Forged gates with wicket: a presentation card for your house

Your house’s facade is a very important element to keep in mind. It represents the salutation card for the structure you decided to make your home. For this reason, it is essential that you plan every little detail of design to make it out-stand from all the other houses in the neighborhood. Forged gates are a great way to do so.

decorative forged gates



The process of iron forging is an art that has been around for thousands of years. There is proof that since Egyptians there were artists creating pieces with this technique. The forge of iron was used for many years to create beautiful ornaments, and since the 20th century it has been widely used for the creation of many of these hand - crafted elements to beautify the house. One of those elements are entrance gates.

Metal is perfectly cleansed


Nowadays, elements like the house’s gates have more importance in terms of design, after a new wave of architectonic styles that gave these elements a high level of importance when creating design concepts.

For that reason, designers now take gates more into account when planning esthetics. Gates are a fundamental part of the house’s character, contributing to give the space a sense of elegance, glance, sobriety and luxury. Gates have definitively become a very noticed element of any modern house.

Forged Wickets In Perfect Style


And the best way to make a house stand out from the crowd is to get forged gates with wicket. A timeless element that can be minimalist or highly ornamented as you wish, this architectonic security and delimitation feature will always be a smart decision if you enjoy design.

How forged gates are made

Metal looks great next to live greens

The process of making a forge is very long and exhausting. It demands time, patience and strength. The blacksmith has to set iron into extremely high temperatures. Then by pressure with a mallet he shapes the pieces of metal into the most diverse forms. It is a very difficult art to learn, is completely unique because is totally hand made, so there are not two equal pieces.

This forged pieces of art can be as intricate as the client wishes, it will depend on the talent of the blacksmith, and on the buyer’s budget. The more complex the design is, the more expensive the cost will get.

correct installation of forged gates

Forged gates with wicket are a great way to keep the house secured while still allowing taking a look outside, having the sense of a transparent fortress. These entrances are protective but also decorative, they create a perfect balance between strength and beauty.

After the pieces are forged they are jointed one to the other with a welding machine making sure the pieces are secured in place. Then, the whole piece is covered with nitro paints, to ensure a longer useful life for the gate’s finishes. This paint is applied thoroughly in the welded places to hide work marks. Some people then use an especial cover, a thermal spray that gives the material a vintage look.

quality forged gates

Finally, to finish the one of a kind work of art, an anticorrosive varnish or paint is applied to the gate for protection from the elements: sun or rain. After all, these fortresses have to stand day and night under any circumstances. The gate is then ready to travel its final journey to its owner’s house.

Forged gates types

Forged gates perform both protective and decorative functions

There are different kinds of forged gates with wicket. They all have something in common: they showcase the owner’s status, giving a sample of the great designing taste involved with the construction, and in general. These gates are complex in creation no matter how simple the final product ends looking like. There is a gate for any kind of taste on how to enter a house:


Automatically opening forged gates

The name describes everything. These gates can open and close by swinging them. Depending on the owner’s preference, they can open to one side or both ways, being the one – side option the most popular one. This is the most common style for these gates and is more often used in traditional constructions, yet is also used for any modern styled homes, too.


Forged forged gates perfectly fit in non-standard areas

A more modern kind of door, the sliding gate is placed on a riel that allows it to move from side to side to open and close entrance to the house. It saves space when moving the gate and is easier to open and close by hand.


Forged gates perfectly combined with temporary decorations

This type of gate can include both options mentioned above. The difference is that the open and close process is automatized by sensors or a remote control, which is perfect especially for drivers, who would not have to leave their car to enter or exit the property. This system is the most modern one and one that has increased usage among gates users. Comfort and good looks in a reminiscent element of design.

Pros of forged gates with a wicket

unique pattern forged gates

When thinking about getting a gate, security is the obvious first thing that comes into mind. Nevertheless, there are many good points on getting this kind of gate for the house:

  • These gates have very strong materials, making it a very secure option to protect the houses.
  • Their designs are unique; due to is hand made craft. So, there are not two identic gates: you get a one of a kind article.

forged gates with supporting pillars

  • Its beauty and designs make them perfect for any style of house: modern, baroque, romantic, rustic, etc. It is just a matter to take this versatile feature and ornament it according to the style chosen.
  • It looks great with both straight and curve designs, so it suites perfectly any kind of design taste.
  • Also, because these gates are done individually, it gives the owner the chance to create any design they want, giving creative freedom to build a piece according to their imagination.

minimal forged gates

  • These magnificent structures make any house look richer and luxurious.
  • They add resell value to houses, by giving them a touch of individuality and character.
  • This kind of material is very durable, so acquiring one of them assures you years of usage.
  • Gates also does not require a lot of maintenance during the years, avoiding this kind of expense.

forged gates for yard

  • Forged gates can be complemented with a lot of different materials like brick, stone, concrete, wood, metal and more, to make it look different and stand out. Is a very versatile design element.
  • They can be something to make a theme around the house: the essence on the gate’s design can be also used for doors, windows, garden elements, or any other, to give uniformity to the house by using the same pattern in different house’s features.

