28 Best Bedroom Ceiling Lights To Update Your Decoration

The bedroom is not just a room where you sleep. There are a lot of things to do besides rest that you almost always overlook when it comes to setting up your room.

Sleep, prepare each morning, be in a couple, read, or just relax can be set in a very different light and much more useful for you. Light is essential to accompany all the activities you do on a day-to-day basis, including sleeping well.


A good lamp can set the tone for everything else, the colors, the type of fabrics and the dimensions of the rest of the objects. Therefore it is advisable to spend some time to see lighting options before starting a radical change in the furniture of your house.

That is why today we want to offer you some great ideas to light this vital part of your house. Keep reading and find out more!

28 Bedroom Ceiling Lights Ideas That Will Give Life To Your Room

bedroom ceiling lights ideas


How many times have you got up in the morning and have not been able to find your own feet? Or seen your self in the mirror to find out it is so dark? It is not hard to think that the lighting you choose in your bedroom should make your life much easier.

In most cases, we light our bedroom as a place where we only go to sleep, when in reality it is a room where we do many more things. Relax, enjoy special moments as a couple, read a book until the end, organize the closet or groom in front of the mirror are just some of them and it is clear that not everything can be done with the same lighting.

Lighting is a key piece of interior decoration. It helps you to enjoy your rooms correctly at any time of the day, it also helps you to carry out your daily activities and to highlight the details of your rooms.


To choose the right lighting you must ensure that it is intense enough to perform your tasks, that the design is nice to combine with the decorative style, and that the place where we place it is appropriate to highlight the design.

Is this too much information so far? Do not worry, because in this article you will get more than word. We have found the 28 most stunning lamp designs for bedrooms to help you get inspiration, ideas and trick on how to improve the lighting and overall aspect of your bedroom. After this, designing your bedrooms will be easy!

1. Bedroom Classy Chandelier

bedroom ceiling lights chandelier

The light, although it seems like disembodied, is a decorative element of first order and is capable of transmitting the most varied sensations. That is why, without forgetting the practical criteria that should prevail in any lighting project, when addressing the bedroom you should pay special attention to factors such as warmth and intensity of the luminaires and the use of screens or elements that nuance the lighting for create a welcoming and enveloping atmosphere.

In this example, the big spider chandelier can easily be seen as the center point of this big bedroom.

2. Oriental Central Bedroom Lamp

Bedroom lighting in oriental mood

The design of the ceiling can help us to decorate the room without adding anything more than a few lamps. In this example, you can see how the ceiling has an interesting style that is enhanced only by the colorful circle lamp.

3. Bedroom With Lamp Near The Walls

Bedroom Wall Lamps

Before launching ourselves to buy a lamp, we must take into account a number of aspects. The most important thing is that you weigh the decision calmly, in this way you will get an adequate result and from which you can benefit for a long time.

This is one example you can apply to your home. The lighted vanity reminds to a theater back stage. You will sure feel like a star after applying your make up or just brush your hair.

4. Bright And Pink For A Dramatic Statement

Bright pink chandelier underlines the overall style

Chandeliers never go out of style, especially because they are living proof that good taste fits any style. These type of ceiling lamps for bedrooms are, perhaps, the most classic that come to mind, but there are many lamps of this style that have been updated giving way to really modern chandeliers, which fit perfectly into modern and rustic styles . The chandeliers are perfect for rustic and classic bedrooms.

And this bedroom is the perfect prove of it. Mainly pink, this bedroom would not be as astonishing if there was not that greatly crafted pink chandelier on the ceiling. It is a perfect combination between modern, fun, and classic.

5. Ceiling Light With A Modern Touch

Ceiling Light Designs For Modern Bedroom

To perfectly light up a room, the trick is to combine various points of light: in addition to the general lighting of the ceiling, place spotlights at the cabinets and dressers to make it easier to find clothes. Complement it with integrated lighting inside the drawers and shelves and wearing a black sock and a navy blue one will not happen again.

This room shows this tip. The really modern ceiling lamp features pop art and is the central focus point on this bedroom that also featured other lights to enhance the overall result.

6. Lights To Bright Up A Dark Room

Ceiling Lights For Dark Bedroom

Whether you live as a couple or not, a dimmed light on the bedside table is essential for a good rest. The table lamps emit a soft and warm light that make the environment cozier.

This type of ambient light absorbs the intensity of the direct light you use to read in bed and creates a more relaxed atmosphere, perfect to be in the bedroom after a long day.

