Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 Watt Solar Panel

The Industrial Revolution has marked the beginning of a new era in human history. Not only has it led to the development of new technologies, but has also defined a new way of living. It has especially been a god send for the construction industry. The past century has observed a massive difference in construction techniques and materials – a marked variation that has led to innovation in building styles. But like all things, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. The massive urban scale industrialization has led to a environmental degradation and global warming. These problems do not have any short term solutions, and prove to be a challenging problems. To counter this phenomenon, renewable energy has taken on the form of power sources – solar panels, windmills, hydroelectric dams etc. out of all these, solar energy is the most widely embraces and generically found these days. Solar panels are easily available and could be affixed to a project of any scale with relative ease. In this article, we would be taking a look at the Kyocera, with all of its advantages and disadvantages.



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Key Features:

Kyocera is one of the leading brand names in the solar energy industry.  The company is internationally certified and has a reliable customer base. Kyocera has been in the solar market for more than 35 years now – so aside from being a vintage brand name, their products are famed to be reliable. Aside from being manufactured by a well-known company, the Kyocera brand has topped the list of Solar Panel Efficiency Comparison conducted Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Center. The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is a 60 cell solar panel made of the best polycrystalline photovoltaic technology. Since Kyocera has perfected its face treatment technology that contains multi-crystalline silicon cells. These cells help make the panels anti-reflective and gives them a dark blue color scheme that is very appealing to the eye. The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is an efficient module with a sturdy frame, and goes through rigorous testing before being released in the market. It is a trusted product that seems to be one of the best not only in the Kyocera brand line, but also in the rest of the solar industry genre.


Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245.

  • Since the Kyocera brand has been in the industry for more than 35 years, it is proud to present its owners with a twenty year power output warranty that is actually verified by the company itself.
  • The face of the Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is lined with multi-crystalline cells which give it a distinctly blue glaze. This color is aesthetically pleasing and is easy to integrate into any modern or contemporary style home setting.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is made out to be UV stabilized with a sturdy black anodized aluminum frame.
  • This product is supported by major mounting structure manufacturers and applauded for its easily installable frames.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is built to carry out safe installations.
  • It has a tight power tolerance of +5 and -3%, which makes it relatively more efficient.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 watt solar panel has an efficiency rate of a whopping 16%, which is at the top of the solar energy genre in this industry – making Kyocera the very top contender in the market at the moment.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 is compatible with Enphase Energy Micro inverters.
  • This products possesses easily accessible grounding points on all four of its corners to accommodate easy and fast installation.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 has a proven junction box technology with PV wire.
  • It is a sturdy product that can withstand harsh temperatures and a hailstone impact of 1 inch at the rate of 51 mph.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 can perform very well under low radiance and shadowy conditions.
  • It has quality MC4 plug-in connectors that provide safe and quick connections to the rest of the building space.
  • Kyocera’s vertical integration provides amazing quality control.
  • The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 comes with a little to no maintenance policy. It can be easily washed off with water and soft sponge.


There are not many disadvantages of this product.

  • This module is hefty when it comes to weight, and would be difficult to manage single handedly.


The Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 watt solar panel has the highest efficiency rate – 16% –  in the entire solar industry right now, so naturally it is quite an efficient product.



Since the Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245 watt solar panel can sustain under unsavory and harsh weather, can withstand a hefty snow load and a hailstone impact of an inch at the rate of 51 mph, it would be correct to conclude that is quite durable and resilient.

Tester’s Review:

  • Tester A was impressed with the 16% efficiency rate of this product.
  • Tester B was thrilled with its low maintenance policy.
  • Tester C was satisfied with its easy installment methods.


Kyocera KD245GX-LFB 245w comes from a brand name company with the highest efficiency rate and a body that was made to last at least thirty years. It is quite possibly the best choice in the market right now.

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