50 Best White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs 2018


The kitchen space is the hub and heart of the home. No room is absolute as multifunctional as the kitchen. This space has matured from a purely functional unit into a protean room to cook food, cheer guests and serve meals. The evolution calls for attention and utmost care to decorate and beautify it. That is why we present awesome white kitchen cabinet ideas and designs that are anything but boring.

White is clean and fresh; these two words are classic words for illustrating a great kitchen. There is no superior way to address a design. Moreover, white is an ultimate design tool that is a charismatic shape-shifter. You can morph it into any kitchen fashion and style.

White lightens up a room and makes the figment of greater space. This color brightens the room that is short of adequate natural light. Also, white is an extraordinary background for nearly anything; it accentuates everything around it. White kitchens are beautiful, classy and timeless. It can suit any taste or style regardless of whether it’s a conventional, contemporary, present day or any others. We are all infatuated with marvelous white kitchens.

For those people who are perhaps somewhat dubious about bright colors and intriguing timbers, white kitchens can be decorated with a host of colors, textures, and finishes. We can apply some consolidate contrasting finishes, for example, hardwood flooring or natural stone, which also have textural qualities to make matt or glossy white cabinetry more striking. A lot of designers recommend timber, or timber-impact carcasses, with doors and door fronts in white, which is a decent trade off in case you are chary of a thoroughly white scheme. Include color with paint; choose from subtle, muted shades of gray, green and mauve for a white kitchen in a period abode, or go for lime, mustard or zingy orange for an extremely contemporary look.

Here are 50 white kitchen designs with their vibe and style for you to take inspiration for your kitchen design and décor.

1. Fill a Substantial Space

If you have a big room, then make the most of it with a tremendous island that is packed with useful storage. This kitchen has modern style pendants suspended on long links. In a space with such a high roof, an all-white color scheme could feel vacant and stark; however, the low-hung pendants separate the wide crevice between the island unit and roof.  Grey cupboard and gray picture frames serve a similar purpose and put an interest and enthusiasm meanwhile.


2. Combine Modern with Traditional

This is a beautiful kitchen space having commingled modern aesthetics with the gorgeousness of traditional style kitchen cabinets. The floors, ceiling, and walls are very light with white ash ceramic floor tiles, white ceiling, and walls. Main kitchen cabinets are basic paneled cabinets in grayish tinge with white marble subway tiles and white countertop for the backsplash. At the middle is a rectangular kitchen island that is Oak finished topped with the white solid surface, coordinated with storage space and dining zone.

Combine Modern with Traditional


3. White All The Way

The high impact design element of the kitchen is cabinets since they are outward confronting and take up a considerable measure of real estate in the room. About one-third to one-half of kitchen redesign budget spends on cabinets. White is the most popular and prevalent option in cabinets that works great in most kitchens. You can add a personal touch by picking plain or modern cabinet pulls that enhance the overall look.  Moreover, they are readily available and fly against fresh and crisp white cabinetry.

White All The Way


4. Switch to Stone

Stone is a lovely option. Utilize it subtly to make a natural and organic look, and it will promote itself being a center of attention on an all-white format. It is a stunning and elegant choice for a kitchen space. Search for discrete patterns and varieties in tone for a unique worktop or splashback. Stone is not inexpensive, but with its tactile charm, it is an extravagance and luxury investment that withstands the test of time.

White All The Way


5. Go Diagonal

Bring a unique feature in your open modern kitchen with an exceptionally one of a kind kitchen island placement. The main kitchen cabinets are kept basic with white cabinets, white granite counter top, subway tiles for backsplash and rectangular kitchen island is placed diagonally not parallel or perpendicular to any of the main kitchen cabinets. The unique and exclusive placement makes the layout more fascinating and dynamic. Moreover, the dark painted base of the kitchen island emerges from the pale colored space and is even finished with two modern style pendant lights.

Go Diagonal


6. Shine and Shimmer Bright

Pick worktops in a shiny and glossy white finish for an entirely trendy look yet it must stand the test of time. The reflecting worktop will give a spacious and clean look to your kitchen. A trio of pendants hanging over the island makes a cool component that isolates the kitchen from the eating zone in this open-plan space. The three breakfast bar stools reflect some pendants as well, keeping the look impeccably symmetrical, and flawlessly coordinated color wise.

