24 Space Saving Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

Your average swinging doors tend to be the norm when it comes to closets. However whenever you use doors like these in any application you need to account for the amount of space their swing takes up within your space. If you have a small space they take up precious floor space and can make your space feel cramped. Even if you have the luxury of having a walk in closet attached to your bedroom the doors themselves still manage to impose on your bedroom floor space.

24 Efficient And Innovative Sliding Closet Doors

Best sliding closet doors ideas


But never fear, sliding doors are here to save the day! These doors take away the need to accommodate the doors swing and frees up so much space for other uses and makes a small space feel so much bigger. They come in so many forms and styles so you can find your ideal form that fits the space you’re working with.

So if you want to save some space in your home with some style here are:

1. Top Hung Contemporary Closet Door

advantage of sliding doors in their functionality and decoration at the same time


This sliding closet door hangs like a dark wooden curtain off a flat hanging rail with circular details. which hides a spacious walk in closet behind it. The sliding door means you don’t have to account for swing space so the bed can be set against the wall with the door sliding neatly behind it. The silver rail has been designed with this in mind so it matches the bed frame This style is perfect for minimalist style interiors and long, narrow rooms with little lateral space.

2. Japanese Inspired Sliding Door

Before you buy doors, decide on a place for your belongings.

This closet has used Japanese screens as the inspiration for this delicate timber framed door with translucent panels of fabric or paper. The minimal design of the room uses calming colours and textures and the top hung sliding door fits in with this feeling harmoniously and adds an element of texture.


3. Gilded Patterned Closet Doors

Compartment doors with a pattern

When closed these doors seem like merely a pair of gilded wallpapered panels to decorate the wall. However if you slide these pleasingly in the same direction they reveal a closet with both hanging space and a set of drawers. This closet shows how the elegant sliding doors can easily double as décor. The base colour is a few shades lighter than the brown of the wall with a gold pattern that shines differently depending on how the light happens to hit the closet, making this piece of furniture both useful and pleasing to the eye.

4. Coordinated Wooden Paneled Closet

Corner walk-in closet with wooden door

If, unlike the previous example, you prefer to have your closet disappear into the background using the same materials as the room can help. The super thin top hung closet doors perfectly matches the floors as if the wooden paneling has run up the walls from the floor. The closet is only set apart by the lighter panel that runs half way up the walls and the inconspicuous silver handles. The freed up space in front of the closet provides a large space for dressing and planning your outfits.

5. Bathroom Door Inspired Closet

Dressing room in a niche with a case door

This minimal room design has utilized a quartet of white glossy panels decorated by the quirky choice a simple line work bathroom door insignia as its closet doors. The slim top hung door slides away to reveal a large closet space without interfering with the floor space whatsoever.

6. Rustic Hallway Closet Door

Dressing room in the hallway

In the spirit of using space in an efficient way this closet uses a hallway that can be dead space and makes it useful without closet doors swinging to block the walkway. The barn style door is hung from a industrial black rail overhead and slides open to unveil a small mud room with coat hooks. This kind of storage can make your space look cluttered can be easily solved by this style of sliding closet which keeps the toom looking neat.

7. Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors

Glass compartment door

This minimalistic and modern bedroom has applied a classic visual trick of using mirrors to make the room appear bigger. Having these mirrors also serve as closet doors makes the closet disappear entirely into the space. The closet doors are hung off two rails so the interlocking sliding doors can be slid open one at a time as needed.

8. Double Sided Sliding Closet Doors

If properly operated, the sliding door will last a long time.

These white doors with frosted glass insets and crisscrossed framework are beautiful when closed, but its when they’re opened that they really show their true colours. The doors slide smoothly to hide inside the closet itself so they don’t even take up any wall space in the room itself. This removes both the trouble of accommodating a door swing and the issues with taking up wall space that would cover up the window. These innovative doors hide a whole separate dressing room with multiple sets of drawers, hanging space and shoe cubbies. A swirling colourful rug finishes off the generous closet space.

9. Translucent Modern Closet

open the door, you hear a slight rustle,

As in the above example these doors slide into the closet like the above example to save on wall space. The timber frame is inlayed with a translucent material in an almost Japanese inspired style that lets you peak into the closet without the clothes and shoes appearing messy. To tie in the closet with the rest of the room design the black frame of the closet matches the black furniture in the side table and bed base and lime green, an obviously well loved colour, can be found on the bed, in the artwork and inside the closet.

10. Triple Stacked Paneled Doors

Proper care will keep the sliding door in good condition.

The aluminium frame that makes up this system of sliding doors is super lightweight and easy to use. The three doors themselves are divided into three square frosted plastic sheets divided by aluminium strips set on three sliding rails at the top and bottom. These stack behind one another to reveal layers of hanging space, specific shoe storage and multiple little drawer systems. The blue and white colour scheme of the room is bright and minimal and whether this closet is open and closed this fits in with this look perfectly.

11. Sleek Silver Sliding Doors

Sliding compartment doors for a dressing room

In a similar style to the above example these double leafed top hung aluminium doors are lightweight and form part of the minimal room design. The minimal doors hide a multi use closet shallow closet been that has been designed for optimum usage with hanging space, built in drawers and shoe storage to maximize on the slim space.

12. Huge Closet With Stacked Laminate Doors

Sliding door for dressing room

This sumptuous walk in closet is concealed behind two large laminate timber doors that slide smoothly into the closet space itself. When closed they create a dark wooden expanse as a textured backdrop to the bed. The same timber has been used throughout the closet itself to keep the whole space cohesive. The hidden huge closet space provides ample storage for two people, both with excessive wardrobes and a love of fashion.

