25 Corrugated Metal Fences: Uplifting Everyday Materials

Fence decoration with flowerpots with live plants

Corrugated iron is a traditional building material that has been used for decades for everything from roofing to wall treatments and, ofcourse, fencing. This material is lightweight and cheap and can be bought by the metre at any hardware store. Another added bonus is that most times corrugated iron will come already treated to be … Read more

30 Metal Picket Fences to Make Your Home One to Watch

Ideal for separating pool and lawn

Picket fences have been a traditional, quintessentially suburban feature for decades at this point. Most of the time we picture these fences painted white and constructed out of simple pointed timber boards, however there is a more modern and durable alternative. Metal picket fences come with a lot of practical benefits. Often these are made … Read more

47 Different Fencing Styles and Designs For Inspirations

Concrete Fence Noteworthy fencing styles

Fencing in itself seems like a very dull but necessary part of your home but they can be so much more than that. Whether you need a boundary wall or a garden fence within your property you have the freedom to tailor your fence to suit your aesthetic or safety needs. The materials used to … Read more

Private house’s fences – The stylish way to protect your home

fences painted in green

When designing a house, one of the most important issues to think about when it comes to facade is security. The protection of the house is now a piece of design too, so home owners and designers work really hard to come up with ideas that are both beautiful and original for house’s fencing. In … Read more

Corrugated Board Fences: a full review and inspirational examples

material for the fence from the corrugated board

One very important feature of any house is fences. They avoid children and animals from going after anything outside, keeping them safe within the house’s borders; give privacy to home owners to feel more comfortable inside; and prevents intruders, making the place a more safe space to habitat. But fences are more than a security … Read more

Brick Fences: An Endless Way To Protect Your Home

Brick fences today are one of the elite types of fencing

When you build a house, something you keep in mind from moment one is security. All the hard work you are doing creating the house of your dreams needs to be protected with a fence that allows you to feel confidence that your main asset is secured. When thinking about strong and protective fences, brick … Read more