Shine and Shimmer Bright


7. Island as Divider

If you have a huge open floor style of layout making a vast and spacious kitchen, then this design is perfect for you. With only one wall for primary kitchen counters having white cabinets and finished with dark black granite, it accommodates a huge kitchen island with the wengue laminated base, marble ledge and dining table all ready for more than four diners at a time. The outsized kitchen island not only gives extra storage, it likewise works as an additional preparation area, isolates and divides the kitchen from the rest of the house and furthermore fills in as a casual eating area.

Island as Divider


8. Being Minimalistic

Consider handless cabinetry, so surfaces are completely free of enhancement and adornment, making a minimalistic and bold look. This luxurious and elegantly straightforward design is upgraded with a white-on-white color scheme. Organize floor units and walls in regimented banks for super-sorted out capacity. Take benefit from recessed LED lightings by setting them up in shelving and cupboards. Introduce them on the wall underneath the cabinetry, under the units or even inside so locating ingredients is easy.

Being Minimalistic


9. White and Bright Countertops

White is the most versatile color and most wanted hue, especially for kitchen countertops. They are numerous ways to go for white countertops such as white marble. It is warm and classic with its natural veiny appearance that adds texture. It is more costly than other options and expensive to maintain. You will have to wipe up spills immediately, abstain from putting a hot container or abrasive items on the surface and seal it all the time. On the other hand, white granite has lower maintenance than marble, seal it once per year and wipe up spills as soon as possible. It offers a classic look too. Engineered white quartz is non-porous and durable, so it is more sanitary and resists scratches, stains, and corrosion. White concrete achieves the pure white look plus it is unfathomably sturdy. White glass is pricey however it is bright, sleek and non-porous and possibly the most hygienic alternative. In case you are on a tight budget then today’s laminates mimic more costly than marble and granite and also resist chipping and scratching.

White and Bright Countertops


10. Grey and White Combo

Here is lit up and well-illuminated kitchen, with excellent light gray walls which facilitate the white kitchen cabinets to pop-out. It has a little rectangular kitchen island made of solid and firm vertical boards of wood in mahogany finish having white granite as a counterpart. This kitchen island provides additional preparation area for small kitchen and a little bar counter to dining. The jumbled and mismatched bar stools include a casual and industrial feel to space which likewise coordinates the look of pendant lights set above it.

Grey and White Combo


11. Space with a View

Simple and basic flat-panel white cabinets do not divert from the beautiful and lovely view. White columns and a farmhouse sink include a dash of the conventional and traditional. The lowered pantries and plain wall cabinetry meshing go great with architecture. Clutter-busting appliance garage makes counter clear and lovely glass tile backsplash put in a touch of surprising sparkle and shimmer.

Space with a View


12. Citrus Twist

Cheery, timeless and bright, white is the kitchen color of choice as it gives a lot of options for adornment. An exquisite trio of pendants, clad in electrifying orange silk, illuminates this kitchen’s marble-topped island. The colorful vase and utensils enhance the breathtaking kitchen ambiance. More pops and snaps of orange come from dishware displayed in the glass-front cabinets and a perky Osborne and Little Roman kicky shade in the adjacent breakfast nook.

Citrus Twist


13. Blend Materials in Flow

Blend and match materials and finishes to accomplish a subtle and unobtrusive look. Joining soft, neutral hues with a finely grained timber executes admirably. This contemporary kitchen sits flawlessly in the design, thanks to curved cabinetry in gray and oak veneer finish. The bends and curves help build up the stream of movement in a space and can likewise be utilized to make a more private and social-able zone, softening hard lines.

Blend Material in Flow


14. Shading in Small Doses

Choosing white walls, floors and work-surfaces look ultra cool, yet you may discover it excessively clinical. Replace at least one element with color to break the monotony. Look at the smooth handless cabinetry, finished in the profound gray hi-gloss lacquer that seems very impressive. Detached furniture is not the preserve of nation kitchen. The full-stature stand-alone pantries furnish sufficient capacity with mess holed behind the smooth oak entryways. The low-level promontory with stainless steel worktops gives a perfect and clean look.

