40 Striking Lego Room Designs and Ideas

Lego is a modern and the most iconic toys globally and creating these building blocks that is loved by adults and children alike. A Lego decor in any room adds to the perfection and brings out an outstanding beauty that is inviting and artistic. The diverse bunch of Lego accessories gives you the ability to mix and match them together coming up with a stunning and gorgeous lego room designs and also add some inspiration. Additionally, if the Lego blocks are your kid’s favorite customizing their bedroom with multiple designs is one way of making them relaxed and even fall asleep faster without a fuss.

40 Outstanding Lego Room Designs and Ideas To Build Your Dream Room

best lego room designs and ideas


1. Beautiful coasters

beautiful coasters

This beautiful coaster is well placed in a stunning Lego blocks build inform of a book, and the coaster has a classy looking fashion making them add attractiveness to the room. It has a round shape with a sterling rim, and gentle scuffs are giving it outstanding beauty, and it frequently needs polishing and cleaning to maintain its original vision. The coaster blends well with the surrounding making it ideal to provide an everlasting impression to any room.

2. Brilliant Lego Loft Bed With Storage

Brilliant Lego Loft Bed With Storage


Let your little one enjoy a sleepover that is all-star with this bright Lego loft bed that comes with extra storage making it a welcome note to any child. The storage facility is built of stunning and driftwood finishing brim with a classic style that makes it easy to store your little one Lego artistic bits and pieces. The multiple drawers are crafted of solid pine frame construction that has straight edges for safe and robust storage of the toys and the smooth edges give it a unique feel and finish. The lower section of the frame with removable muskets keeps the room clean, and clutter free.

3. Correction of Holes in Walls

correction of holes in walls

This dazzling wall beauty makes the room having a draw to eye effect, and the surrounding artistic pictures add to its striking theme. The walls are designed with various blocks of Lego with the correction of homes in different colors gives it a sophisticated look that is attractive and eye-catching. Additionally, the floor brings out the warmth of the room and fixes well with the storage cabinet under the stairs and the studying shelves.


4. Create Your Own Lego Kitchen Set Design

Create Your Own Lego Kitchen Set Design

The Lego set design brings out the beauty of color collection theme that blends well with the plain silver plates and the other kitchen sets. The set is perfect for enticing your kids to enjoy their meals, and it makes it easy for them to feed without any problem while enjoying their favorite Lego knife and fork. For the adults, the color theme is one way of keeping their mind focused and helping them forget about the guzzling of this world giving them a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Creative Lego Storage Ideas


This creative Lego storage unit that brings out the beautiful display of the Lego collection making the room has a stunning look that is attention-grabbing. The mixture of various Lego colors blends nicely with each other the surrounding walling giving an impression of a classic look. The wall storage frame is made of sturdy and solid wood and portioned on multiple sections that fit correctly with each Lego toy. It’s an open storage facility making it easy to remove and also return the Lego toy, and it has a smooth and rustic finishing making the room has an over-all striking look. The top is flat enough to hold this educational, construction toys that are designed to inspire making your young one has an imaginative play.

6. DIY Lego Room Designs For Kids

diy lego kids room designs

The stunning and welcoming look of this kids Lego room designs is breathtaking, friendly and conspicuous. The various bricks building and fun construction toys on display giving your little one fun future with the ability to build bigger and also think bigger and use their creativity to reveal future-themed Lego sets of the collection in their bedroom. The range features different colorful elements, designs, and bricks offering varying levels of toys assembly and building complexity bringing out a room of fun, admiration, and beauty. The wall storage facility with its striking color theme brings out the beauty of each Lego toy.

7. DIY Lego Kitchen Island Decoration

diy lego kitchen island decoration

The pair is well crafted with Munchausen Lego kitchen that features an Island that is covered with various Lego pieces maybe around 20,000 or more to bring out the magnificent look. This beautiful island adds a charming look to your kitchen that is alluring and appetizing. The Lego pieces are well placed and glued to each other making the isle stronger to hold anything strongly even your working machine. The surrounding environment matches perfectly with the various Lego colors bring to the surface the brightness of the room and giving it a magical look and touch. The Lego room designs and decoration makes the perfect personalized and unique kitchen makeover.

