27 DIY Pet Bed Ideas For Your Inspiration

Having a pet at home means having a best friend who understands you without words and loves you without judgments or limits. However, keeping a small furry friend isn’t as simple as everyone thinks it is – not because the pet will ruin your home or pee on everything but the daily care and love. Some owners think that two meals a day and one cuddle are enough to show your dog or cat that you care but it’s not. Just like you enjoy a nice present from your friends or family given with love, your pet will enjoy a present from you made with love the same way. Why not surprise your puppy or kitten with a new pet bed? We as people have a complicated taste when it comes to buying the perfectly designed sleeping bed, however, pets wish for something more simple, comfy and practical. If you have no idea on which pet bed would suit your home best or which design to chose, we’re always here to help with creative ideas. Scroll down, check out these 27 DIY pet beds and choose the one you think will make your pet happy.

Check Out the 27 Amazing Collection of DIY Pet Bed Ideas

DIY Best Pet Bed Ideas


1. Balcony Bed for Your Dog

Balcony DIY Pet Bed Ideas

For those who prefer keeping their pet on the balcony or just create a temporary pet bed for the summer, this balcony bed for your dog or cat covered in the fake grass is the perfect choice for you. You might as well plant a real grass in the square space. Either way, you’ll create a cool outdoor bed for your puppy or cat and make your furry friend happy.

2. Wooden Bed for Your Dogs or Cats

best dog beds


A perfect wooden bed for your dog or cat that will perfectly fit your living room. If you were looking for a simple yet beautiful large bed for your pet, this is the one that perfectly meets your needs and desires. Don’t hesitate on making one by using this particular idea and make your furry friend happy.

3. Black and Red Pallet Dog Bed

black and red pallet dog bed

Easy to create, this black and red pallet bed will definitely make your dog happy with its name on it and become its favorite resting and sleeping spot. Aside from this, the bed is medium-sized which means you can place it in your living room or beside the stairs in your hallway without using much of your free home space.


4. Canopy Bed

Canopy Pet Bed ideas

Perfect for summer, this canopy bed will meet your desires and imagination if you had an outdoor pet bed in mind. Don’t hesitate on making one of these and make your dog or cat happy. We all know that summer days are harder for our pets due to the fur they’ve got, however, with an outdoor bed like this one, you’ll definitely make their everyday life easier.

5. Chair Style Pallet Dog Bed

chair style pallet dog bed

For those who wish to place their pet’s sleeping spot in their own sleeping spot and keep an eye on their best friends during the night, the chair style pallet bed is the perfect choice for you. You can build it alone and decorate it with a big cushion after. This type of bed will perfectly fit your bedroom and become your dog or cat’s favorite sleeping spot. However, have in mind that waking up in the middle of the night is a MUST when you have your pet sleeping in your bedroom.

6. Cheap Dog or Cat Bed

cheap dog beds

You want to make your dog/cat happy but stay on a budget? This cheap idea for your pet’s new bed will perfectly meet your needs and save you some money. Made out of wooden planks and a big cushion, this bed will become your furry friend’s favorite relaxing spot. Also, it will blend in anywhere around your house or patio without wasting much of your home’s space.

7. Comfortable Beds for Your Furry Friends

comfortable pet bed ideas

Cats are more specific when it comes to finding a place for sleeping. If you own a cat and don’t know how to make her happy, try with this comfortable idea about her new sleeping area near the window. You can create a simple bed attached to the glass made out of a wooden pallet and tiny pillows. Beds like this are just perfect for cats because they prefer to sleep on higher spots; it’s the only way they can feel safe and comfortable.

8. Cozy Cave Bed for Cats

cozy cave dog bed

The simplest and probably the cutest bed for your small cat or a small puppy. If you like it – just grab a material you don’t use anymore, a few wooden sticks, small furry cushion and follow the example of the photo. You’re dog/cat will love its new cozy home and will definitely feel grateful for having you as an owner.