Shading in Small Dose


15. Go Monochrome

We have an exclusive design for those who love to go monochrome. Monochromes are functional, stylish and on-trend. Sleek furniture, flat-fronted in a monochrome palette emphasizes natural textures for example exposed bricks. The un-fitted open racking highlights the stature of the room. One side of the island provides a breakfast bar as well as a workstation.

Go Monochrome


16. Make it Grey

Grey is an extraordinary but distinctive choice when it comes to kitchen cabinetry especially when combined with white elsewhere in the scheme. You can see a wall of units is utilized as a room divider, protecting the living space past. A long island gives a double galley design setting everything inside for easy reach of the cook. At the same time, the soft gray and glossy silk matt finish goes with each living zone.

Make it Grey


17. Lots of Charm

Now, this idea is a mix of contemporary plus cottage. An open-concept and compact kitchen is the result that gives a sprightly feeling with pops of turquoise on the island and the upper cabinet. White quartz ledges clad the island with waterfall-style to upgrade and modernize the look, and a jewel-patterned Carrara marble backsplash puts in a timeless style.

Lots of Charm


18.   A Touch of Personality

We have here a cutting edge kitchen space that utilizes conventional style kitchen cabinets to include a touch of personality to the area. The dividers are white-painted brick finish, adding pattern to the surface and generating a rough finish. This is matched with basic white framed kitchen cabinets, with glass doors for overhead cabinets and finished with black galaxy granite.  A rectangular kitchen island placed in the middle house a convection oven, in addition to extra storage and feasting area.

A Touch of Personality


19. Spacious and Traditional

Some people want to keep traditional ambiance alive in their kitchen. This conventional kitchen is bright and comfortable with a full room committed for the kitchen and storage zone. The primary cabinets are white in conventional style paneled doors with cocoa brown granite countertop. A solid Mahogany stained-base island located at the center of the very large kitchen play beautifully. This is additionally used for the dining area, stockpiling and also incorporates a sink.

Spacious and Traditional


20. Sensational Tile Accent Wall

What a lively and electrifying cook space! Hand-poured bond tiles cover the back mass of this lively and open-idea featured kitchen. It includes around $35/ square foot of wall covering the whole wall with sturdy and handmade tiles that are somewhat expensive.  To achieve a similar look in less cost, select a gigantic graphic wallpaper or backdrop. Make an exquisite contrast of dining stools with the wall shading. Mix and match two different kinds of seating tools as shown in the image for a casual and trendy setting.

Sensational Tile Accent Wall


21. Hexagonal Backsplash

Despite the smaller size of space, this open plan kitchen is located in the living area giving it a spacious feel. The walls of the entire house are painted gray with Natural Hickory wooden floors. The unique backsplash hexagonal tiles are complementing with the floor and the walls while cabinets are painted white with marble countertop. The rectangular kitchen island at the center has a marble countertop, and warm gray painted base cabinets. The marble is beautifully extended a bit to form a ledge that serves as a bar counter, permitting space for three bar stools and dining purposes. The two pendants play well with the overall space and white of the cabinet is overpowering the room.

Hexagonal Backsplash


22. Interface Two Spaces

A spectacular setting indeed! Two spaces can be linked together with the help of a uniquely designed horseshoe-shaped island that creates a dynamic kitchen station. Dramatic and theatrical gourmet specialists and chefs will adore its open center point. An extremely practical design with only a couple of steps between foods prepares the serving area and cooking space. Highlight and accent shading are infused through the green couch and peculiar embellishments connecting two spaces with vibrancy.

Interface Two Spaces


23. Playing with Hues

This quaint and interesting rustic style kitchen has an exceptional sage green wall and roof combined with solid Oak floors. Given the bold striking and bold shade of walls and ceiling, the kitchen cabinets are kept white. It makes them prominent and splendid giving a clean and pure look. The vertical beadboard wood supports the setting and adds texture and pattern.  The countertop of the primary cabinets is kept red granite while the little kitchen island in the middle uses a more exquisite looking marble countertop.

Playing with Hues


24. Splendid Wood Work

Wow! That is how wood works wonders. Utilizing modern modular cabinetry, this room can utilize a satisfying mix of wood and white tones thus making a balanced vibe to the kitchen area. It is evident that base cabinets are covered in colonial maple wood finish providing a subtle and soft wood tone. The overhead cabinets are plain white with high gloss lamination giving that advance and modern appeal. The countertop utilized solid white surface and the same is utilized on the rectangular kitchen island including a cooking hob.

