47 Different Fencing Styles and Designs For Inspirations

Fencing in itself seems like a very dull but necessary part of your home but they can be so much more than that. Whether you need a boundary wall or a garden fence within your property you have the freedom to tailor your fence to suit your aesthetic or safety needs.

The materials used to build fences are far more versatile than you initially expect. If you want to go the impenetrable heavy route you could use brick, concrete, stone or some beautiful but sturdy wrought iron or steel. On the other hand if you want something a bit less intense and more lightweight you could choose timber, bamboo, wire mesh or corrugated iron sheeting. All of these materials bring their own unique qualities and appearance to the party so you can make the right choice for you and your home. Multiple materials can also be combined to create a visually appealing contrast.


47 Fencing Styles and Ideas To Suit Every Home

best fencing styles and ideas

If you still aren’t convinced that fences can really be that different or versatile here are:

1. Red Brick And Wrought Iron

A decent combination of forged elements with red brick fencing styles


In the spirit of cohesion this fence has been made of the same red brick as the house beyond and the garage beside it. The red brick wall has chunky square fence posts topped by small black turrets interrupted by spiked wrought iron panels that sit between them to break up the monotony. The black wrought iron takes the form of symmetrical curlicued patterns that adorn the spaces between the fence posts. The rich pattern is continued in the automatic gate that ties this whole coordinated façade together succinctly.

2. Stacked Stones And Wood Paneling Fencing Styles

A fence of dark and light stones fencing styles in a grid

This completely unique boundary wall is made of two drastically different alternating materials that play with weight and texture to create a structure that is more than just a safety feature. Panels of horizontal wood paneling with infinitesimal gaps between them form the thin, lightweight elements that sit in between the chunky monoliths of the stone walls. These dramatic wall panels have taken on a contemporary form, constructed from tall mesh cages filled with pale grey and black stones that have been stacked in graphic patterns. The combination between the two is iconic and something completely new.


3. Pitched Timber Garden Screen Fencing Styles

A low fence made of wooden fences harmonizes with rattan furniture

This large timber screen wall has been used to divide up the massive garden and separate the vegetable garden from the outdoor entertainment space. The chunky wooden structure forms a solid backdrop made of vertical elements with thinner horizontal pieces running between that creates an oversized lattice. The rustic design is pitched at one end and finished off with silver detailing along the top with silver balls topping each fence posts.

4. Black Timber Fence With Grow Screen

A simple and very beautiful wooden fencing styles

This traditional style low fence is made up of thick vertical timber posts that have been painted it black to update the classic look into something stylish and different. A metal framework has been attached to the front of the fence to grow creeping plants so eventually the dark fence will disappear amongst the foliage as it grows. The fence is finished off by a matching gate leading to the rest of the garden.

5. Vertical Grassy Garden Wall

An interesting option for vertical gardening fencing styles

This stand out garden wall is set within a manicured, stylized garden that has embraced landscaping with open arms. The structure that divides up the huge garden is made up of alternating panels of long draping grass growing up the wall and stacked logs of wood that resembles a fireplace log stack. The materials have been used carefully to conceal the man made materials that form the structure entirely and celebrate the beauty of the natural materials, which allows the whole wall to blend in with the tree line behind.

6. Stylish Wood Paneled Deck Fencing Styles

Beautiful Art Nouveau wooden fencing styles

This gorgeous harmonious deck and fence have been designed to fit around the beautifully twisting tree at the garden’s centre. To mimic the timber decking the fence has been built out of horizontal timber boards rather than the expected vertical that step down panel by panel to allows the tree branch to drape over it. A secondary fence in the form of a frosted glass screen in a timber frame has been used to finish off the deck area and separate it from the rest of the garden.

7. Wooden Fence That Incorporates Grow Screens

Beautiful wicker net at the fence for climbing plants fencing styles

The alleyway beside this house has been outfitted with a weathered wooden fence, a rustic classic. The fence has been incorporated into the garden design by supporting a series of timber grow screens for creeping plants to make their way up. These are alternated with grey planter boxes that sit low to the ground that lets the fence’s wood grain and texture come through behind the bushy foliage.

8. Rainbow Picket Fencing Styles

Bright fencing styles which is with all the colors of the rainbow

This cute little fence takes the traditional picket fence style but mixes it up to make it less stuffy and predictable. The pointed structure itself has been made of raw timber stained in alternating bright colours that allows the natural beauty of the material to shine through while bringing a pop of colour into your garden in an unexpected and fun way.

9. Contemporary Wire Mesh and Steel Tubing

Chain-link and corrugated board fencing styles

A low fence that designates private property from the sidewalk rather than acting as a security measure guards this long, thin contemporary house with its compact little garden. The fence is made up of square black steel tubing frame with a square wire mesh set into it that allows you to see through to the garden beyond and doesn’t interrupt the beautiful architecture of this unique home.

10. Textured Palisade Fencing Styles

Chess metal picket fencing styles

This fence is a twist on the traditional palisade fence style with all its safety and sturdiness but with a little dash of added texture. The vertical steel extrusions are closely set so that the rippled layers create a rich texture that decorates the outside of the house. The fence is made up of two layers of posts, one layer facing in and the other facing out, that fill in the gaps between their counterparts, which keeps the garden beyond private from passersby.

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