9. Cushioned Wooden Pallet Dog Bed


Although it seems hard to create, at first sight, a wooden pallet bed like this is easy to make – just grab a few wooden planks and follow the example we provided. You’ll see that making a bed like this one is easier than you thought. After you create it, put a big cushion inside and invite your puppy to try its new comfy bed that will definitely become its favorite resting spot.

10. DIY Drawer Bed for Your Puppy or Kitty

DIY Dog Bed Made From Drawer

We’re sure you never thought about turning some of your drawers into a bed for your puppy or kitty, however, we did and we’re pretty sure you like what you see from our example. Just pick a drawer from an old furniture you don’t use anymore, paint it in your favorite color, write the name of your pet on it and place a comfortable cushion inside – your furry friend will love it!

11. DIY Large Bed for Bigger Dogs

DIY large dog beds

A large bed isn’t that complicated to create if you use your imagination and decide to do something in a simple yet beautiful manner. Just drag an extra large cushion and place it somewhere in your living room. Make sure the color of your color matches the furniture in your home, so you and your dog can both enjoy your resting spots together.

12. DIY Luxury Bed for Your Dog

DIY luxury dog bed

This small DIY bed will be just cute as your small dog sleeping in it. It’s perfect for tiny cats or puppies and will meet your needs if you were looking for something simple and luxury at the same time. Easy to make, this small bed will become your pet’s favorite resting spot for sure.

13. DIY Barrel Bed for Your Dog

DIY Puppy Bed Ideas

Probably the most creative of all ideas is this one including a barrel. Wonder how can you make a fabulous bed like this one for your pet? Just take a barrel and cut it in half. After, repaint the barrel from both sides with a varnish for wood and place an extra large cushion inside. You can even write your pet’s name on the front side of the barrel and place it somewhere in your hallway. A cozy and creative bed like this one will surely be loved by all in the house, including your pet. For those of you who own a multiple smaller pets, this is the perfect place where they can hang out and sleep together.

14. DIY Tyre Bed for Your Cat or Dog

DIY repurposed tyre as a pet bed

If you want to make a simple bed for your pet that won’t cost you any money, go for the tire bed idea. Just grab a tire you don’t need anymore, wash it well and paint it into your favorite color. After, place a cushion inside and invite your dog or cat to try their new favorite sleeping spot. We’re sure you and your pet will be satisfied with the outcome.

15. Small Wooden Bed with Small Cushion for Small Dog or Cat

dog beds for small dogs

A beautiful cozy bed that’s just small as your small pet. You can make it from wooden plans and decorate it with a small cushion in your favorite color. Placing this small bed won’t cost you much money or waste much of your home space. You can place it in your living room, bedroom or hallway and embellish your house with your pet’s new favorite relaxing spot. Suitable for small dogs or cats.

16. Elevated Bed (your bed) with Stairs for Your Dog


Building an elevated bed with stairs probably means turning your own bed into your dog’s favorite sleeping spot. The stairs will make it easier for your pet to climb in your own bed where you can sleep together if you don’t have a problem with you pet sleeping next to you. You can build these stairs from wooden planks and paint it in a color that will match your bedroom’s furniture.

17. Epic Coffee Table Bed for Your Dog or Cat


Although it seems like an ordinary coffee table by day, during the night this can be the perfect sleeping place for your dog or cat. Just place a cushion inside and turn your epic coffee table into your pooch or cat’s favorite resting spot.

18. Geometric Bed for Your Pet

Geometric Pet Bed Ideas

For the more creative ones who wish to make a bed that’s out of the ordinary, this geometric DIY bed is a perfect choice. Use your imagination and create a pet bed in a unique manner coated with a varnish for wood. After you can put a cushion that matches the inside of the improvised bed and invite your pet to try its new sleeping place. We promise you will be very satisfied with the outcome. It’s suitable for smaller dogs and cats.

19. Inexpensive Bed for Your Dog or Cat

Inexpensive Pet Bed Ideas

For those who want to save their money and create something beautiful for their pets, this inexpensive idea for pet bed will meet your needs and desires. You can create it from simple wooden planks and a baby mattress you don’t use anymore. The outcome will be perfect and the homemade pet bed will become your dog or cat’s favorite sleeping spot.

