20 Best DIY Planter Ideas That Will Add More Charm In Your Home

The plants improve the mood, transmit peace and harmony, so having them at home, as a decoration, is something very usual. Also, as you know, they are beneficial for health since they purify the air.

Still have not considered filling your terrace or balcony with plants? Well the time has come ... And to help you with this decision, we propose you a lot of original pots with different ideas and materials. Recycle and reuse those old pots that you are sure to keep at home and turn them into real decorative pieces that will enhance your plants.


20 DIY Planter Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home

Best DIY Planter Ideas

Most of us know the advantages of having plants in the spaces that make up our home: they give us oxygen, reduce noise, improve mood and provide well-being, humidify the environment, bring a nice smell and appearance to our space, among other things. Let's say that, if you want a home or a complete workspace, it would have to have plants. It is not a rule, but it makes a lot of difference if you have experienced it for yourself.

And this is because numerous studies agree that all our senses are enhanced by being in contact with green. Sight, smell and touch are, perhaps, the most obvious. But taking into account that they help reduce annoying noises, the ear will also be grateful. And there is more. They can also add benefits to taste: we can get creative by putting our pots together and have aromatic plants that provide us with ingredients to enhance the flavor of our dishes.


There are no specific rules on how to decorate with plants; it is closely linked to the style of each home and the care that can be provided. No decoration will look beautiful with withered, weak and diseased plants. The great secret of decoration with plants is healthy plants.

Plants in the home never go out of style. They transmit stability, harmony and contact with nature. And not only do they look beautiful, they also help purify the air and fill us with emotion when they bloom or grow healthy.

If you have plants but you are bored of those boring pots, uni color, that everyone has, we give you several economical and curious solutions. Do you want to discover how to make original planters with recycled objects? Look at these ideas and get inspired! It is not necessary to have a garden or balcony to enjoy all the benefits of decorating your home with plants.


1. Creative, Musical and DIY

creative DIYplanter ideas

If you have made the decision to decorate your home with plants, it is a great decision. Both the garden and indoor plants are good options for your home, but keep in mind that each plant requires special care. Plants will give you the opportunity of using things like this for recycle.

2. Creative And Cute Planters With Lace And Crochet

cute diy planter ideas

The crochet technique is fantastic to give an original touch to your pots. The lace provides romantic reminiscences in the decoration of the pots, which, together with the use of natural materials, such as ropes, manages to create a rustic and delicate at the same time. An interesting decoration for your plants. It can even serve as a nice detail to give at weddings and other celebrations.

3. Decorative And Recycled Planter

Decorative DIY Planter Ideas

It is not essential to have a large garden, a patio or a balcony to have our green space. You just have to choose the right place and dedicate the time and care that the plants need. In times of stress, taking time to tend the plants of the house can help us lower our anxiety and connect with beautiful and vital things. And if that is not enough, you can have planters to play with like this one.

4. Planters In A Cup

DIY Cup Planter Ideas

A simple way to give a different air to your pots is to find a few old mugs and paint them. And the possibilities are endless. Remember to apply a primer to the clay pots, so that moisture does not spoil the paint over time. The advantage of painting them yourself is that you can choose the colors and designs that you like most or that best combine with the place where you are going to place the plant.

5. Flowers In Cans

diy flower planter ideas

If you do not like traditional pots, choose ones that break schemes and be showy by themselves, and you can do this by yourself. Just some cans and decorate them.

6. A Flower Tub For Your Garden

diy garden planters

To decorate your house with plants successfully you should also think about the pots, since it depends on them to grow healthy and beautiful and, therefore, that your spaces look spectacular. There are very intense colors to those that are totally minimalist. Another option that is very good, is to recycle those buckets that you no longer occupy, like this one, that even is not a pot, it does certainly serve for the same function.

7. Planters Hanging From The Wall

diy hanging planter ideas

Hanging the pots of railings and walls will not hinder the passage or occupy space on the floor. In addition, having them at a higher level will make your plants more visual presence. Just see how great these vases look.

8. Planter Vase DIY

diy herb planter ideas

Of course sunlight is vital when we talk about indoor plants. Although some do not need much, when determining the place where we can place it is necessary to take into account the solar incidence. If you have inside of the home planters, choose a transparent vase for your plants to get some sun.

