Grape Solar 250W

Now that Global Warming is a real, relevant threat, many users and consumers are taking to new ways of life by embracing the way of ‘green’. Green energy is essentially derived through renewable sources like biomass, earth, water, and sun. Most of these sources come in infinite supplies, or can be easily renewed. The most effectively embraced of this ensemble is the solar energy genre, where the light and energy of the sun are converted into usable electricity by mechanical means. Solar energy is becoming a global trend with more and more people embracing the way of off-grid and renewable energy, every day. Not only does it help reduce the greenhouse gas stain, but also offers a clean way of life to the consumers. With this rising trend in solar energy, we now have a thriving solar energy industry. Today, we would be discussing the Grape Solar 250W, from the Grape Solar series.



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Key Features

Grape Solar is a burgeoning company, which is slowly taking the solar industry by storm. Offering a wide variety of solar panels, they have made a firm position for themselves in the market. Their products range in size, shape and efficiency rate. The Grape Solar genre is also relatively economically generous when it comes to initial installation cost. The Grape Solar 250W is one of the smaller solar panels in their series, with a small wattage and conversion rate for the consumers who want to power a small-scale project. In addition to being consumer friendly, the Grape Solar 250W would be the perfect size to align with a sloping roof, or merge technology with a contemporary style home. It produces maximum output given the relative surface area, and is derived from the monocrystalline technology, which empowers the panels with pure silicon, therefore resulting in a high conversion as well as conduction rate. The Grape Solar 250W is easily available through retail shops, as well as online outsourcing like


Let us have a look at the advantages of the Grape Solar 250W in detail:

  • The Grape Solar 250W can hold its own when it comes to industry giants – it boasts an effective durability, is robust and has a resilient structure.
  • The Grape Solar 250W solar panel boasts a high efficiency rate and serves it at an affordable price. Where there are bigger, better options in the market these days, the Grape Solar 250 takes on all the best qualities of the bigger modules and show cases them in its smaller version.
  • The size of Grape Solar 250W is smaller than the rest of the Grape Solar series and would therefore be suited best for small scale projects as reflection surface area becomes smaller, and so does the production of energy.
  • The Grape Solar 250W module boasts a conversion rate of 15.1%, which given its smaller stature is not at all bad compared to the full sized industry giants – this module is efficient as well as effective.
  • The workmanship is brilliantly sturdy in both material and formation – each module is covered with tempered glass to add an additional layer of protection.
  • The Grape Solar 250W can withstand harsh conditions when it comes to extreme climates – from as high as forty degrees to as low as below zero.
  • This product is also able to withstand heavy loads such as snow, hail, and storms.
  • This module, like all Grape Soar series comes with an excellent warranty package – ten years for the material as well as workmanship, and a twenty five year warranty on a reliable 90% output.
  • The Grape Solar 250W requires only a small amount of maintenance and could be easily washed off with soft sponge and water. It could also be cleaned by a natural rain shower, given its sleek texture and contouring.


Let us list down some disadvantages of this product:

  • The Grape Solar Company is relatively young in the industry, and may not have developed a trusty market value with the consumers just yet.
  • The Grape Solar 250W is smaller in size than a standard photovoltaic panel and would therefore be a little obsolete for large scale projects.


This comparatively smaller size solar panel boasts an efficiency rate of an impressive 15.1% which given its size is quite reputable compared all the brands it is up against.


Since the Grape Solar 250W module can handle harsh temperatures, has a durable frame along with a tempered glass façade, it would be correct to assume that this product is quite durable and resilient.


Tester’s Review

  • Tester A was pleased with this product’s efficacy and production rates.
  • Tester B was quite satisfied with Grape Solar 250W low maintenance policy.


The Grape Solar 250W is a cost effective, durable and efficient purchase.

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