20. Unique ‘Lap Bed’ Made Out of Your Old Blue Jeans

unique dog beds

If your small dog or cat can’t sleep without you holding it in your lap, this unique improvised ‘lap bed’made out of your old blue jeans is the just perfect solution for you and your pet. Just fill the jeans with fiber and place it somewhere in your living room or in the armchair where you usually cuddle your pet. We promise your dog or cat won’t notice the difference.

21. Outdoor Dog/Cat Bed

outdoor dog bed

If you prefer having an outdoor bed for your pet or just temporary sleeping spot for the summer days, this wooden bed idea will perfectly meet your imagination. You can build it with wooden planks like the example on the picture and place a small cushion inside. After, pick a spot in your yard where you can place it and you already have a simple yet beautiful bed for your kitten or puppy. You can always relocate it inside your house on rainy days or in winter.

22. Recycled Suitcase Bed for Your Dog or Cat


The recycled suitcase bed reminds of a vintage piece of furniture. It’s perfect for those who wish ti create something more creative and unique. Take a suitcase matching your pet’s size you don’t use anymore and just place a cushion inside – it’s that simple. However, be careful with the upper part. You wouldn’t want your pet trapped inside the suitcase. Place it somewhere around your house and embellish your home in a unique manner with your pet’s new bed.

23. Shipping Pallet Bed for Your Dogs or Cats


The shipping pallet bed is suitable for those who have more than one pet. It’s perfect for dogs and cats and you can make it alone from wooden planks by following the example of the photo. After, paint it in your favorite color and place some cushions inside. You can locate it outside in your yard or somewhere available in the house. Your pets will love it!

24. Turning Your Old Furniture Into a New Bed for Your Pet


Another coffee table turned into a new bed for your pet. However, you can also use some other old furniture and turn it into the perfect resting spot for your dog or cat. Repaint it in a color that matches the exterior of your home and place it somewhere available in the living room or your bedroom. You’ll be amazed by the outcome and the way your furry friend will enjoy spending its time more inside it, instead of playing with you.

25. Another Bed Idea Including a Tyre

unique dog beds

Unlike the previous tire bed idea, this once is more sophisticated and modern. You’ll need to wash an old tire and wrap it into a soft fiber material and use an old blanket to cover it up. Don’t place a cushion inside but leave the space free so your dog or cat can simply jump in and take a break.  You can also add a few wooden legs bellow the tire and give the improvised bed a better look. Placing the tire around your home won’t take much of your space, however, you can also place it outside in your yard and let your pet enjoy the sunny days in its comfy resting spot.

26. Unique DIY Mini Van For Your Dog

Unique Pet Bed Ideas

Just looking at the minivan on the photo makes you melt. Imagine having it in your home and looking your pooch or kitty inside – priceless. Making a mini van like this isn’t hard at all if you let your imagination and creativity do their thing. Take measures and some wooden planks and start designing your pet’s new ride. We’re pretty sure that you and your pet will be satisfied with the outcome. Besides for ‘riding’, your puppy or kitty can sleep in the minivan outside in your yard or somewhere available in your home. Don’t hesitate on choosing this idea and make a unique bed you’re your best furry friend. We hope we’ve helped you chose something and use it as an idea for a pet bed. Although animals can’t speak, don’t doubt they’ll be very grateful and feel loved by your side once you show them their new private spot for sleeping. Making this pet bed will also ease up your life because you will no longer need to sleep with your pet or take care where’s he/she going to spend the night.

27. Basket Pet Bed Idea

Basket Pet Bed Ideas

Similar to the one with the suitcase, the wine basket pet idea is more practical. However, you won’t make a mistake choosing either of them. Just take a knitted low basket and place a cushion inside. After, your unique pet can enjoy its unique new bed. We promise you’ll feel the love from your pet’s eyes once you place it inside to take a nap. Which idea has caught your eye?

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