Splendid Wood Work


25. Spruce Up with Fabric

A little bit of fabric won’t do harm. Graphic tiles are not the only way for a fresh look. We have a budget friendly solution for you to add pattern and colors in your space. The fabric is an elegant and budget-friendly solution that can effectively be switched out to upgrade your kitchen space on the fly. An exclusively arched Roman shade in this image adds a light control and privacy to this cook’s kitchen. The blind screen and fabric go dramatically together giving a royal appeal.

Spruce Up with Fabric


26. Brilliant Bright Windows

Brilliant and bright windows, plastered ceiling, light gray walls and dull walnut floors provide this kitchen with a nice and decent background that has the perfect balance of bright and dark colors. Also, the kitchen cabinets utilized adjusts dark and bright colors. The white painted cabinets, consolidated with dark gray salt and pepper granite countertop including a visual texture to the room. Although the kitchen is small yet the little square island in the middle provides additional storage zone, worktop and apparently an eating zone which accommodates two bar tools. The bright windows at the back are giving a spacious and wide feel to the room.

Brilliant Bright Windows


27. Enchanting White Cabinetry

A long way from being an insipid choice, white cabinetry is a clever decision for the individuals who need a room that emanates style without dating rapidly. It is an awesome base on which to build and embellish to make a novel scheme as no white kitchen resembles another. Settle on a purposeful choice about what to show in your kitchen.  A smooth, sleek and handless cabinetry is matched with gliding shelves to make a sleek and stylish show with a lot of storage room. Practical skillet and pan drawers underneath the hob are extremely efficient.

Enchanting White Cabinetry


28. Charming White Sink

For a long time, white sinks have been washroom mainstays. The same timeless look interprets well into kitchen regardless of the fact that you pick an exemplary white sink or a higher degree trend piece such as farmhouse sink. If you are naturally hard on your sink like throwing pans and pots around then stainless steel is a superior choice for you. Fireclay might remind me the best options for white sinks. This stuff is impervious to chipping, staining, scratches, and clean-up are very simple just soap and water. Another good option will be enamel-coated-cast iron for durable white sinks, yet has a tendency to be heavier so ensure your cabinets can deal with the weight.

Charming White Sink


29. Relying on Contrast

For the modern and aesthetic appeal, count on contrasts. We have here some exquisite custom features like handblown circular glass pendants combined with a rough-hewn rosewood counter that act as a counterpoint to the smooth and sleek kitchen’s modern aesthetic. Hues are likewise in high contrast about white base cabinets and countertop paired with dull and dark European-inspired melamine uppers. The low windows and white painted floor and ceiling are adding more depth.

Relying on Contrast


30. Welcome in Crisp and Fresh Foliage

Want to transform your kitchen space into family space? A breakfast bar is an ideal approach to change a kitchen into your loved one’s entertainment area. We have a splendid all-white palette that permits light to surge into the kitchen, yet keeping it fresh and modern. Bright blasts of green add character to this gorgeous scheme.

Welcome in Crisp and Fresh Foliage


31. A Tropical Island

The saturated turquoise shade of the kitchen island might be too intense for a few, yet it is pitch-perfect in the open-concept cooking area. Painting your kitchen island in bright and vivid color is an incredible trick to add enthusiasm and interest in an all-white kitchen. It is easy to repaint in case your design taste change. The conventional dinner stools and lightings overhead add depth and exquisiteness to the ambiance.

A Tropical Island


32. Go Glam

Why not glamorize the elements of your cooking zone? Sensationalize a white kitchen with extravagant frill and opulent accessories, for example, crystal pendant light that exhibits personality. Make your floor scheme in a way to ooze depth with natural looking timber. A stone whether it is real, replica vinyl ceramics or laminate when used, it creates a warming counterpoint to gleaming white cabinets. The dark walls are adding contrast and are overpowering the white cabinets and island top. The dining stools are giving a modern and contemporary appeal.

Go Glam


33. Add Some Color

If you are on a budget still want to pop in some color and extravagance in your kitchen space then this idea is perfect for you. Just give a little pick-me-up to your existing white cooking zone and spend some on the budget-friendly paint for the uplift. Paint cheery apple green just the mullions and leave window frames white. Then add a couple of coordinating pieces of green dishware in plain view in the glass-front cabinets. Add the similar color on your window screen to make your kitchen area full of color. If you have metallic dining stools that you want to refurbish then do a bit of silver spray and add it to your kitchen island.

