Grape Solar 390W

Solar energy is quickly climbing up the ranks in the renewable energy market. It is resourceful, reliable, and literally infinite – at least until the sun burns out! With the advent of industrial revolution, came the problem of pollution. Industries started popping up all around the world, and with them, increased the smog, smoke, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions – and subsequently, the idea of greenhouse gases. To rectify this problem, the idea of renewable energy came into being – and with it, the advent of solar panels, which convert solar energy into usable electricity to power up buildings, arenas and now even cities. In this article, we would be taking a look at the finer points of Grape Solar 390W – a worthy solar panel, currently ranked in the top seven contenders of 2016 in the industry.



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Key Features

Grape Solar is a large scale manufacturing company that specializes in the production of solar panels of all shapes, sizes and wattage – from large to small, mega power to domestic range, they have them all. They have been in the industry long enough to earn respect and reliability through the quality of their products. The Grape Solar company panels are designed based on the monocrystalline technology, which makes them effective conductors and converters, given the level of purity of the silicon used in the production phase. One might tell you that Grape Solar is not the very best in the industry, but it is certainly in the list of very top contenders – their products are truly efficient. It would be good to note that Grape Solar products output is steady. Its optimum output is generally reliable and competent enough to compete with the best in the industry. It also comes with the added bonus of being relatively maintenance free.


Let us have a look at the many pros of the Grape Solar 390W solar panels:

  • First and foremost, it boasts an excellent set of basic standards; a high transmittance rate, a firm durability which is achieved through fine craftsmanship, a sturdy countenance of low iron tempered glass, and an enhanced resilience of impact resistance.
  • The Grape Solar products, especially the 390W unit is relatively cost effective when it comes to initial installation rates. Installing solar panels can leave a hefty dent in the allocated budget but the Grape Solar 390W would be decisively low-keep.
  • Its monocrystalline technology makes sure that the Grape Solar 390W boasts a high efficiency rate – the output is at a whopping 15.21%; a respectable statistic in the industry.
  • The tempered glass façade makes it a low maintenance product – a dust of rain at the right angle would clean it off, or you could do it manually with soft sponge and a bucket of water.
  • The most basic advantage of Grape Solar products is that it is easily available in all reliable outlets.
  • Their sturdy build allows the Grape Solar 390W solar panels to bear through harsh temperatures from too high to too low, varying from between 40 degrees to below zero and 194 degrees.
  • The Grape Solar 390W dynamically competent and boasts an excellent electrical performance rate.
  • Most solar panels do not work in low radiance and even shadowy nooks, but Grape Solar 390W can work pretty well even in low light and shadowy environments.
  • The framework for the Grape Solar 390W is unique in structure and formation, making for easy installation of the solar panel.
  • The Grape Solar 390W can handle a load of 50 lbs. of snow per two square foot.
  • The quality control aspect is effectual and accomplished, meeting the international standards.
  • The Grape Solar 390W comes with a qualified warranty for both power output and workmanship – twenty five and ten years respectively.


Let us have a look at a few disadvantages of this product below:

  • Most of the parts for Grape Solar products are manufactured in China and other Asian countries, leading to a secondary assemblage in the United States.
  • Grape Solar has not been in the solar industry for a very long time. The company was conceived in 2009, and even though it might have become a strong contender in the market, there are people who would prefer more well-known brands to it.


The Grape Solar 390W has an efficiency rate of 15.21% which may not be the best in the industry but certainly runs on par with the best. Competitors may have a higher efficiency output, but Grape Solar has its own set of advantages to counter their deficits.


The Grape Solar 390W comes with a stout frame and tempered glass facade on the panel, so it is effectively durable. It can handle heavy loads – snow, wind, dirt – and can resist heavy impacts of storms. It can also withstand harsh climates; temperature highs and lows, so it would be correct to deduce that it is effectively durable.


Testers Review

  • Tester A is happy with the Grape Solar 390W and is especially impressed with the great wattage and efficiency levels.
  • Tester B is pleased with the low-maintain ace this product requires.
  • Tester C is impressed with the high quality transmittance rate even in low light and shadowy conditions.


Grape Solar is a sturdy, well-equipped product whose advantages outweigh the very weak cons list. It would be a good investment.

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