22 Plants And Flowers Ideas That Can Brighten Up Your Home

Plants and flowers are a massive interior design trend right now. You can barely open Instagram without seeing some influencer showing off their perfect plant filled homes. However, plants and flowers aren’t just a beautiful and on trend way to bring life into your interior design or garden. They can have a multitude of different uses from medicinal to nutritional and they’re right there at your fingertips. Using plants to bring an element of living decor into your home let’s nature’s goodness do its work in more ways than one.

Not all of the plants and flowers in this list are edible, some can be used in the form of oils or skincare. A few of these plants are beneficial by just growing as they are such as plants that filter the air of pollutants or give off a beautiful aroma.


22 Plants And Flowers That Are Beautiful And Good For You

best plants and flowers ideas

The edible plants and flowers can be used as actual ingredients or seasonings in savory food, a natural flavourant for floral desserts or even brewed and drunk as tea. Knowing your plants and what your needs are can help you purchase growing friends that can help you out in so many different situations.

If you’re interested in growing your way to health and well being here are:


1. Aloe Vera- Healing Properties


Aloe Vera is a popular water wise succulent can be used in so many ways to take advantage of its healing properties, which have been used for thousands of years. The skin and juice can be used to sooth sunburns and heal wounds freshly broken off the plant. It can be used the same way, applied directly onto the skin as a natural moisturizer than can also relieve the pain from any irritated, dry areas or acne. Aloe vera juice can be drunk as a refreshing beverage that serves the dual purpose of being delicious and nutritious; it has been proven to help cure heartburn, lower blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.

2. Areca- Natural Air Filter



The Areca is a species of palm tree that makes for a beautiful houseplant. These little palms can live for 10 years if well cared for and can grow to 6 feet in height if kept indoors. However this plant isn’t just beautiful, it has the added benefits of filtering the air in your home at the same time. The pollutants in the air from cooking, smoking or general exterior air pollution is absorbed by the plant, leaving your air fresh and clean

3. Azalea- Beautiful Flowers That Deter Insects


Azaleas are an evergreen shrub that flowers with beautiful large layered flowers that can be found in pink, white, yellow, purple and orange. It likes to be grown in the shade so it is ideal or having indoors to decorate your home all year round. The hardy little shrub is very resistant to plant diseases and deters insects in any area it is placed in. One negative to this plant is that the leaves are toxic to human and animals so be sure to keep Azaleas away from animals and children.

4. Basil- Cooking And Warding Off Mosquitos


Basil is a simple to grow herb that can is used in so many cuisines, especially Italian. Fresh herbs are more delicious and nutritious than your dried counterparts which makes basil a must have in a home herb garden. Eating basil is hugely beneficial to your health; it is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties; which are effective in treating colds and flu as well as promoting liver and cardiovascular health. When used as an ingredient in skin care it helps hydrate the skin and combat the effects of aging. This plant even has the added benefit of warding off mosquitos with its natural aroma.

5. Begonias- Beautiful Flowers And Pain Relief


Begonias are an ideal houseplant that can brighten up the simplest room with their beautiful bright flowers and delicately ruffled leaves. These rose like blooms come in both red and pink varietals. Yet again, this plant is far more than just aesthetically pleasing. A mixture of crushes flowers and leaves can be applied to sores and burns to help heal the wound and act as a natural painkiller. If that wasn’t already enough, an infusion can be made with the flowers to help relieve headaches and detox your system.

6. Cactuses- Beautiful Living Decor


Cactuses are a massive trend in interior decorating rich now. These prickly little guys are easy to maintain and water wise so if you forget to water them they’ll forgive you. There are so many species of cactus that come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the cactus that suits you and your home. Clustering different varieties together in different pots at different can create beautiful living décor that is calming and rustic.

7. Coriander- Cooking and Medicinal Purposes


Coriander, also known as cilantro, is a versatile herb that is a delicious fresh addition to a lot of Asian and South American and Middle Eastern dishes. The soft herb is a natural immune booster chock full of antioxidants. The seeds themselves act as an anti-inflammatory and can be used as a spice to flavour curries and stir-fries. As well eating coriander it can also be made into extracts and oils, all of which can help lower blood sugar levels.

8. Dandelion- Digestive Health


The prettiest of all the weeds, dandelions are actually classified as herbs by botanists. Dandelion flowers are completely edible and can be eaten as part of a rustic salad or brewed as a floral tea. This nutritious plant helps reduce cholesterol and is full of anti-oxidants and beta-carotene, which prevent cell damage. The main benefit to this plentiful little flower is to your digestive health; it helps your liver to produce bile to promote digestion, cure constipation and reduce bloating.

9. Ferns- To Add Moisture


These attractive, prehistoric plants are evergreen and air purifying to keep your home beautiful and fresh all year round. These plants love humid places like bathrooms but they can also eliminate dryness from a room by creating more humid environment in whatever room its placed in. This can help with dry skin as well as respiratory irritation caused by colds and flu or seasonal allergies.

