as it fits into the bedroom decoration, as in this case the headboard not only decorates, but also has a function of storage.

3. Creative And Original DIY Headboard Ideas

creative diy headboard ideas

This headboard is a combination of styles and techniques using a large photograph place in the middle of a wooden frame. Original and chic.

4. Cute And Chic

cute diy headboard ideas

A very simple and easy to find DIY idea consists on finding an old headboard in metal and placing it behind your bed. You can find some nice ones in garage sales and thrift stores.

5. Original And Fast To Build DIY Bookcase Headboard

diy bookcase headboard ideas

Although the time varies greatly depending on the details of the intervention and the elements that the headboard has, calculate a maximum of a week for it to be done and have the bedroom good as new, as in this example created with beautiful used books that might otherwise have ended up in the trash.

6. Perfect For A Tight Budget

diy budget headboard ideas

A few wood tables are all you need to create an awesome headboard like this one that will only need a little time and expertise to come up with an original styled headboard like this one.

7. DIY Headboard Ideas For Kids Bedroom

diy childrens headboard ideas

If you are on a budget, or better yet, you have no budget for interior decoration of your children’s bedroom, you can always use all the books that you have lying around and that nobody is reading to design a cool and original headboard like this one that who knows, can also incentive your children to read a little bit more.

8. DIY Painted Headboard That Reminds To Nature

diy corner headboard ideas

This headboard is quite easy to build: all you will need is a piece of wood and some painting skills to design a nice tree. you can also use other materials like plastic, or even a piece of thick fabric. and you can replace the painting for a large size sticker if you prefer.

9. DIY Curtain Side Headboard For A Larger Bedroom

diy curtain headboard ideas

This bedroom gets more personality and style from the curtains that garnish the bed. The colors are combined with the walls for a better presence.

10. DIY Headboard – Like Design Using The Entire Wall And A Couple Of Shelves

diy decorative headboard ideas

The advantages of opting for a DIY headboard is that it is totally personalized, we can choose the measures, finishes, and even the functionality: if we want it to have more storage or not, as in this case where the headboard is also a functional shelf.

11. Unique, Clever, Original Headboard Using Two Old Doors

diy door headboard ideas

When we say that to create your own DIY headboard you can use anything, we literally mean everything, even some old doors that you found in a flea market or even in the trash. You do not even have to paint the doors if you do not want to. All you need is to treat them with a little varnish and sand paper to avoid them for deteriorating and place them behind your bed. Creating beautiful designs had never been easier.

12. DIY Project For King Size Beds

diy headboard ideas for king size beds

If you like fabric upholstered headboards, tufted upholstery is A DIY job to make beautiful and elegant bed headboards easily, simply and cheaply for which you will not need many materials or a special skill and is ideal for King beds size.

13. Great Looking DIY Headboard Ideas To Build With Little Money

DIY Headboard Ideas on a Budget

The good thing about the custom DIY headboard is that we can do it as we want, respecting some basic rules so that it is ergonomic and practical. If we want the tables to be integrated into the headboard, we should be at least 12-14 inches deep, if we only want an aesthetic shelf, with 4 inches or less we will have enough. Look how beautiful this model that integrates the bedside tables. This headboard is beautiful and very cheap to make.

14. Pallet Headboard Project

diy headboard ideas with pallets

Pallets are undoubtedly a great material to build many things on a budget. Their use goes from tables to furniture and of course, headboards like this one that is very easy and fast to build for beds of any size.

15. DIY Double Purpose Using Shelves

diy headboard ideas with shelves

When the space is little and you work on a budget you can come up with ideas as clever as this one that makes the best possible use of space by creating a great looking headboard using a large shelf to decorate and also store many things in the bedroom. This is a practical and beautiful idea.

16. Easy Headboard Featuring A Storage Facility

diy headboard ideas with storage

Nothing better than creating spaces that have a double function like this headboard that does not only add style to the bed but gives a space to store different things to increase the bedroom space.

17. Beautifully Crafted DIY Headboard Design With Storage Shelves And Unique Design

diy headboard storage ideas

This headboard is as stylish as the whole bedroom is. It is a box that allows storing many things far from the view, as well as air shelves to use as a library, or store facility. The presence of both open and closed compartments gives you the liberty to hide and show things, as you will.

18.Featuring A Large Mirror And Printed Curtains

diy mirror headboard ideas

DIY custom headboards are perfect for small spaces and with irregularities in the wall since the design can hide certain flaws that we are not interested in enhancing. Inventive, added to well-thought-out decorative solutions, cannot only overcome the obstacle, but also remove a amazing match, as in this example where a simple curtain adorns a small space.