In this bedroom, the soft lights accompany the dark and elegant style of the room to make perfect for a romantic night.

7. Ceiling Light To Open Up A Small Bedroom

Ceiling Lights For Small Bedroom

Lighting a room is not just propagating light. Depending on the type of lamp we use, we will achieve one effect or another. For example, a ceiling lamp that illuminates by zones will create interesting shadows. Directed light lamps will help you read at night or find what you're looking for in the closet.

This bedroom lets you see how lights are spread all over the room, in different ways, so depending on the needs of the moment, being able to change the luminescence. This bedroom features a big ceiling lamp, as well as some mounted light bulbs. It also has other lights, such as the walls and the night stands.

8. Interesting, Modern, Stylish Chandelier

chandelier in the classic interior

Choose ceiling lamps for your home may seem simple, but there are many occasions in which a bad choice of the lamp ends up spoiling the investment made when decorating our house. That is why before you choose a lamp, you need to think thoroughly the result you want to achieve.

The bronzed metal modern chandelier in this room is the perfect central focus point in this minimalist bedroom. It matches perfectly with the wood on the floor, and even the vaulted ceilings.

9. Bold, Beautiful, Inexpensive Oriental Style Ceiling Lamp

Cheap Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Even though functionality must be your first goal when choosing the lights for your bedroom and your entire house, you also must consider the type and design of the lamp. Lamps usually attract the attention of your eyes because it is completely separated from the furniture; for that reason, it is not trivial to attend to the style, design and format.

And doing so does not have to be expensive. In this example you can notice the oriental paper style lamp that enhances greatly the design of this small rooms. A bold statement with a little investment.

10. Brilliant Ceiling Chandelier With Fan To Light And Vent At The Same Time

Chandelier with a fan in the bright bedroom

A perfect solution for the whole year is to use bedroom ceiling lights like lamps with fans. There are models with great quiet engines to use on hot summer nights. You can find fans of all styles, decorative and functional like the one on this picture, that has lots of hanging shiny discs that make you forget there is a fan there. Definitively, an idea to think about.

11. Stunning And Full Of Style Chandeliers

Chandeliers for the bedroom

Conceived mainly for rest, the bedroom has many other uses today, which include everything from a dressing room or dressing table to a living area or private study. Hence the importance of designing a lighting that suits all these uses, but always with the focus -never better said- on comfort and creating an atmosphere that enhances relaxation.

And who would not relax on this bedroom full of stile? The duo of wide chandeliers works wonders in the big size room. Placing them with different lengths give the chance to better light up the room.

12. Lighting Combo With Chandelier And Wall’s Lights

Chandelier and wall lamps combination

If you use your bedroom for many diverse activities, just like we all do, a simple trick to change the ambience of a room is to install a light intensity regulator so you can have the perfect amount of light both to change the sheets and to enjoy a romantic night. This trick is perfect for bedrooms like this one, that has more than one source of light.

13. Ceiling Lights For The Kids Room

childrens bedroom ceiling lights

As in the rest of the rooms of the house, the lighting of the bedroom must start from an adequate general light that does not leave corners in shadow, but at the same time is warm and not too powerful. For this, regardless of the type of lamp you are going to use, the general lighting level recommended by the experts is 250 lumens.

This is particularly true when it comes to the little one’s bedrooms. They will need bright lights, not only from natural light, but from lamps like the ones you can see on the ceiling and on both night stands.

14. Modern And Beautiful Ceiling Lights With Puzzle Design

Cleo ceiling lights in puzzle format

When you are using modern lamps to decorate your rooms, the best way to do it is using LED technology, which guarantees minimum heat emission and maximum energy efficiency. A warm color temperature (3000 K) with the use of medium power bulbs (20 w) is recommended to light up your room without being too loud. Like this room that features a puzzle lamp that works perfectly on the room not only because of the design but also because of its size.

15. A Ceiling Light For A Dark Bedroom

dark bedroom ceiling lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is important and essential mostly because it is our resting place. It is for this reason that choosing what our lamp will be is a decision that must be taken seriously. This room is committed with the circle theme, applying it to the bed, to the wall, and of course, to the lamp.

16. Decoration For The Adventurous

dark bedroom ceiling lighting

When choosing your lamps, make sure not to only look at the design but also the functions. Be adventurous in your design choose and functions. A great advice is to use a timer so that your lights are the ones that give you good morning every morning. You will wake up with the light that you choose so that everything is rolled. These lamps are a sample of precisely that.

