Canadian Solar CS6X-305M

Renewable energy is all the rage these days and gives the consumers a wide range of variety to choose the energy source from – geothermal, hydro, biomass and solar. Out of all these options, solar energy is becoming quite the conventional. Breaking records in technological advancements, and consumer-production percentages, solar energy is quickly becoming the norm. Society is slowly but surely starting to embrace the concept of green energy, so combined with all the advantages of solar power technology, along with its relative ease of manufacturing and a reliable and constant source of energy, it is now on the very top of renewable energy production genre. Over the years, several companies have started manufacturing respectable solar panels and today we would be taking a look at Canadian Solar CS6X-305M – it’s features, pros and cons, and deduce reasonable conclusions.



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Key Features

The Canadian Solar products have been designed with the monocrystalline technology – which is to say that they are made of the purest of silicon crystals – which makes these panels effective; conducting and converting solar power into usable energy at an impressive, efficient rate. These Solar Panels also have a comparatively appealing form – linear and rectangular, not square-ish as a conventional panel.

The Canadian Solar Panels are manufactured by a company that had a relatively late establishment in the solar industry market. Conceived in the year 2001 it boasts a burgeoning market and is definitely flourishing in the solar energy industry. Canadian Solar has harbored the grudging respect of the industry in a short amount of time.


The basic design of a single Canadian Solar module consists of 72 solar cells. This module could be used as a single, solitary unit, or could be applied in a mass formation as a grid application. The monocrystalline technology makes sure that the function is purely efficient and produces a high yield of conversion, and a long term performance rate for each, single unit making the design three dimensional, intricate, as well as meticulous.

Aside from a brilliantly effective design, the Canadian Solar modules ensure high quality and top notch standards by rigorously testing their products. These solar panels come with a brilliant ten year warranty on workmanship and frame build, along with a twenty five year power output warranty.


Let us take a look at the advantages of the Canadian Solar CS6X-305Ms:

  • The solar power conversion efficiency of the Canadian Solar is apt and quite productive. With an active conversion rate of 15.9%, the Canadian Solar Panel makes sure to convert and conduct maximum energy given the surface area per module. It may not be the highest, but it is definitely above average and respectable in the industry.
  • The Canadian Solar Panel is robust and durable, made all the more so by standardized testing of the products through company policies.
  • These solar panels are more or less self-cleaning, given a healthy dose of pouring rain at the right angle. If not, then manual cleaning can be adapted in the product by using water and soft sponge. Therefore, the panels require the bare minimum when it comes to maintenance.
  • When it comes to integrating the Canadian Solar Panels with the aesthetics of your home, it can be done stylishly. These solar panels come with an atypical formation – tall and rectangular with a fine black, glossy sheen – which would be the perfect combination with any modern contemporary style home.
  • The Canadian Solar Panel is well-equipped to deal with holding its own again high loads without malfunctioning. This includes snow load, wind load, and dirt load.
  • The applicable warranty for workmanship, and product as a whole is quite impressive – ten years – along with a twenty five year warranty for power output.
  • These solar panels are very flexible when it comes to working in harsh temperatures. They can work in temperatures as high as 40 degrees, to as low as below zero degrees.
  • These solar panels come with an anti-reflective surface, so when the sunrays hit the panels, they do not reflect off – therefore increasing input of sunlight and maximum productivity.
  • The Canadian Solar Panels encompass a wide variety of qualities; from positive power tolerance, high energy yield, and high performance at low radiance.
  • The face of these panels is made of tempered glass, and the frame is designed in aluminum, boasting a sturdy, unbreakable workmanship.


Now let’s have a look at the disadvantages of this product:

  • First and foremost, if there are any defects in your product, there are relatively fewer options to get in contact with the company.
  • These panels weigh quite a bit – 50 lbs. each – and it would take more than a few people to get them fixed to the roof.
  • Since the Canadian Solar Panels break away from the conventional solar panel look, they might not suit the aesthetics of some users.


The energy conversion rate of the Canadian Solar products lies somewhere between 15.5 to 15.8% which is a respectable amount in the solar industry. Since these panels are made of pure silicon cylinders a la monocrystalline technology, they are good conductors of energy.


The Canadian Solar products come with a whopping 30 year guarantee – with a sturdy workmanship, and solid frame structure.

Testers Review

  • According to Tester A, the Canadian Solar CS6X-305M is efficient and durable.
  • According to Tester B, the Canadian Solar CS6X-305M is aesthetically pleasing with its distinctive rectangular build.
  • Tester C finds the ‘little to no maintenance’ policy of Canadian Solar CS6X-305M quite appealing.


The advantages of this product far outweigh the disadvantages, so buying the Canadian Solar CS6X-305M would definitely be a firm investment.

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