20 Inexpensive Bathroom Vanities For Your Dream House

The bathroom is one of the most necessary places in the house, since in addition to being functionally essential; we can give ourselves the pleasure of a relaxing bath, those days that our body asks for it. Therefore, the decoration of bathrooms is of vital importance to feel at ease, and that is why we present different design ideas for this intimate space.

They are real, modern bathrooms, with designs for all tastes, so you can take note and you can design the bathroom of your dreams, as each and every one of these bathroom designs has great success and a total balance in the composition. Do you want inspiration to design your bathroom?


20 Inexpensive Bathroom Vanities That Will Upgrade Any Bathroom Design

best inexpensive bathroom vanities ideas

There are different styles that can be used when designing or renovating a bathroom. But before choosing materials, colors or finishes, we must also take into account the functionality. The aesthetic and the practical have to be combined since, however beautiful it may be, if it is not comfortable in its use it will need to be reformed in a short time.

We will start by choosing the position and the type of furniture and sanitary. Do we want a bathtub or a shower? Do we need to reserve a space for the bidet or can we do without this piece? Where will we place the storage, in a piece of furniture under the sink or on a shelf hanging on the wall? In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to pay attention to where the water and sewage pipes are and thus avoid larger works.


1. Bathroom Design With Luxurious Vanities

bathroom vanities sink

Are you thinking of remodeling the bathroom of your house? There are a lot of options to decorate the bathrooms that can make this place a really cozy place to enjoy, for example, to take a relaxing shower after a tiring day at work. In a bathroom with these vanities, you will sure have a great time.

2. Pink Bathroom With Washing And Drier Machine And Separate Toilet

Bathroom without toilet


Although the houses of today, being increasingly smaller, do not give much room to choose, this question is repeated very frequently among those who want to design their bathroom. The advantages of opting for a shower are several: greater accessibility (especially for elderly or people with reduced mobility) and adaptability to space, and lower water consumption, because when we shower automatically we spend less water. This small bathroom has the toilet in a separated area to use it also as a laundry room. Great way to take advantage of space.

3. Sober And Cheap Vanities For A Bathroom With A Laundry Space

cheap bathroom vanities with laundry

Giving an elegant, modern and colorful touch to your bathroom is very simple. What are usually worn lately are the bathrooms decorated in white, which give a more luminous and modern touch. In addition, white is an extremely easy color to combine, being able to convert your bathroom if you want in a multicolored space. This space is also very affordable, with vanities that are simple yet beautiful.

4. Cheap Vanities For A Rustic Bathroom

cheap rustic bathroom vanities with sink

We have to consider what colors we want to be predominant in our bathroom design. To facilitate the choice of colors, you can think of two different variants; on the one hand, the background colors that you will keep in the long term and, on the other hand, the color notes that you can include through decoration and household items and that can be replaced more often. If the space is small, it is recommended to use light colors, since the light tones create sensation of amplitude, as it happens if it is insufficiently illuminated. This rustic bathroom presents a beautiful look based on light color and supported by the very inexpensive yet greatly tailored vanity sink.

5. Classic, Light And Comfortable With A Bathtub

Classic style bath

There are many pros on building a bathtub: the possibility of giving us a relaxing bath and the beautiful aesthetic that it brings to your space. On top of that, if we have children at home, fun for them is guaranteed. So do not hesitate if you have the space and choose an aesthetic like this.

6. Inexpensive Bathroom With Decorative Style

decorative inexpensive bathroom vanities

Modern bathrooms can be colorful, smooth or halfway between them. However, in order to be considered as such, they must follow the latest trends in sanitary, furniture or materials and, of course, always be willing to change the air to avoid falling into convention. This is a perfect example of this. This bathroom is filled with decoration items that makes hard to have a focus point, but that still looks amazing.

7. Amazing Vanities Made By Yourself To Beautify Any Bathroom

diy bathroom vanities

The bathroom is a primary place in the home, so it is important to design a perfect space, with a balance between the aesthetic and functional element that adapts to the needs and to the available space. You can create an amazing style like this just by using some elements you have at home such as seashells, plants, and even old boxes. The results will amaze you.

8. Beautiful And Inexpensive Vanities For Countertops

inexpensive bath vanities with tops

Why settle for a simple bathroom without style? After all, the bathroom is one of the first places we visited when we got up and the last one before going to sleep, so a comfortable bath and that you like is essential. So make it your own adding your little personal touches, like in this bathroom that used floral motifs on the countertops to add a spring touch.

9. Modern And Stylish Yet Inexpensive Bathroom Vanities To Remind Nature

inexpensive bathroom vanities with sinks

Bathrooms with minimalist style are characterized by straight lines, reduced color palettes and, above all, by simplicity. This style says "less is more". The minimalist decoration gives priority to the functional part and should never be plentiful. This design is simple without being boring, featuring nature elements in the painting and also in the various decoration elements. This style is also very cheap, so it is always a smart idea.