17. A Hanging Spiral

Hanging version with spiral motifs

Many people choose table lamps or floor lamps to illuminate their bedrooms; but this is the first mistake they make since they do not distribute light in a neat way. However, ceiling lamps do fulfill this function. This spiral is a powerful lamp that distributes the light on an even way.

18. Classic And Modern Thanks TO LED Lights

Led Lighting In Bedroom

Combine classic designs like these with modern LED lights to illuminate your rooms. You may wonder if you already have a window in your room, would you still need a ceiling lamp? The answer is yes. This is because many times natural lighting is not enough; and also if you are one of those people who, in addition to resting, work in your room.

19. Simple But Luxurious Chandelier

Luxurious white chandelier

The ceiling lamp that we put in the bedroom is important both for aesthetics and level of light. The lighting of the bedroom is important because it can influence the mood both at bedtime and when waking up, even though we are not conscious about it. This luxurious chandelier fulfills both functions.

20. A Ceiling Light For A Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Ceiling Lighting

Usually, and depending on the size of the room, one of the points of light in the bedrooms usually falls on top of the bed, especially in the case of the master bedroom. In these cases you can play with larger pendant lamps. They do not disturb the step and fill the space without recharging, since in the bedroom furniture is usually lower, as you can see on this image.

21. Modern And Shiny

modern bedroom ceiling lights

Choosing a lamp correctly is not complicated; you just have to pay attention to the details of your aesthetics, both the bell and the light bulb. Thus, the types of light must be studied so that our space is a comfortable, calm and relaxing place. This lamp is perfect for a modern bedroom.

22. Ceiling Lamps For Light Bedrooms

Modern chandelier in the bright bedroom

The lights can help us to draw shapes and figures according to their panels, their color, their intensity and their type of fountain, so you can take advantage of this to decorate your ceilings and walls with elegance. In this light room the big lamp make the room look brighter.

23. A Light For The Romance

Romantic Bedroom Lighting

If you want to have a modern bedroom, you can opt for more elegant and subtle lighting, such as halogen lamps that have been installed on these ceilings and that contrast perfectly with wood and enhance a romantic design like this one, making it even more romantic.

24. Rustic And Chic Elegance

Rustic Bedroom Ceiling Light Decoration

The type of bedroom ceiling lamps that you select should fit or contrast with the rest of your bedroom decoration. The styles and models are very varied and they give you a lot to contribution to the whole room. This vintage – rustic style is enhanced thanks to the iron lamp.

25. An Sculpture For A Lamp

sculptural chandeliers For Bedroom

In the market you can find many models to choose the one that best suits the rest of the decoration. There are very simple lamps and others with more elaborate designs like this one that more than a lamp is a master piece of lighting.

26. Style For All Size Of Rooms

stylish option for a small bedroom

If you want to give a modern or industrial look to your rooms you can add a light rail with small reflectors, which can be directed to different areas for a better result. This will make your rooms look stylish, like the one in this picture.

27. Suspended And Modern

Suspension - paper flashlight

We can almost say that there are endless hanging ceiling lamps for bedrooms of all styles, sizes, colors, patterns, smooth, textile or glass. The secret to choose is not to limit you to one type of lamp and to see them with an open mind. You can choose lamps with bright colors or that make contrast with the rest of the room, but also are ideal decorations that include lamps combined with bedroom tones, like the one in this picture, that works great with the wood.

28. Unusual Showstopper

Unusual, slightly fabulous implementation

LED lights give you a very detailed lighting on certain points, so it is important to take care about what we are placing them, or align them geometrically and uniformly throughout the room. This lamp uses LED to decorate and light the room.

There are many ways to give life and a new air to a bedroom. Cushions, ornaments, sheets, and many more. These are the most common elements and those that you think of the most when decorating. But bringing life to a room is not just a matter of combining aesthetically attractive objects. Enhancing its functionalities in favor of space is also fundamental.

A well-lit bedroom has a completely different energy and also, just by playing with the lights, you can make it much more warm and cozy. Lamps acquire prominence, not only because of the diversity of shapes and materials offered in the market, but also because of the multiple alternatives that lighting brings to the decoration.

Evaluate the adequate lamp for you. Take in count the measurements of the space, its distribution and its height. The generation of several focal points through lighting gives volume and texture to spaces, so it is optimal to add wall, floor and table luminaires to your ceiling lamps for the bedroom.

We really hope hope that all these designs have helped you get ideas for your home. Light up your room!

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