Brick Fences: An Endless Way To Protect Your Home

When you build a house, something you keep in mind from moment one is security. All the hard work you are doing creating the house of your dreams needs to be protected with a fence that allows you to feel confidence that your main asset is secured. When thinking about strong and protective fences, brick walls come to mind, because their materials are resistant, durable and reliable. Today we want to introduce you to this great material that is not used only for buildings, but it is also used to help you feel safe. Find out a little bit more about brick fences.

modern style brick fence



Brick - a very versatile building material

Brick fences are a style that makes a stand for its owners. Using bricks for fences talks about the status of the person who installs them. It is definitively an expensive way to go, but also a worth while one, because when a person chooses this kind of fence, is paying not only to protect, not only to have style, but also for a very durable and strong barrier to keep the love ones protected.


practical and beautiful brick fence

For a person who loves their family, the expense made in this kind of design is nothing compared with the many advantages they get out of this option. The beauty it gives to the house, the sobriety, but mostly the protection and security it makes feel cannot be taken for granted.

amazing brick fence


Positive aspects of brick fences

stylish and dark brick fence

Choosing brick as the main material for a fence has great advantages:

Low maintenance

countryside brick fence

Brick fences are a beautiful way to enclose your land, and after you install it, you do not have to be constantly taking care of your facade. Once you install your fence is done and you do not have to do anything but clean it from time to time.

Unique quality brick fence

The natural materials bricks are made of, also helps by giving them a natural and rustic style that comes handy with maintenance. Is a hard material easy to take care of.


durable brick fence

Brick fences are a feature that once you have installed to your home, you can be sure you will not have to replace it in years. The strength of the material makes it last for decades without presenting any problem besides from a scratch here and there.

Fence made of bricks can serve as a support for climbing plants

These walls, when installed properly, can easily stand straight for a lifetime of beauty and protection.

Acoustic isolation

Fence in a modern style of brick of different colors

Because of its thickness, brick fences can help to keep outside’s noise away from your ears. That goes from annoying dog barks to late parties: brick fences are an intelligent way to have a more comfortable life.

Clinker brick fence

Beautiful resistance

Brick fence decorated with jasmine bushes

The strength of this fence allows you to use it as a utility for your garden. This kind of material can hold a lot of weight, which makes it perfect to use it as a design’s support. You can set lighting equipment, set shelves for candles or any other ornaments, hang plants, etc. And, you can also use it to help with security by hanging security cameras along the wall.


Before painting a brick fence, the surface must be carefully prepared

The strength and thickness that you get from a brick fence gives you a very strong barrier against curious and marauders. This strong material can also resist hard impacts, making it a truly acquisition when it comes to security. Brick fence is definitively the most secure option when it comes to fences.

Decorative white brick fence

The strength of a brick fence will depend on the design chosen for the wall. The more garnished or ornamented the brick fence is, the less secure and strong the structure will be. Still, a brick wall is a safe and strong solution for fencing.


Fences made of bricks

Since bricks come from a natural source, choosing this material is a greener option than others when it comes to fencing. Creating bricks is a less damaging activity then the creation of other materials.

Painted white, the brick fence looks stylish

Bricks are also a natural material, which means no toxic or synthetic additives are used in their creation, contributing to worker’s health by preventing allergies or intoxications.

Brick fences do not need increased care, for example like wooden fences

Fire protection

Courtyard in classical style with a brick fence

Brick walls are more fire resistant than other materials, preserving your property and your health. Because of its thickness, and also because it comes from a natural source, bricks have a big tolerance to high temperatures.

Decorative fence with base and pillars of clinker bricks

Bricks don’t have components than can be flammable, propagate flames, or smoke. Which contributes to avoid fire from spreading.

Impact protection

The cost of brick fence is quite high

Fences made of bricks can give your house an extra protection, by guarding it from impacts. A car’s crash, a tree that falls, or any other accident is something that could be mitigated by installing a brick fence.

Beautiful country house with a brick fence

Bricks are really hard. When well constructed, brick walls are virtually indestructible. A wall thick as one brick can stand the impact of a car, while a 2 or 3 bricks thick fence can support any mechanical influence. A brick fence is the best option for shock resistance.

Money saver

The fence with brick laying in staggered order

Installing a brick fence for your house is a very smart money decision. The price – benefits relation of a brick fence is definitively one of the most beneficial for homeowners because they need little maintenance, they last for many years and they look great for a long time.

Versatile designs

combination of brick and stone in the fence looks very nice

With today’s technology, designers and constructors acquiring more knowledge and technics, it is possible to create intricate designs in fences made with bricks. Different shades of color, particular ways to put the bricks, can create the most stunning and complex designs for traditional and modern fences.

