16 Best File Cabinet Ideas

Are you considering to renovate your home office or embellish your workspace with a new practical furniture? You are doing the right thing because a change is always welcome, especially when it comes to the workspace where we spend the better half of our day.

Check Out the 16 Amazing File Cabinet Ideas and Designs

Best File Cabinet


Looking for the perfect, functional file cabinet that will highlight your professionalism and organization in a creative manner? We might help. Scroll down, check out our 16 best file cabinet ideas and pick the one that suits your office today.

1. Creamy File Cabinet With Two Drawers

2 Drawer File Cabinet

A simple file cabinet with two drawers in a creamy color that will keep your documents and files in order. Perfect for those who want to create a warm atmosphere with a practical and beautiful file cabinet. Feel free to use this idea and embellish your workspace in a simple manner today.


2. Elegant Gray File Cabinet With Three Drawers

3 Drawer File Cabinet

For those who have more paperwork to store, this gray file cabinet will certainly meet their needs and wrap their documents and files in elegance and create a pleasant atmosphere at your home office or work office. Freestanding, simple and functional – perfect fit for the perfectionists.

3. File Cabinet With Four Rolling Drawers

4 Drawer Rolling File Cabinet


A file cabinet with four rolling drawers is probably the most practical choice for those who seek to find a functional larger 2in1 file cabinet. You can use it as a desk and embellish your workspace in a simple yet beautiful manner. Like what you’re seeing? Realize this idea today.

4. Steel File Cabinet

All Steel File Cabinet

You can never go wrong when choosing the steel file cabinet for your office because steel cabinets will never get out of fashion and will give your space a more sophisticated look. Perfect for those with tons of paperwork and not enough place to store them all – this large steel file cabinet will be both functional and beautiful feature of your office.

5. Colorful Filling Cabinet

Color Filing Cabinet

A colorful office will always better your mood and keep you motivated to organize that paperwork you have on your hands every day. Wonder how to start colorizing your office? Start with choosing this colorful filling cabinet and keep your documents organized in a creative manner.

6. Decorative Dark Wood File Cabinet

Decorative Filing Cabinet

Are you looking for an amazing piece of furniture that will not only be useful in your office but also embellish your home or work office? This decorative dark wood file cabinet will perfectly meet your needs and desires. You can use it for storing a large number of document and also as a furniture that will create a warm and pleasant working atmosphere. Don’t hesitate on ‘stealing’ this idea and embellish your office with this unique decorative file cabinet today.

7. Home Filling Cabinet

Home Filing Cabinet

Aside from being used as a cabinet for storing your files and documents, you can also use this freestanding home filing cabinet as a piece of furniture near to your work desk or place it somewhere in your living room. Simple filing cabinet with three drawers in a rustic style that will wrap your home or working space in coziness and create a pleasant atmosphere.

8. Industrial Metal Filling Cabinet

Industrial Metal Filing Cabinet

One of those industrial metal filing cabinets we see in older movies – this old-fashioned cabinet will definitely bring you back in time and give your working space a sophisticated look. Are you dreaming of metal cabinets with deep drawers that will store all of your paperwork in a simple manner? Feel free to use this idea and make your dreams come true.

9. Large Filling Cabinet

Large Filing Cabinet

Are you having a ton of paperwork that needs to be stored as more simple and faster as possible? This large filling cabinet will certainly meet your needs and store your documents in a simple yet beautiful manner. The freestanding metal cabinet that’s a perfect fit for the workaholics.

10. Lateral File Cabinet

Lateral File Cabinet

Probably the most elegant and simple lateral file cabinet that will give every office in a more sophisticated place and create a pleasant working atmosphere. You can store your documents and files in a simple yet elegant manner with this cabinet and place it wherever you want. We promise it won’t take much of your free space. Perfect for people with refined taste in landscaping.

11. Luxury Handle File Cabinet

Luxury Handle File Cabinets

Do you want to own the most luxury handle file cabinet and make your co-workers jealous or renovate your home office with classy furniture? If yes, then this luxury file cabinet will definitely meet your needs and imagination and store all your paperwork in an elegant manner. You can place this freestanding cabinet in white-blue color anywhere available without spending much of your available space and create a pleasant working atmosphere for yourself.

12. Oak File Cabinet

Oak File Cabinet

Oak furniture is always a great choice when it comes to landscaping office spaces. We’re presenting this beautiful oak file cabinet with four drawers that will wrap your office in coziness and will embellish your space like no other piece of furniture can. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and organize your paperwork in a creative and elegant manner.

13. Tall Metal Storage Cabinet

Tall Metal Storage Cabinets

A freestanding elegant metal storage cabinet that’s just perfect for your hallway or living room if you don’t have enough space in your work office. You can place this tall piece of furniture with drawer and four cabinets wherever available in your home and store all your documents in a classy and elegant manner and embellish your house.

14. Black Vertical File Cabinet

Vertical Filing Cabinet

Are you searching for the simple black vertical file cabinet that’s most common choice when it comes to picking something practical and elegant for offices? Feel free to use this idea and chose something practical and beautiful for your home office even today.

15. Vintage File Cabinet

Vintage File Cabinet

Vintage is always present when it comes to landscaping and offices aren’t an exception. Are you ready to turn your workspace into a pleasant space where you will love spending your working hours? Chose this vintage file cabinet that will highlight your vintage style in landscaping and organize your paperwork in an old-fashioned way.

16. Vintage Medical File Cabinet

Vintage Medical File Cabinet

Are you a medical worker searching for the perfect medical file cabinet to store all your paperwork in a creative manner? Take a look at this vintage file cabinet with lots of vertical drawers and tell us you didn’t fall in love at first sight. Perfect piece of furniture that will embellish every medical working office. Feel free to buy one of your own today.

We hope we’ve helped you pick the right file cabinet with our 16 best file cabinet ideas and turn your boring working space into a pleasant working place with organized documentation in a creative and beautiful manner.

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