Add in Some Color


34. Settle on an Open-Plan Design

A thrilling idea indeed! The open-plan kitchen zone has a skylight over the workspace. The two bi-fold doors over the whole back wall make it airy and well-ventilated. White walls, floors, and worksurfaces look ultra-cool however if they feel excessively clinical then replace a couple of elements with texture and shading, for example, the oak furniture and flooring shown here. If you have a small garden in one of the kitchen’s opening then adds as much greenery to it as possible. It will give a fresh and crisp appeal to your eating zone.

Settle on an Open-Plan Design


35. Grey Grounds

If you want to remodel white kitchen, then the banks of the white cabinetry can be broken into gray. Make the base cabinets steely gray and break the all-white color scheme. Transforming the cabinets will give a most traditional kitchen the most contemporary and modern look.  If you feel painting all base cabinets into gray color is overwhelming then begin with just the island. You can always paint the rest of cabinets later if you adore the look. Play with hues by painting stools in over bright orange or put some tiles on the backsplash. If you feel tiles are expensive, then do with some graphic wallpaper. Bright colored containers and cutlery in glass door cabinets also inculcate the trendy look.

Grey Grounds


36. Break with Art

White is a color of old school as well as modern times in kitchen space. Even now white is the biggest selling hue in the kitchen market. The kitchen following white schemes is least demanding to tweak at a later date. This kitchen peninsula has a savvy cabinet storage and a useful breakfast bar. The monotonous of the pale scheme can be broken with the help of artwork on the wall. Electrifying color pots and vases also contribute to maximizing the stylish appeal and also give a fresh cool look.

Break with Art


37. White Kitchen Hutch

Voila! What a lovely built-in graphic hutch which serves as the centerpiece for this kitchen. The cabinet’s fogged windowpanes match to the apothecary drawers that are establishing a grid pattern. The stained cork floor proceeds with the pattern to the floor and makes a graphic backdrop. An elegant arch and a striking marble backsplash give the hutch a classic shape.

White Kitchen Hutch


38. Vintage Meets Contemporary

Who says a white kitchen must be all white? Play with the essential elements of your cooking zone by swapping upper cupboards for two little shelves, so the whimsical flower backdrop is the star. Make a contrasting centerpiece by painting the emerald tone from the backdrop to Kitchen Island. The chandeliers go surprisingly well with the wallpaper and vintage scheme. Decorate your little shelves with the best of your cutlery and dishware. Add a small painting to enhance the modern appeal.

Vintage Meets Contemporary


39. Light it Up

Why not add a bit lighting effect? White kitchens are beautiful cooking space. If some modern elements are incorporated into the bland white effect, then the result is exquisite. Create a sense of drama in your white kitchen by adding a single-color or color-changing LEDs to plinths. Fix them in glazed units or open shelves to create extravagance in your family space. The rectangular units of fluctuating statures and a statement stainless-steel extractor hood consolidate to make an organized and contemporary look. A sleek and smooth cabinetry, when paired with lights, will give out an awesome effect.

Light it Up


40. Family-Friendly Zone

A kitchen is so much more than just a place to get food ready. It is the zone where memories are created and serves as a hub of family activity. This is a charming little kitchen that is structured smartly so that it feels more spacious. The bright colors scheme and correct design aesthetics have made it all accommodating and roomy. The right number of cabinets is incorporated for stockpiling purpose while the shelves on the front wall have made the ambiance modern and airy. The stools are placed on the other side of the counter to leave more space inside the kitchen.

Family-Friendly Zone


41. Tiles on Focus

If you possess an all white kitchen, then a better the idea is to make your tiles the core interest. Patterned tiles and curved worktops are a conventional approach to softening the sharpness of a white kitchen space. Add interest in your scheme by choosing huge patterned tiles with texture. Just like in this kitchen we observe an excellent contrast of black tiles on white cabinetry. The contrast of the island worktop looks amazing with a white base. The door-less base cabinets are decorated with precious cutlery and dishware. The center of attention remains the main wall with tiles.

