9 Easy Steps to Start an Organic Garden


Gardening is perhaps one of the most underrated hobbies of this generation. There are photos frames and time lapses that depict it as a rewarding activity – which it absolutely is – but no one can quite capture the hard work that goes into planting a successful garden with your own hands. It takes years … Read more

20 Modern Garden Design Ideas


As with modern interior design, a modern garden differs in form, structure and planning than any conventional garden design. Traditional gardens have a standardized landscape architecture – one that has been in practice for over a millennia; a patch of green surrounded by the most convenient of perennials and shrubs to form a border. Such … Read more

14 Outstanding Rock Garden Design Ideas


It has been quite a while since landscape architecture has taken over the world. Designing beautiful outdoor spaces is not only a trend – but also a necessity. No one wants a drab looking, weedy garden anymore. Landscaping might not be an innovation, but it is certainly an art. It takes knowledge, and an uninhibited … Read more

15 Stunning Garden Patio Ideas


Planning an open space in the outdoors has become kind of a contemporary trend. No matter how small this space is, there is always a way to make it presentable. This dressing up of space is not an upscale limitation. Instead of designing vast landscapes dressed only in green, we’ve learned to break these spaces … Read more

11 Beginning Gardening Mistakes To Avoid

Fertilizer For Garden

Gardening could be a hard endeavor to start, especially for beginners. Most people do not understand the intricacies of laying out a proper format for planting their gardens before they start. It can be a fun activity, but is never quite as easy as it seems. Most people beginning gardening to develop a hobby, and … Read more

29 Best Flower Garden Ideas For Your Landscape

Labyrinthine Garden

Where gardening and landscape are slowly rising up in the overall design spectrum, it is essential to note that they do not only comprise of foliage, trees, and shrubs. One of the most essential counterparts to any successful gardening endeavor are flowers. Flowering plants come in a wide variety, and are easily available in the … Read more

Beginners Guide: How to Start Vegetables Garden?

bulb-ous plants

For someone who’d just begun to delve into the art of gardening, starting out with a small vegetable patch is the best way to go. Growing vegetables is the easiest way to learn all the little niches of gardening, as well as getting used to getting your hands dirty. Gardening is most definitely not a … Read more

11 Best Gardening Tips for Beginners

Strategic Gardening Plan

Landscape design is a budding trend, be it in a mass urban setting, or in the very private gardens of your homes. Trained professional in botany, and landscape architecture collaborate to create the best visual and functional aesthetics, that go ahead to define the characteristics of space, itself. It is a time-honored profession, and needs … Read more

10 Easiest Vegetables To Grow


Most people start out with gardening by growing out a vegetable patch, as it is not only easy to grow, but lets the beginner try their hand at getting down and dirty with the process of gardening. It is comparatively easier to take care of a vegetable patch, rather than a full blown ornamental garden, … Read more

10 Beautiful Ideas To Decor Gardening Zones

Amateur Layout of Garden

A gardening zone is a landscape placement strategy that determines which plant would grow better in what location, and assesses the compatibility of each zone with corresponding plant, and seed growth accordingly. It dictates that the plants selected for the landscape should be compatible with the climate, and other external factors that would factor in … Read more

54 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On a Budget That Surprise You

Edible Ground Cover

Front yards are basically the foregrounds of our homes – a natural photo frame feature that depicts the first outlook of any, and all homes. Scaping the front yard immaculately is an important endeavor, as it reflects on the facade, and spatial quality of our homes. The front lot is unanimously considered an experimental ground … Read more

6 Indoor Garden Ideas To Try At Your Home

Atrium Style Garden

Indoor gardening is an element of lawn making that can be incorporated inside a small house, or a big mansion, given how the user, or owner utilizes the space. The first thing to know about planting a garden indoors is that, it does not have to be either big, or sprawling – neither do you … Read more

21 Mini Garden Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Vertical Pallet Planter For Wall

Mini gardens are a budding trend in the society of today – be it indoor, or outdoor, the suburbia has taken it upon itself to make the best of their small green spaces, and convert them into something more, something beautiful, and something better, than what they have been provided to begin with. A small … Read more