13. Sliding, Slatted Corner Closet

Sliding door in the corner dressing room

This is a slightly different type of sliding closet application is at a spa for storing personal items and donning a robe. The doors are made of thin slats of timber the gaps between which allows for a striped view into the walk in closet. The doors hover over the floor and close to form the corner in a unique and stylish way. The whole room has been executed in calm neutral tones fitting for the spa setting.

14. A Small Door To A Big Closet

Sliding door in wood and glass

This door seems to be an average door but this inconspicuous exterior leads you to a pretty indulgent closet with its own window. Due to the fact that the closet door is the size of a normal doorway it takes up very little wall space, especially as it also slides into the interior of the closet as opposed to taking up any wall space. The door itself is a pretty design made up of a wooden frame and bubbled frosted glass in small rectangular panels that is almost humble compared to the huge indulgent space that you enter as you pass across the threshold.

15. Overlapping Translucent Children’s Closet

Sliding door saves extra space

This children’s closet is a simple construction of thin wooden frame with top and bottom rails with translucent panels set within the frame. These lightweight doors stack one behind the other becoming more and more opaque and providing the maximum use of the space. The floor to ceiling closet features a three tiered hanging space, a dinky set of white drawer in front and metal baskets for clothes storage all against a mint back wall that is cute and perfect for a small child’s bedroom.

16. Screen Doors In Lavish Dressing Room

Sliding doors to the cloakroom

This dressing really plays up the luxury of having a space purely for dressing with its size and décor. The sliding closet doors are made up of horizontal wooden slats with a translucent material behind them set inside a dark solid wood frame. This dark wood matches the large island drawer unit with a clean white top can be so large because of the sliding doors. An elegant chandelier hanging above the island and the soft carpet are the cherries on top of this luxurious design.

17. This High Shine Grey Wall is Hiding A Secret

Sliding doors with a mirrored surface

The minimalistic style of this room has been maintained in the sleek design of the floor to ceiling glossy sliding doors with small vertical metal handles. The walls on either side of the doors are faced in the same material so they blend together in one homogeneous surface. The floor itself also becomes one homogeneous surface as the polished screed floor bleeds through under the sliding doors into the walk in closet. A floor to ceiling window, like we see in the bedroom, lights up the colossal closet beyond to create a space that is almost fit to live in on its own.

18. Pink Vintage Inspired Stacking Doors

Small but roomy walk-in closet

Sliding closet doors can even find a home in a vintage inspired like this one with it’s dark brown carpet, dusty pink cupboards and white trim. The walk in closet has been placed in a walkway so the pink timber doors slide behind one another so they don’t obstruct the walkway. The pink moulded doors and drawers fit in perfectly alongside the other features like the black and white checkered floor, white on white door mouldings and gothic black framed mirror.

19. Top Hung Rustic Timber Closet Door

Techno wood door

This beautiful neutral bedroom has upgraded from plain to rustic through the top hung timber closet door on a chunky, black iron railing. This wood grained curtain hides a walk in closet just deep enough to step into with built in shoe storage, a small chest of drawers and hanging space. The space saved by the sliding door allows space for a big comfy bed and bedside tables because you have no door swings to mess up your vision.

20. Multi Use Sliding Closet Door


This top hung timber door on a black rail is a dual purpose item featuring a full length mirror that you can check yourself out in after you’ve dressed in the walk in closet beyond. The mirror reflects the colourful duvet in the foreground to maximize on the pop of colour in this simple white and timber room. The walk in closet has its own window and a little stool to sit on while you put on your shoes.

21. Top Hung Double Sided Doors.

Using a compartment door in a large dressing room

The white top hung closet opens dramatically from the centre to reveal the large walk in closet behind them. The white painted paneled design is hung on with a black rail in a classically contemporary look. One of the sliding doors tucks in neatly behind the bathroom door, doubling down on the wall space in a very efficient way. The laminated wooden floors run underneath the closet doors into the closet itself which makes the whole bedroom space feel like one.

22. Floor to Ceiling Futuristic Closet

Wardrobe in the bedroom

This bedroom décor hints at the Baroque style with rich pattern and golden finishes; which contrasts strongly against the white and silver futuristic sliding doors of the closet. The massive wall of closet space provides space for the most extensive wardrobe and any other storage needs you may have. Since the room is very long and thin room needs very slim line doors to save as much space as possible. These aluminium doors stack one over the other without taking up any valuable floor space.

23. Subtle Homey Closet

Wooden compartment doors painted white

Four white doors paneled horizontally and vertical with subtle little handles form these vintage closets. The doors can be opened two doors at a time, one on each side as they slide over one another. The large sleigh bed and antique chest of drawers chest fit easily into the space due to the space saving magic of the sliding closet doors. The vintage yet homey is made even cozier by floral bedspread on the huge bed.

24. Sliding Shuttered Bedside Closet

Wooden sliding doors

The very large bedroom design is decorated using a variety of different grains and shades of timber in the bedside table, floorboards, head board, sliding patio door frame and shutter style sliding closet doors. The bedside closet space is a small closet made of traditional shuttered doors that leave plenty of space for a matching set of bedside tables. This bedroom is huge with plenty of space for regular swing doors but instead utilize all the space cleverly with closet doors that are far more interesting and modern.


And there you have it; some stylish and useful sliding doors that let you save space in a beautiful way.

Sliding doors can be top hung, on rails, slide onto the wall or hide themselves within the closet itself. This adaptability makes this simple innovation a must have to add an unexpected aesthetic as well as helping you efficiently use all the space at your disposal. So the next time you bash the chest of drawers with your cupboard door why not consider switching it up with some sliding closet doors.

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