8. Knife Holder

knife holder

The Lego construction of knife holders brings out its classic material that is easy to maintain while keeping them at their best cutting performances. It’s well designed to keep the edges crisp and keen this gives the knife a long-lasting performance, and the Lego black construction sits conveniently on your counter. This makes it easy to reach out and use them quickly and easy. The Lego knife holder is easy to clean and gives you the chance to own a collection of various mixed knives and spoons. It holder matches well with the kitchen decor and brings out its beautiful mixture of colors that gives you kitchen a flashy look.

9. Lego Bedroom

Lego Bedroom

This bedroom has a stunning Lego theme that is attention-grabbing and offers an inviting look. The bed has a headboard made of solid and well structured Lego pieces that are bonded together to match with the beddings, walling, and flooring. The nightstand is well crafted with solid wood and offers the perfect place to hold different stuff even Lego block and also bring out the beauties of the Lego theme. The walling is designed with a storage place that keeps the Lego block pieces more organized while displaying their beauty.

10. Lego Chair Ideas

Lego Chair Ideas

The Lego chairs are made of various blocks that are tightly crafted together to showcase a classic and well-celebrated sitting chair. The chair rocks with the different colorful interlocking and plastic bricks that are easy and faster to assemble bringing out an eye-catching chair that mixes well with the room flooring and walling bringing out a unique color theme. The chair is comfortable to rearrange, and it helps to showcase the creativity of Lego blocks while displaying the beauties of the room.

11. Lego Drawer

Lego Drawer

This Lego drawer gives the power to accommodate the growing stuff of your kids, and it has a sort, move and also organizes design with fun beauty. It keeps the room tidy and neat and also adds an attraction look with its multi-colored Lego blocks making it ideal to keep arts, toys and other kids suppliers within reach and also separated. This is an attractive sturdy and functional storage solution that has aesthetic style and easily complements your kid’s bedroom design concept. It also features a crisp modern style well finished with the Lego block giving it an alluring look.

12. LEGO Furniture Designs

LEGO furniture designs

This wood and Lego combination of storage facility gives a functional and practical look to your home, office or even business. It’s ideal for sorting out and organizing your suppliers like scissors, pens, papers, tape and much more while still giving a classic look. The Lego bricks add to its beauty bringing out its crisps aesthetic style that matches well with any design from industrial, contemporary or even traditional space. Securely mounted against the wall, it mixes with the warm color scheme of the wall giving an inviting feel and touch and its best for a tighter space.

13. Lego Furniture Ideas

Lego Furniture Ideas

The Lego crafted tables gives the perfect match and additional to your room making it look superb and enticing. It’s made of combination of Lego blocks mixed together to bring a match suit to your carper, walls, floor and even sofa and with its stunning look the table gives an inviting look encouraging you to enjoy your drink in comfort.

14. Lego Gift Packaging Idea

Lego Gift Packaging Idea

Keep your documents and other valuables secure and safe with the Lego gift packaging that is well constructed with durable and sturdy Lego blocks. Made of white and red blocks the gift packaging container brings out a stunning look that with its unique design that draws the eye. The inside is made of white blocks giving it personalized statement while the outside has a cross design made of white bricks that mix well with the red and complements any room design. It is perfect for keeping personal documents, jewelry, and other stuff and it can also act as a decorative packaging in your home.

15. Lego Inspired Lunch Box

Lego Inspired Lunch Box

A gourmet lunch begins with a special Lego inspired meal that makes your young one look forward to snack time. The yellow lunch box has a lid that keeps the snacks fresh in the box and comes with designed Lego decorations that gives it an engaging look. It blends well in any contemporary place, and it’s perfect for any occasion. It brings out the best picture during a birthday party, and the straws well complement it, and the whole combination brings out an attractive look and feel.

16. Lego Inspired Room Decoration

Lego Inspired Room Decoration

The best way to attract your customer into your designer office is coming up with stunning and unique Lego inspired room. This room is full of decoration and multi-colors that give it a brighter look. The Lego inspired fashion working area has a modern look that is sturdy and yet simple and constructed of layers of Lego pieces of black each brings its beautiful color that adds a clean aesthetic feel making the room have a classy look. The whole combination of furniture in the place brings out your creativity and artistic look that is sure to invite a particular draw the eye and elicit a personalized style and presence.