Types of brick fences

Fence made of brick and stone

Brick fences are getting more adepts as the time goes by. The solidity, the strength, the endurance, the resistance, along with its inherent beauty has made this material one of home owner’s favorite when it comes to creating a house’s facade. Due to this, it is now normal to see more than the regular brick fences, a wide variety of styles for the brick fence installation. Here we present you just some of the different types of brick fences you can create.

All brick fence

Beautiful fence in the Mediterranean style

This is the most traditional way to go in brick fencing. This kind of fence is created using only bricks to make a wall that will be as high as the owner wants is to be.

Brick fence, made in one style with the house

In this style, bricks can be exposed or covered with mortar if wanted, although the most traditional way to go is to leave the beautiful natural colored red bricks to give the house a more vintage feeling.

A brick fence can also carry a decorative function

This style also lines the bricks in horizontal o vertical way throughout the whole land’s perimeter. It can be enhanced with the building of arches for gates to give it a better finish and make it look prettier.

decorative brick fence

For a more modern look, some people create only bricks fences with architectural designs. For this, bricks are set in different ways, orientations and even perspectives, to create complex structures that give houses a more artistic feeling.

beautiful brick fence

Bricks and iron

Brick fences with elements of forging look very impressive

Another very used way to go when building a brick fence is to use forged iron along with the bricks. The proportions can vary: it could be mostly brick and a few forged details. Or it also could be a mostly iron fence with brick columns and arches. The combinations will greatly depend on the owner’s budget, time to finish and particular taste, more than anything else. This is a secure and pretty option for fencing.

construction of a brick fence is a complex process

Bricks and wood

external design of the fence

This design looks amazing in country houses or country themed houses. The combination of natural materials also creates a very green feeling in this style that is very used in traditional constructions.

Brick fence has a lot of options

Bricks and stone

Fence made of cladding brick

The combination of these two materials feels very natural, since both elements come from nature and have a rustic beauty that is impossible to ignore. These kind of fences use to have decorative elements in the design of the fence to make it more attractive while keeping its structural strength.

Bricks and concrete

Brick fences today are one of the elite types of fencing

This is a very usual way to combine bricks. Normally bricks are used to make arches and columns and the walls are made in concrete. This is to fasten up the process of installing the fence. But that does not mean an astonishing fence cannot be made. With the right colors and style, this kind of fence can be a showstopper in terms of style and vibe.

Choosing bricks for the fence

Fence with decorative brickwork

Now that you might be getting ideas on how to build your brick fence, is time to see what kind of brick you are going to choose for the project.

combination of metal and bricks

You can choose silicate bricks. This kind of brick is one of the strongest, and it comes in different colors because of some additives added to it when it is cooked.

Luxury brick fence

This kind of brick can also be made in two finishing styles: soft of rustic. These bricks can be hollow or full, and decide which one to use will depend on the use of the walls and the budget for the project. In the case of a fence, a hollow brick can be used with no problem.

Fence with poles made of ceramic bricks

Ceramic bricks are the most traditional kind. They are made of clay and come in different finishes depending on the use to be given.

Combined brick fence

These bricks now can be found in different shapes and finishes to adapt to all kinds of constructions, from rustic to high end. It is a very versatile brick, especially for fencing.

Brick fence with decorative lining

A new wave in construction world is the use of the clinker brick. This kind of brick is made with a especial mixture of elements that results on a construction material that has a lot of strength, low water absorption, high density and many other characteristics that turns this kind of brick into a great decision for a construction.

Combined brick fence with forged elements and a magnificent arch

Also, these bricks come with different finishes, some of them simulating shapes, and a lot of colors too, so it gives the homeowner the opportunity of getting creative from the very moment the fence is standing.

Fence with multi-colored brickwork

Details of construction

Construction of a brick fence

The steps to make a fence with bricks are the same steps to build a wall of cement. First step will always be calculating the size of the fence. After that, calculate the amount of material needed to face the project, including some extra material in case of odd circumstances. And after that making the maths to deal with the prices to pay.

Masonry brick fence

Then, when material has been bought, making foundations for the fence, starting the wall very carefully… until is ready and perfect.

Laying the foundation for the fence

But to make your brick fence ready and perfect, it is always better to go with professionals. Brick walls can be very difficult to construct right because of its weight, the amount of pieces involved in the project, the different materials used, etc.

Brick fence can be decorated with climbing plants

So, in order to get the best quality and design features from your fence, we widely advice to get this kind of work done by professionals. This is the only guarantee you can get that your fence will be reliable, durable and resistant.

stylish and iconic brick fence

After reading this article and looking at these pictures, you probably are thinking that choosing a brick fence is the right decision for you. Our response? Brick fences are a great decision for any house. No matter if your style is traditional or modern, you can definitively fit your personal style into any brick fence.

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