10. Ficus- Indoor Tree That Filters The Air


Ficuses are small trees that you can grow inside your home. They are very easy to maintain and can deal with a little bit of neglect, but even if you forget about your ficus friend they’ve still got your back as they act as a very efficient air purifier. In herbal medicine they makes use of its leaves to create cures with anti-oxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

11. Garlic- Cooking And A Natural Antibiotic


Garlic is a delicious ingredient used the world over to add flavour and fragrance to so many dishes. However this is more than a fire breathe causing ingredient; this bulb is high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese that has the added bonus of being a natural antibiotic. This antioxidant is an immune booster that reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol for a healthy heart. So you can eat your rich garlicky meals, peaceful in the knowledge that you are, in fact, eating healthy.

12. Geraniums- Skin Care and Aromatherapy


Geraniums are stunning and fragrant evergreen plant that comes in a variety of colours. You can often find geranium as an ingredient in skincare for both its distinctive scent and anti-inflammatory properties for sensitive skin. At home you can brew geraniums into tea, which boosts the immune system, relieves pain and aids digestion. You can even make it into an oil for aromatherapy purposes to promote calm and balance stress hormones.

13. Hibiscus- Beauty and Healing


Hibiscus is a bush with huge pink flowers in a variety of colours. The bushes can be dainty and small for inside the house or tower overhead when planted outdoors. Their sticky stamen attracts bees; which are a sign of a healthy eco system and pollenate your garden for you. Hibiscus flowers can be dried and brewed into tea that prevents hypertension, balance blood sugar levels and even ease period cramps.

14. Horse Tails- Dandruff And UTI Cure


This tall textural houseplant, also known as puzzle grass, is very similar to bamboo. This is yet another plant that can be brewed into a miracle tea that is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can be used to help cure urinary tract infections as it’s a natural diuretic. As an extract horsetails can be used in shampoo to cure dandruff.

15. Immortelle- Fighting Allergies


Immortelle is an evergreen herb that can provide relief for chronic allergy sufferers with its bright yellow round flowers. Simple at home cures derived from these flowers can be used to treat respiratory conditions, bronchitis, asthma and indigestion. Immortelle oil is also an ingredient in skincare that nourishes the skin and helps fight signs of aging.

16. Jasmine- Aroma and Flavour


Jasmine gives off an intoxicating aroma that can be smelled from far away and gets caught on the wind. This scent is used as oils in aromatherapy to promote a feeling of calm. Its pink varietal is a wonderful floral cooking ingredient especially for baking and delicate desserts. Jasmine flowers are used to make a fragrant green tea that can help fight bacteria and aging while also being antiviral and good for your cardiovascular system.

17. Kalanchoe Calandiva- Large Splashes Of Colour and Saving Water


Kalanchoe calandiva, otherwise known as widow’s trill is a water wise, evergreen succulent with uniquely beautiful blooms. The compact buds sit closely clustered together and bloom into large lollipop style balls of bright colour. They are an easy low maintenance plant that will help you save water while decorating your home with natural beauty.

18. Lavendar- Calming and Flavour


Lavender is predominantly used to promote a feeling of calm. This can be as a live plant growing in your garden, dried as potpourri or in oil form for aromatherapy. The flowers are completely edible and can be used in baking and desserts for a distinct floral flavor. When brewed as a tea it can aid digestion as well as easing pain and headaches. Lavender is also a popular ingredient in skin and hair care for its scent as well as its ability to purify the body.

19. Orange Tree- Vitamin C


Orange trees are gorgeous at any size. The fragrant tree will yield a fruit rich in vitamin C; which will boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol and balance your blood sugar. The zest and juice of oranges can be used in a wide variety of dishes especially dessert for a sweet, citrus kick and health benefits into the bargain.

20. Orchid- Living Room Décor and Immune Booster


Orchids are tall statement flowers that can serve as interior décor all on their own. They come in a huge number of varieties and colours and can be complimented with each other. Their physical beauty promotes a feeling of peace and well-being. They naturally filter the air and give off a calming natural fragrance. Orchid flowers can be used to boost your immune system and ease digestion while their scent is used for many kinds of skincare.

21. Pothos- Trailing Air Filter


Pothos, otherwise known as devil’s ivy, is a gorgeous trailing plant that looks incredible when set on a shelf to let the stems trail down towards the ground. It is easy to grow, requires very low light and minimal upkeep; not only that; it is also a natural air filter. All these things together makes these plants perfect for higher shelves which is imperative as the leaves can be toxic to humans and animals if ingested.

22. Rosemary- Raise Your Spirits And Add Flavour


Rosemary is a versatile woody herb that can be used to uplift many dishes especially chicken and lamb. This fragrant plant with delicate white flowers is also a natural air purifier. When eaten this herb is not just delicious but antimicrobial, an anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. In aromatherapy rosemary is a powerful cognitive stimulant which can inspire feelings of happiness and inspiration.


All these plants and flowers are just a few in an endless number of species that are beautiful and beneficial to your health and well being.

Skin care, aromatherapy, air filtering, essential oils and food are just some of the incredible applications that these plants and flowers can be included in to help you with issues from dry skin to high blood pressure. Working with plants and gardening is also an activity that is known to help with improving your mental health and feeling a sense of calm.

I can’t think of one excuse not to bring plants and flowers into your home to enhance your space and your overall well being. So go on, why not test out your green thumb and get your fingers in some soil

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