17. Lego Key Holder for the Corridor

lego keyholder for the corridor

This Lego key holder is quite easy to make since you need to have a spirit level, Lego base plates, the selection of Lego plates and bricks and adhesive pads or putty and the keys on their chain or key ring. The Lego base plates are securely glued to the wall using the sticky pads making it sturdy to hold batches of various home keys and their multiple colors adds to the style of the room and harmonizes with the wall color tone. It makes the perfect accessories to put your family keys and in one location while adding to the decoration of the corridor. The Lego key holder for the hall has a contemporary finishing and design and also provides an abundance space for your keys keeping them intact and well organized.

18. Lego Kitchen Dining Ideas

lego kitchen dining ideas

Refresh your kitchen breakfast Lego kitchen dining that offers the most excellent alluring seating style for your family and also a guest. The dining is made of sturdily constructed Lego block pieces with each bringing out its distinctive look, and the neutral solid finish makes it versatile, but it also stands out thanks to the beautiful curves and the pierced details on the lightning and seats. The dining can comfortably fit four people with enough space for the addition of two more giving a close-knit family time.

19. Lego Phone Stand Ideas

lego phone stand ideas

Enjoy hands-free access to your Smartphone or even table with this Lego phone stand that features a unique design made of various outstanding colors. The position can easily be rotated offering an unrestricted positioning and charging of your device and built with a clamping mechanism that enables the stand to accommodate the various screen sizes of your device while making sure it gets a secure fit at any placed angle. It is light in weight with a silicone padding making it stable and well secured to any surface. Additionally, you can use an adhesive to stick the stand on an upper position keeping it away from kids.

20. Lego Playroom Ideas

Lego Playroom Ideas

Sometimes out kids need a unique and special spot that they can call their own to read, play, and even hide away from everyone and what a best than a Lego playroom. A Lego playroom is constructed of various Lego blocks that are well laid down in a room or a play Tepee giving an attractive appeal to your younger one. Lego block gives your kids the ability to have a creative and imaginative mind building various things while their thinking capacity is running free. The playing room is made of soft and fun pattern pieces of blacks that are easy to set up and designed to give your kids comfort whether they want to play a game, lounge out or just lay back and relax.

21. Lego Recycling Bins for Home

lego recycling bins for home

The Lego recycling bin gives an outstanding look in your kitchen or yard with its stunning colors and well-crafted design. It offers life expectancy service, and they are easy to move from one corner to another creating a smooth roll. It has a universal reclining design that is compatible making it easy to open a close and comes with an attached lid that keeps all the content inside. This reclining bin is ideal for all home stuff including bottles and others. You can quickly clean the container using water and soap to keep it smelling good and fresh always.

22. Lego Sofa Designs

Lego Sofa Designs

Enjoy a stunning and contemporary modern look and feel with Lego sofas made for decoration and comfort. The sofa is crafted with thousands of Lego pieces with different colors adding style to your sitting room, and they offer a multi-functional style with their sleek design that is inspired to give any place a fresh look. The various Lego pieces color well attached to each other mix together with the other room decor giving the room a welcoming feel while displaying the beauty and creativity of Lego block pieces.

23. Lego Stationery Storage

Lego Stationery Storage

Utilize this multifunctional Lego stationery storage by storing your kids and working pencils keeping their study desk clutter free. The pencil cup can also hold other stationeries like rubbers and sharpeners, binder clips, push pins and even hold clips. It’s made of Lego plastic constructions with a yellow and black color combination and a smiling facial which is enticing. The pencil storage looks cute when placed in any room, and it adds to the interior decor.

24. Lego Style Bunk Bed

Lego Style Bunk Bed

Transform your little one dull bedroom into a stunning and fun room with this high style bunk bed that is crafted with a multi-colored finished steel frame that reflects the colors of Lego blocks. The safety rails keep your little one safe and secure while the attached slide makes it easy and manageable when climbing up and down the bed. Your little one will enjoy the blast climbing when hopping to bed and surrounded by Lego design making bedtime exciting. For an added style let your young one imagination and creativity run wild as they combine the various images created from Lego blocks. They can choose their themed comforter and have a cozy nook under the bed for their strange adventures; the whole combination makes the mornings a breeze.

