54 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On a Budget That Surprise You

10. Edible Ground Cover

Plant a small herb garden in your lawn, and make an edible ground cover. You could also replace small areas of your grass cover with a variety of herbs that could take a relatively high foot traffic. Not only would it provide a contrast in the color and texture of grass, but would also add an element of resilience to your lawn.

Edible Ground Cover

11. No-Mow Grass

Tired of having to mow the grass on a regular basis? Well, there is now a solution to that. You could always alternatives like ‘no mow’ grass, clover, or blend. One handicap of using these alternatives is that they do not give a golf-course like outlook, but they do cover a large area, providing an uninterrupted green cover, and need less maintenance.

No-Mow Grass

12. Solid Groundcover

Solid ground cover is one way to counterfeit the budget of regular grass mowing, and maintenance. It is, in the language of professionals, known as hardscaping. Hardscaping may include the use of flat stones, which could be stacked to form attractive features, or pave tracks, or it may include the use of concrete, flagstones, and pebbles.

Ground Cover Garden Idea

13. Low-key

An easy way to make your ground cover attractive would be to remain low-key – there is a certain charm in incorporating simplicity. If you go overboard and try to amalgamate all various style into the essence of your one, small lawn, then the result could become hodge podge. It would be better to go low-key when it comes to gardens – you could always combines some understated flower bushes with a bunch of rockery, to create that effect.

Hodge Podge Garden Idea

14. Elevation

The elevation of your home is an integral part of the landscape design – the style you incorporate in your façade determines the kind of concept, or ideology that you must implement in the landscaping of your front lawn. If it is a Dutch style gable home, then the landscaping would be completely different from what it would be if your faced is a straight laced modern monstrosity. Each landscape feature would further enhance the quality of your elevation, so make sure that each and everything in the landscape matches the facade of your home.

Elevated Landscaping Design

15. Wisteria Salks

Maybe one of the most cliched effects of the fairytale garden genre, wisteria walks are the best way to create an aura of phantasmagoria – its long, beautiful tendrils falling down in waves make for an enchanting experience. Most front gardens aren’t big enough to accommodate the formidable construction of an actual wisteria walk, so a nice alternative to that, would be planting a wisteria tree on the very edge of your lawn, so that its branches may frame the elevation of your home.

Wisteria Salks

16. Whimsy In Small Spaces

The smallest places the key elements while designing any and all landscape features; they provide a limited amount of options that could be merged together to form the most whimsical of designs. An example would be a tiered formation of planter pots in a secluded corner, or a small, intimate water feature slowly guzzling out a steady stream of water. These small touches in cornered spaces create an element of surprise – belaying on the unexpected, and create an aura of whimsy, and a dapper quality.

Whismy In Small Spaces

17. Solar Accent Lights

Many of you might already be aware that accent lighting is an integral part of nightscaping any lawn, but for the front yard, it becomes an inherent part of your elevation. For this purpose, there are a variety of night lights to choose from, but the best ones would be the solar accent lights, which are small in size, and easy enough to install. Each light should be strategically placed in an area where it would accentuate the best parts of your landscape features. You could always up-light your planters, or you could hide the actual lights in the rockery – the choice is always yours.

Solar Accent Lights

18. Flank The Entryway

If you think that your main entrance is a bit to dank, a bit too basic, or a bit too insubstantial to be overstated, then you could always take matters the way of the landscape genre. The front door, is basically an element of the landscape genre, and therefore, you can pick and choose from elements of this trope according to what would suit your tastes, and the overall aesthetics of your house. You can choose to frame the doorway underneath a small pergola, and plant some creepers onto it to give off the fairy tale effect or you could do something simple, yet effective; like flanking the doorway on either side by tall, or medium side planters.

Doorway Gardening Design Idea

19. Simple yet Amazing Idea for Decorating a Front Yard in Nature

Amazing Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

For those who have a home situated somewhere in nature, we recommend you decorate the front yard by matching it with the environment and keep its natural tone. There isn’t a place more beautiful and inspiring than the one symbolizing nature and its beauty. All you have to do is plant more trees and plants in front of your home, add some decorative stones around and let nature do its thing.

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