10. Inexpensive And Luminous Bathroom With Modern And Rustic Vanities

inexpensive bathroom vanity lights

In addition to considering the design and size available in your bathroom, it is important to consider other issues in terms of use and preferences of each person. Showers are a great ally to maximize spaces, especially if you have a bathroom with reduced space. This bathroom combines different styles in order to maximize the use of the available space. All the pieces are inexpensive elements of different styles working together to create an impressive small bathroom.

11. Inexpensive Mirror In A Light Colored Bathroom

inexpensive bathroom vanity mirrors

When designing bathrooms, it is necessary to consider the style, the materials to use on the floors and walls, as well as the colors, but above all you must consider the functional aspect, that is, where the toilets, the shower or tub will go, as well as the lighting and ventilation, finally the accessories that complement the decoration. The mirror is a must in any bathroom, and this one features a simple big mirror that is very cheap and easy to find.

12. Inexpensive And Ultra Modern Elegant Bathroom Set

inexpensive bathroom vanity sets

If we seek to create an elegant bathroom, dark tones combined are the perfect choice. Once the color palette is chosen, what finish do you want to give it? Bright finishes tend to be associated with luxury while mate finishes tend to be more sophisticated and discreet. They can be combined to create an interesting game with the textures of the materials. Dark colors also give you the chance to create inexpensive designs that look great, like this room.

13. Inexpensive Clever Design For A Small Corner Bathroom

inexpensive corner bathroom vanities

When you have a small bathroom, the organizing role is essential. The accessories are the details that will make the difference in the design. There are two different types of accessories: functional ones, such as the mirror or towels, and purely decorative ones. This small bathroom takes advantage of every inch of space and with color and imagination makes the space look modern and comfortable.

14. Rustic And Inexpensive With Sober Tones

inexpensive rustic bathroom vanities

The bathroom is one of those spaces that people think last in terms of design and decoration, but with a few ideas you can make a very good use of this space to enjoy it to the fullest without using too much thing or spending too much money. These rustic vanities work great with the wallpaper and the wooden floor, the combination of colors and textures make this bathroom stylish and modern.

15. Wood That Costs Little

inexpensive wood bathroom vanities

Wood is great option for any inexpensive bathroom design. The wooden vanities are cheap, easy to install, come in the most varied colors and textures and look amazing. This vanity with sink presents a very traditional and rustic style that works great with the wall. The flowers in the milk vase, the mirror and the wall lams complete the vintage style.

16. Low Cost, Modern, Industrial Bathroom

low cost bathroom vanity with sink

If you want to give the best extra touch to your bathroom, do not doubt it: a pleasant smell obtained from the scents of incense, air fresheners or scented candle perfumes will bring comfort and elegance to the designs of the bathrooms. It is also suitable for all bathroom designs and models. Flowers in this design add a touch of fresh smell that any bathroom is always grateful for.

17. Useful Bathroom Vanity With Low Cost

modern bathroom vanities on low cost

Cabinets are ideal for storing all those things that we usually need to have by hand. It is essential to have a good cabinet and a dresser in your bathroom to have everything organized inside and give a sense of order in the room. You can find pretty and cheap models like this one.

18. Modern Style With Vintage Price

modern bathroom vanities on minimum cost

The renovation of the bathroom is a great investment in time and money, so it is important to plan everything before you start. You must establish a budget and find the right designer before the upgrade. If you need inspiration, you can take a look of the latest trends focusing on your budget. Find design elements that do not take too much of your budget, like this bathroom, with a great style, has very low cost items to decorate.

19. Custom Made Unique Vanities

unique bathroom vanities

The bathroom is the most important part of our house. It is a small, or large space in which we have absolute privacy and also possession of it. Inside this room it is important to rescue two extremely important elements: the shower and the toilet. And not only are they places to satisfy needs, but they have even become spaces for recreation, and if you don’t believe, just check out these toilets with fun designs: a blast for anyone.

20. Wooden Vanities For Modern, Rustic Bathrooms

wood bathroom vanities sink

A fundamental element that should take all bathroom, leaving aside the elements that must obligatorily be, is a good sink. It is a very important and very useful piece, since apart from serving to keep a multitude of things, it gives a different air to the bathroom, depending on the type of you choose. This impressive sink is made of polished wood, it has a great size and it truly represents a wow factor.

No matter the style you want for your home, with any of these bathroom vanities ideas you can obtain a truly impressive result, combining it with different decorative elements as well. Vanities are the best option to have an organized and comfortable bathroom, at the same time elegant and well decorated.

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