25. Lego Style Storage Ideas

lego style storage ideas

Conveniently store and then systematize your daily nuts and bolts with these Lego style storage units that are easy to access. They are functional and versatile storage units that can fit perfectly in any room in schools and also at home and well constructed using layers of Lego pieces adding their color beauty to room furnishings. The unit has a simple organization system with the flat top surface offering additional storage.

26. Lego table lamp

lego table lamp

This Lego table lamp is stunning, beautify and practical bringing the brightness that is needed in an indoor and outdoor table. Its well build to give an everlasting feel and look and it can withstand daily usage making it solid enough. The Lego blocks are well interlocked and designed to make the table have a fabulous look that is welcoming and soothing giving everyone a relaxed time together.

27. Lego Themed Room

lego themed room

This colorful and perfect set of chairs and tables crafted from Lego pieces of blocks makes the ideal playrooms, Sunday school room, classroom, daycare room or kid’s room. It reflected by various bright colors that are ideal for both boys and girls rooms. Use the place for the kids to enjoy their games and brings out their imagination wits with the Lego block or even coloring of books. The room also offers the perfect place for kids to enjoy their lunch and the furnishings are made of durable plastic that is tough enough to withstand frequent use by kids but also light enough to move around. The furnishings in this room are easy to clean, and the tables are secure to disassemble for easy storage. Promote your kids imagination while still giving them a safe place to play with this Lego themed tables and chairs.

28. Lego Wall Designs

Lego Wall Designs

The Lego wall design casts in a high-quality designer resin that captures the art and beauty of Lego Blocks. Made of various colors tone the model gives an abundant of imaginative hues giving the room a glowing finish. You can add a designer block building like an animal face or even create a car design to reflect on your kid's love for Lego stuff. Additionally, you can let your little one come up with their customized Lego design and put it on the wall covering. The color combination in this room brings out a warmth feel and charming look that is striking.

29. Lego Watch Ideas

Lego Watch Ideas

Exclusive beauty blueprints inspired by Lego blocks crafting makes the perfect interior design Lego watch that adds value to any room. The Lego blocks are easily crafted using a clock watch design and different colors making it noticeable and best put in your kid’s place making it easy for them to wake and sleep dreaming of their favorite toys. It’s also the best gift to your younger ones as they start learning on how to read time since the Lego block watch design will motivate them.

30. Lego Batman Wall Decal Great For The Kids


Create a stunning and dramatic touch to your kids’ room with the modern elegance of their favorite cartoon character Batman. This wall decor has the figure picture of Batman with all his gears and ability to save the world and made from Lego blocks with a multicolored finish. The drawing is crafted to blend well with the surrounding room furniture and gives an attractive alluring that makes your kid feel comfortable and relaxed. It features a modern style, and the hue in the wall decor and the room complements each other giving it a focal point making it versatile and adds a quick update to the bedroom walls. It flawlessly blends with the room wall flooring, and it’s easy to maintain by wiping with a dry and clean cloth.

31. Lego Flower Pot

Lego-flower pot

Distinctive and tall, the Lego flower pot is an ideal addition to your home front entrance. Featuring a Lego block finish and a sleek and modern tapered design the flower pot is correctly lined on your entrance wall, and it’s incredibly durable with the ability to withstand the weather elements during summer and winter seasons. The flower is flexible, lightweight and sturdy enough to keep your plants secure and you are rest assured to receive the perfect balance of durability, convenience, and design. The Lego flower pot is sturdy and yet very lightweight making it easy to move around and adds a charming beauty to any home.

32. Littlehaulic Kitchen

Littlehaulic Kitchen

Tie together your littlehaulic kitchen with this stunning Lego themed design featuring a super clean-lined crisp and silhouette finishing. The cream and white finished wood and Lego blocks give a modern twist giving it a chic style and set the island with simple ceramic serve ware to complete the stylish and subtle look. For a unique and charming beverage center add the mirrored tray with pitcher and presser. The furnishing and the flowing harmonize each other giving the room a beautiful painted finish that is eye-catching and alluring.

