32 Amazing Ground Pools For Swimming In Style

Ground pools are not something every household has because of their expense and the amount of space they take up. Having a personal swimming pool makes the statement that you have the luxury of spending money on recreational items. This gives them an air of exclusivity and excess.

Ground Pools design has been progressing in leaps and bounds; we are no longer limited to a basic rectangle surrounded by brick paving and unappealing wire fencing. They can be above or below ground (even both), surrounded by (or made with) a wide variety of materials and decorated in a multitude of innovative ways to compliment the style of your home and garden. Their style and positioning can be incorporated into your home design and landscaping so your overall property has one seamless, striking aesthetic.


32 Creative Ground Pools For Homes and Summer Getaways

best ground pools ideas and designs

Patios and pergolas can be worked into your the pool design to create a covetous space that is perfect for socializing in the summer with your friends and family for hours of outdoor fun. The same can be said of splash pools and hot tubs, which are often seen alongside swimming pools. This means that small children can swim safely and your pool entertainment area can be used all year round. There are so many great ideas out there so without much further ado here are:

1. Raised Wooden Pool With Bleacher Seating

above ground pool ideas


Wood is a material that is not commonly associated with its proximity to water but if properly treated it can be a really gorgeous unexpected poolside decking. The large pool and wide pool decking surrounding it gives you space for sun loungers for tanning and relaxing with a drink by the pool. The large steps to one side create bleacher like seating with individual cushions for guests to relax on. The added benefit of using wood as a pool surround is that its non slip, so its both safe and beautiful.

2. Skinny Laps Pool With Planters

Above the pool you can make a wall with plants

This elegant T shaped pool with large full steps can be used for both recreation and for swimming laps. The white paving extends into a tanning area and around the pool and up the retaining wall creating a light and relaxing little bubble surrounding the shining blue surface. This layout also provides you the pleasure of being able to train in your own backyard surrounded by nature. The planters running high overhead full of ferns adds a bit of colour against the tall white pool wall. The white, blue and green colour scheme evokes the feeling of a Greek holiday in the sun.


3. A Pool With A View


This hilltop location is the perfect spot for a statement swimming pool. The sleek white paving and bright blue water use stunning view as the backdrop to complete the whole experience. To contrast the modern white surroundings the natural fiber furniture and rug add some texture to the poolside chaise lounge to make it that little bit more comfortable.

4. Large Ground Pools With Glamorous Cabana


This Tuscan style cabana with authentic round tiles and charmingly creeping foliage sitting alongside this massive pool is a great entertainment space. The areas for sunbathing as well as the pockets of shade allows you be in and out of the pool all day. This is how you spend time off in style. The fact that the whole pool area is surrounded by trees makes the area feel private and exclusive.

5. Above Ground Pool And Hot Tub On A Balcony

box ground pools design

This iconic above ground balcony pool is unexpected and so chic. The long wooden paneled lap pool and its square stone hot tub counterpart and runs the full length of the large balcony. The wooden planks of the pool decking match the balcony floor boards perfectly for elegant cohesion. Uplighters placed at regular intervals at the foot of the pool illuminate it and draw the eye towards it. Placing a white walled raised planter behind it, which is also lit with uplighters, serves as the perfect backdrop for this statement pool. This is a rare example where a pool can be snuck into a smaller space and be just as effective as one that is far bigger.

6. Circular Country Swimming Pool With Hot Tub


This perfect pair of circles that sit half in and half above the ground seems to be hew from the natural rock surroundings. The rustic style fits with the barn style country house in this natural setting perfectly. The deep green colour of the water comes from the colour of the pools floor, this makes it look like a reservoir that might be found on a traditional farm. The hot tub sits slightly above the main pool mimicking its shape and material for a perfect blend of rustic chic.

7. Amorphous Pool With Cottage Style Pool House

Decoration of the pool with decorative plants

The bright blue of this amorphous pool stands out strongly against the rich green of this natural setting. The uneven shape appears more natural looking than most man made pools especially when paired with tree line that runs alongside it. The concentric circles of the splash pool are contained within the shape of the pool which adds an extra detail of beauty when viewed from above at the main house as this picture seems to imply. The pool house can be a dwelling on its own or act as a novel guest bedroom with a poolside dining area is perfect for summer meals.

8. From The Pool To The Sea


The ultimate indulgence is a pool by the sea. You don’t technically need it to swim, but it’s nice to have anyway! The pool has been designed very specifically for its location as it seems to be running into straight into the sea. It’s elegantly curving shape only serves to advance this effect. By contrasting the three blues of the sky, sea and pool a colour scheme is created that will vary day to day; a colour schemed created by nature just for you. The thick white lip prevents it from being a true infinity pool but is just as chic as it subtley outlines the where the pool’s edges end while letting the water pour over it.

9. Large and Luxurious Poolside Cabanas


Poolside cabanas can make even the simplest pool fun and exciting. The large pool with earth toned checkered tile is flanked by this huge cabana, which becomes your main entertainment space. This timber framed, fabric draped cabana provides ample room for people to lounge in comfort. This is the perfect poolside a place to entertain and relax with a gorgeous view as your backdrop. The whole design results in an ambiance that is luxurious and summery.

10. Modern Geometric House and Pool


This geometric pool has been made to echo the architectural style of the house, which is a modern series of sharp rectangles intersecting one another. The thin wall separating the stairs from the rest of the pool perfectly mimics the cantilevered roof slabs of the house itself. The bottom of the pool has been tiled in a dark aqua mosaic for a deep contrast to white house and pale paving stones surrounding it. The paving runs along the length of the pool and around the house, providing a large outdoor dining and entertainment space.

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