Cons of having forged gates with wicket

combination with natural wood and stone forged wicket will look very natural

There are not many disadvantages on getting these kinds of gates. Nevertheless, we can point the following:

  • Forged gates can be expensive, given the fact they are hand made and unique. And the more complex the design gets, the more expensive your bill can be.
  • Installation is hard and it can be made only for specialists. This is because of its weight and intricate pieces can be hard to handle.
  • Installation also requires a group of workers, because of the weight of the piece

Beautiful forged gates with wicket

Both pros and cons leave very clear the fact that purchasing and installing a forged gate in your house is well worth the higher price and long process of installing, because what you get in return is a magnificent one of a kind work of art done by a craftsman, a piece or architecture that takes your home to another level of character and flare.

How to take care of forged gates with wicket

forged gates with decorative elements

The maintenance of forged iron features normally does not take much. Is the same case in forged iron gates. This element only needs a layer of anticorrosive painting now and then to make sure water and humidity does not damage the material that is naturally built to last for years. With the use of this paint you can guarantee you will have a beautiful and functional gate for decades.

For opening systems and movable elements a periodical lubrication is required to keep them working smoothly and avoid cricking. In case the gate has other materials in its construction, they have to be treated according to each individual thing care indications.

small forged doors

For cleaning the gate, keep in mind they have many different ornament that can have intricate shapes with lot of curves or angles that might be difficult or at least long to clean well. Patience is needed to perform this task.

Installation of forged gates with wicket

metal wrought iron gate

When installing any gate, a lot of work is needed. Gates are heavy weighted, large in length and height and very stiff, which is why more than one person is needed to perform this work. With forged iron gates is even more so, because its weight, depending on materials used and design picked, can double up other style’s gates.

To install these gates you will probably choose walls to support the doors, this is the most traditional way to do it. If you are planning to do so, you will have to make the wall in advance and then measure very well the size the gate will have.

Forged gates perfectly combined with brick wall

A ditch in the ground will have to be made to install the bars that will surround the gate. Some people use forged iron bars for the house’s entire perimeter fence. Other people demarcate their home with a long wall and used the forged iron art only for the gates with a wicket. This will depend on the owner’s style and of course, on the budget.

Forged gates and wrought-iron lamps

When installing this kind of gates, which are very heavy, is important to make all the openings, attaches and other very polished and with accuracy. For swinging doors, is important to counterbalance the weight of the doors. This can be done installing load bearing walls to support the gates in case they are car – entrance, very big and long and, therefor, heavy gates. In the case of smaller ones the walls are optional, but the metal to support the doors has to be thick and very strong to support the weight.

Forged Gates Design For Exterior

If sliding gate is to be installed, first thing is to make especial foundations, to make sure the gate will support vibrations of closing and opening the forged gate. If everything is measured well, the gate should be straight and have no problem sliding to any side.

For any kind of gate installation, is very important to make correct measurements, to aligned the elements perfectly before welding anything, to double check everything before installing to make sure the job will be well done with no mistakes. These gates are very heavy and difficult to install so it is important to do it well. For that reason, it is a job that is better live to professionals with experience on the task. The result will be a beautiful stylish perfectly even and easy to move gate.

creative forged gate


Forged gates with a wicket are a very personal stand to put in your house. These elements are not only a security feature; they are a proof of owner’s pride, character, personality and individualism. This great sample of art can make any house look distinguished and luxurious. The price and difficulty for getting one of this designs are definitively worth it when the facade of your home looks like a mansion with these great art elements that brings great own pride to any property and increases the resell value.

forging process subsequently turns into amazing patterns

If you want to give your house a characteristic that makes it stand out from any others, what better option than a one of a kind, hand made artistic design that combines your vision with the talent of a craftsman. Forged gates with wicket are a must have for any home.

traditional forged gates

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