33. Lovely Ornaments from Lego

Lovely Ornaments from Lego

The charming Lego earrings set are perfect for children and adults alike, and they are designed with Lego colors giving them an alluring feature. They have a wire resin, and they are multi-colored making them match with any outfit giving you a beautiful look quickly, and they are hanging displaying the beauty of your ears and neck. The Lego design makes then attention-grabbing.

34. Medieval Lego room designs and decor ideas

medieval lego room decor ideas

The strength and bravely reflected on this lion-emblazoned old Lego room brings out an impressive and stunning look. They add an accent of a classy look and give a splash of amusing colors to the kid’s room making it perfect for them to hang out. Its eye-catching and multicolor design adds a visual appeal to the office and they are made of high-quality materials that make them durable and soft. Essay to clean; this medieval Lego room designs and decor makes a statement to your kid rooms.

35. Perfect Lego Outbuilding

Perfect Lego Outbuilding

This Lego building is practical and yet beautiful bringing out a fantastic modern house that is easy to access with all the needed amenities. The ideal Lego outbuilding is made of thousands of pieces that display their multi-color beauty correctly giving it a complete harmony and look. It’s perfect to act as your children playhouse, and it blends well with the environment giving your compound an outstanding beauty.

36. Pretty Lego Kids Bathroom Design

Pretty Lego Kids Bathroom Design

Want you kids to enjoy their bathroom time and especially brushing their teeth without any fuss, try creating a lovely Lego toothbrush holder with a matching cup. The design entices even the most stubborn kid with the multicolor pop out splashes of fun and beauty. The unique toothbrush holder is made of various Lego block colors in a design that is appealing and it’s sturdy enough to hold two or three toothbrushes while the cup has a fantastic plan reflecting Lego block with a lid to keep the water safe. The color tone blends well with the bathroom giving it a charm of fun and enjoyment.

37. Red and yellow Lego lounge

red and yellow lego lounge

Heart to heart your lounge with this delightful and stunning Lego design perfect to entice everyone with their red and yellow color tone that gives a welcoming appeal. The wall decorations are designed to provide an eye-catching effect while the table and chairs are sturdy enough to sit and work on them while feeling the beauty of Lego blocks and visualizing an imaginative fun. Ideal for baby care lounge since they have the attraction effect that will make the young one feel free and relaxed.

38. Stylish Bookshelf in the Style of Lego

Stylish bookshelf in the style of Lego

This lovely and elegant bookshelf in a stunning fashion of Lego gives both practical and decor inspiration to any home. The bookshelf is ideal for stowing your books, collection of movies and files and a right place to display the family framed photos. It is best kept in the study room, home office, entryway and even the living area since the multicolor tone harmonize with the other room color making the room have an attractive look and inviting warmth. The bookshelf is well surrounded by various blocks of Lego giving it a modern look of fun and art.

39. Upper Heroes Baby Bedroom Decoration

super heroes baby bedroom decoration

Make your baby bedroom relaxed for them to enjoy their sleep with this lovely bunk bed with sliding area that makes it enjoyable for the kids to climb down the bed. The climbing stairs are well designed making your kid love to go up the bed, and the baby hero’s decoration gives an inviting mood for your little. The decorations match well with the room decor giving it an appealing look, and the bunk bed has a high-quality design made of wood with anti-tip resistant and slatted details.

40. Toothpaste and Toothbrush Storage Ideas

toothpaste and toothbrush storage ideas

This superior toothpaste and toothbrush holder is made of various colors of Lego blocks that are designed together to give a durable storage unit. It’s beautifully designed with elegant and sleek and matches any bathroom decor fashion, and you can easily disassemble it and create another beautiful plan according to your creativity and chic. You can let your little one create their toothbrush and toothpaste storage idea using the blocks giving them a chance to enhance their imagination in a fun and relaxed manner. The storage unit looks beast in any bathroom, and it's easy to clean.

The above Lego room designs with perfect creativity to bring out the beauty of any room with the colorful and plastic interlocking bricks. Entice your rooms with a fresh look and modern design using various Lego design and appeal to your room uniqueness and sophistication.

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