Tiles on Focus


42. Galley-Style Kitchen

Look at this super luxe and traditional space! The designed is focused on the kitchen function and also the unique form of the space. In an exquisite long galley-style kitchen area for a bustling group of four, white has been intelligently used in walls to keep the space bright and roomy. However, the island has been settled on a dark stain to break the monotony. The black, gray and gold tiles are looking stunning and giving a playful touch echoing the colors of glass tile backsplash. Lightings are decent and modern enhancing the sophisticated appeal.

Galley Style Kitchen


43. Show your Pretty Pots

Why not! For this, you must pick an expansive Belfast sink that sits sleekly underneath the worktop for a conventional nation style that will likewise give you a lot of space to do dishes. A white kitchen space benefits enormously from vivid adornments which add pops of color. Include an open rack painted white to run with your color scheme so that it provides space for flaunting your pretty pots. Do not forget to add those bits and bobs that should be seen.

Show your Pretty Pots


44. Pocket-sized in White

Although the kitchen is situated at the center of the house yet, this pock-sized space has exceptionally restricted space in this open plan house. In spite of its little size, the open plan has successfully helped to make it more bright and big. However, the size implies that space should be used effectively. That is the reason the main kitchen wall is full storage walls with built in cabinets and ovens to boost the wall space. Kitchen Island is isolating kitchen from the rest of the house. It holds the sink, cooking hob and serve as an additional dining area. The countertop is poured beige concrete that stands out well from the white cabinetry.

Pocket-sized in White


45. Warm your Wood

Create an element of an engineered oak floor in your expansive kitchen space. Here, different hardwearing flooring has been utilized in the room. What an effective trick to create separate zones in an open-plan region. The wooden accents show up all through as the ideal complement to the floor while pastel-colored pendants add a feel of fun to an adult scheme. Sitting stools though simple and plain wooden are creating interest in the ambiance of the kitchen.

Warm your Wood


46. Little Space with Big Ideas

Simply wow! A small little kitchen area can be sensationalized with big design ideas. We have a high contrast black-and-white handmade tile backsplash in this little kitchen area which is a big design statement. This big tile show is making the kitchen bright and roomy instead of giving a cramped look. Rather than sticking with a littler patterned tile the designer went bold and picked the large scale graphic that takes after wallpaper. The tiles give a smooth and slick surface that easily wipes clean.

Little Space with Big Ideas


47. Line Out

Exploit a long space by filling it with a huge kitchen island that runs the entire length of the space practically. The kitchen room could have been separated into partitioned dining and food preparation zone, but the long lines of the kitchen design are what make it impressive and striking.  Dull and dark-hued units, skylights and cool pendant flowing in the length of the room likewise add to the stupendous and grand appearance.

Line Out


48. Beachy Chic

White is always right! With a mosaic backsplash that has patterns of cheery splashes and fish scales of turquoise throughout, the viewer will feel as if the kitchen is at the coast. This lovely watery palette was enlivened by unobstructed views of the Gulf noticeable from the adjacent family room. In spite of the fact that this house is utilized as a rental, but the proprietor saved no cost when picking finishes such as quartz countertops in complement with a black walnut preparation zone at the far end of the kitchen’s huge island. The three pendants are giving a stunning impact in the beachy chic kitchen space.

Beachy Chic


49. When Old meet New

If you own a 150-year-old space having 16 feet high ceiling, then this design idea is just for you. It is a big historical, charming kitchen space having unique dimensions. It is owner’s wish to preserve the original architecture of the home and renovate it in modern style with all amenities. This 1851house might be a challenge for the designer yet it comes out gorgeous and stunning. The property holder entertained large gatherings and required a lot of storage space. However, the kitchen’s design allowed only one wall for cabinetry. The solution is custom cabinetry that extends nearly to the ceiling. The Shaker-style doors and bronze fixtures wed the white cabinets to the traditional style of home.

When old meet new


50. Hollywood Glam

Add a bit of Hollywood magic in your kitchen space by following this exquisite design. This is the glamorous side of the tinsel town created by one of the famous Hollywood designers. A sleek contemporary kitchen space is all ready for a closeup. A blend of gray stained oak cabinets and white lacquered can be seen combined with mirrored mosaic backsplash. The silver screen look is completed by Calcutta marble countertops and pro-grade appliances.

Hollywood Glam



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