9. A DIY Idea To Recycle Old Things With Planters

diy planter pot ideas

The Feng Shui philosophy has long since introduced them as a primordial element of healthy decoration. But this philosophy has its complexity and is not just about putting a pot and ready: there are thousands of ways to have some kind of vegetation at home, from spiders hanging from the roofs, vertical gardens that take over a part -or- all the wall and mini gardens called terrariums, up to the classic pots that we can scatter to taste for the house. In this example, an old pastries tray with 3 levels is used to fill the space with plants.

10. A Bag Reused Into A Planter

DIY Re Used Bags for Plant

Plants are synonymous with life and growth. That is why many people choose to introduce them in their homes as decorative elements. The plants are often used to decorate, as they bring great freshness to the home. And you can also decorate your plant if you put it inside a beautiful bag.

11. A Rustic DIY With An Old Watch

diy rustic planter ideas

A simple, old watch can work perfectly to contain some plants in the house. Just remember that the plants that you buy always look spectacular, but at the time of being in your home some can change color, leafiness or even die. The interior decoration with plants implies taking into account these aspects before acquiring the plants.

12. A Great DIY Idea For Succulent Plants And More

diy succulent planter ideas

Succulent plants are great because they require little maintenance. This is important because you need to take in count your lifestyle and the presence of children and animals in the home. What plants can you keep healthy, in perfect condition, with the care and attention they need? Some require frequent irrigation, maintenance of moisture, continuous pruning or specific nutrients. So, consider all this if, for example, you travel frequently.

13. Vertical Planters For Your Walls

diy vertical planter ideas

Plants are synonymous with life and growth. That is why many people choose to introduce them in their homes as decorative elements. The plants are often used to decorate, as they bring great freshness to the home. And there are many ways to decorate, like this vertical example to garnish your walls.

14. Planters With Anything and In Anything

DIY Wall planter decoration

Turn your house into a warm space and connected with nature with interior gardens adapted to all the size, ventilation and lighting characteristics of the home in a very practical way. This one, for example, uses old ladles for small plants. Express your creativity and live in a friendly way with the environment.

15. DIY Planters For Windows With Old Funnels

diy window planter ideas

You do not need to have a large, specific garden in a yard to have plants. The green area can go anywhere in your home, it's a matter of putting a bit of creativity and inspiration to see the beautiful things that can be achieved with what you least imagined could be helpful to decorate your space with a little more green and health. In this example, old metal funnels are great to decorate the porch window in this house.

16. Beautiful And Easy DIY Project For Plants Inside The House

Easy DIY Planter Ideas

You can reuse disused cups or pots to plant, and it will be super original! In addition, if you grow aromatic you can always have your favorite spices on hand to give a different and natural flavor to all your meals. To make it look even greater, use transparent vases.

17. Glass Planters To Grow And To Show

Glass DIY Planter Ideas

The kitchen is one of the environments that most use in the home, and possibly one of the most concentrated odors. Distributing pots on the shelves or above the cupboards or refrigerator can be a way to help purify the air, neutralize odors, and give it a touch of vitality! And with a planter like this, it would be much better.

18. Planters From Repurposed Items

Repurposed DIY planter

Use old tires and give them a new purpose. To know which plants you should pant in them, first you need to identify the space that you are going to assign them; After this, look for those flowers that best suit your lifestyle and tastes.

19. Unique Planters For Unique Homes

Unique DIY Planter Idea

If you are looking to transform your house without spending too much, the plants are an excellent decorative resource both for interiors and exteriors, since thanks to their versatility they give a touch of freshness and modernity to those spaces that look dull and lifeless. And you can make almost anything into an original planter.

20. Cheap And Beautiful Planters For Your Home

Very Cheap DIY Planter Idea

If you have very little time to take care of them, the ideal is to look for those that do not require you to water them all the time, such as cacti. On the other hand, for a cooler decoration, we suggest you purchase several types of plants of the same species, and place them in this inexpensive and pretty way.

Although the house is our little place in the world, it often happens that our daily routine means that we need to give a small change to the environments to feel that the energy is renewed and transformed.

To do so, it is not necessary to buy expensive furniture or paint all the walls; sometimes with simple details we can create a positive difference. Within the economic ideas to decorate and give life to your home, one of the best options is to use indoor plants as you could see. They will not only give color and freshness to the environments, but also help you to promote positive energy in your home, and even to purify the air you breathe.

Decorating with plants is an upward trend. They give the touch of color, they purify the air, and they allow us to be in contact with nature even if we live in the center of the city. And in addition, they are highly decorative and help us to relax.

You have run out of excuses to turn your home into a garden. In addition, children can lend a hand with the decoration. You will get unique pots that will brighten any corner of your home.

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