19. Old Wooden Watch Recycled For A DIY Headboard

diy old headboard ideas

Even old styled items like this one can become a decoration element for the bedroom with a little imagination. This old watch may not give the time, but it set the style in this room.

20. Vintage Styled DIY Project

diy vintage headboard ideas

Who knows what this old headboard used to be before becoming the most magnificent element to decorate this bed and this bedroom. Regardless what is was, not it became the most impressive element in this bedroom that makes this room come to life.

21. Using The Entire Wall

diy wall headboard ideas

When creating your own DIY customized headboard, you can choose many styles and elements to make your Project. in this example, this headboard was designed using a few metallic old dished and pasting them in the Wall with a pretty and unique design. The result is a great and impressive work of art that really makes the bed stand out.

22. DIY Recycled Old Wood Tables Ideas

diy wood headboard ideas

Recycled materials are a great way to redecorate your spaces with a minimum spent of money. These recycled tables came from a large box that after turned apart and repasted, created this great and unique design.

23. Easy, Affordable, Original And Unique DIY Headboard Design

easy diy headboard ideas

With a few oars that were found for a very small amount of money, the owner of this bedroom was able to design the most magnificent, original and unique headboard that will definitively catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

24. Ecofriendly DIY Project

Eco-friendly headboard

A very common option in the manufacture of a custom headboard DIY is wood. It allows us to make infinite designs due to the different thickness of boards available in the market. We can design them in the most diverse ways. In light color it is a safe and neutral bet that always works, as in this case it was painted with gold decorations.

25. DIY Headboard Ideas With Sticket

Headboard With Sticker Decoration

If you are not completely sure on which way to go on your headboard, you can just start by placing a large sticker on the Wall behind your bed. That will give you an idea on how a real headboard can look.

26. Inexpensive And Pretty Headboard

inexpensive diy headboard ideas

With just a few wooden sticks like these ones you can come up with concepts as great as this one.

27. DIY Painted Headboard

interesting diy headboard ideas

Paint the Wall right behind your bed and see how good it looks. It will help you decide if you want to install a headboard.

28. Impressive and Modern

modern diy headboard ideas

When designing a custom DIY headboard, the width of the room and the length are important. The width is the one that will mark the size of the headboard since it must accommodate the bed at least. If there is room for it to protrude on either side of the mattress or bed frame, you can do it to integrate bedside tables. You will need about 20 inches wide for each table. In the background, about 12 inches or more is sufficient depending on the space you have. See in this example how the headboard integrates the tables perfectly and the mural gives it a very artistic touch.

29. Rustic Headboard Design

rustic diy headboard ideas

This amazing headboard not only uses the Wall behind the Wall, but it make the impression greater by taking the roof as well.

30. Original And Fun DIY Headboard Ideas

unique diy headboard ideas

This octopus creates a unique environment in this tiny bedroom where a large headboard would probably look overwhelming.


The head of the bed is an element that we do not pay excessive attention to when choosing the bed and decoration of the bedroom. But once finished we realize that they becomes one of the stars.

In the past, thinking about headboards was not so relevant, because they were already included in the furniture. But today, with the appearance of box models, the headboards began to have different characteristics such as organization of the environment, decoration, comfort and practicality. Many models incorporate the option of the silent servant to facilitate the arrangement of the furniture in the environment, others have a padded covering for greater comfort and there are some headboards that are true decoration items that present a differentiated design.

If you already have a headboard, but you just want to give a special touch to the room, the option is to cover it with a different fabric. You can use glue or staples to fix the liner.

If your idea is to get your hands dirty and start from scratch, keep in mind that you will need some tools such as a tactical saw, an upholstery stapler and some screws, in addition to the raw material that is wood and upholstery if you want to decorate. A simpler option is to order the headboard from a reliable carpenter and put the finishing touches on it using fabrics and upholstery.

It is also important that you take into account aspects such as:

  • Work with your budget effectively: Regardless of the budget you want to invest in the furniture in your room, the headboard should always have the most elegant appearance possible, as it will be a fundamental piece in the room. You must consider every last detail to try to generate a very positive impact when designing your room.
  • Finding the right fabric: Choosing the right fabric for headboard upholstery is one of the most important decisions in this process. We all want the fabric to have an excellent aesthetic appearance, but there are many other aspects to consider. One of them is how the headboard fabric will wear over time and how you will maintain its appearance so that it looks like the first day.

Today we show you homemade headboards that you can do. Did you see how headboards are a very important piece for decorating the room? So, did you like the proposals? Leave your opinion in the comments section!

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