54 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On a Budget That Surprise You

20. Cheap Front Yard Idea

cheap front yard landscaping ideas

Do you want to decorate your front yard in a simple yet beautiful manner and save some money? If yes, why not use our cheap decorating idea and turn your front yard into a delightful small garden filled with low-growing flowers and different types of plants bracketed with decorative stone? You can also add some flower pots on the stairs of your small porch and embellish your home in a beautiful manner.

21. DIY Landscaping Idea on Budget

diy front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

Why spending money on decorating your front yard when you can do it yourself with choosing this creative idea and stay on a budget? Create your own cobblestones that will link the home entrance with your front yard and give your entire house a sophisticated appearance. Building a cobbled is easy, you just need to let your creativity take over and decorate your space alone in a unique manner.

22. DIY Pots for Your Flowers

DIY frontyard landscaping Ideas

Our favorite part of decorating front yards are pots, especially those we can create from everyday items we don’t use anymore. Today, we’ve got a few ideas about your new DIY planters that include an old tire. Just follow the example on the picture and enjoy your new creative flower pots where you can plant your favorite flowers and decorate your front yard in a creative manner. Your neighbors will be wondered by your creativity and probably ask you to tell them your secret on how to create a pot like this one. After you create one or maybe few of these tire flower pots, you can hang them or just place them in your front yard. The tire planters will not only embellish your yard but also decorate it in a creative manner.

23. A Giant Extraordinary Flower Bear

Extraordinary Front yard Landscaping Ideas

Your kids are going to love this giant extraordinary flower bear in your front yard. However, this idea of decoration will suit you only if you have a wide front yard filled with flowers that will match the freestanding bear. Place it in the middle of your favorite flowers or near the entrance, so the colorful flower bear can welcome your guests everytime they come to visit.

24. Fence Wood Gray Pebbles

Fence Wood Gray Pebbles

If you’re not into flowers but more orientated toward plants as your front yard decoration, try creating this tiny green garden in quadrangular shape, enclosed with gray pebbles. You can plant some low-growing green plants inside and a small tree to embellish the garden and give your front yard a more sophisticated and natural look. Besides the perfect small garden, you can also add a wooden fence that will keep your privacy and allow you to enjoy to keep the beauty of your front yard only for your eyes.

25. Flower Bed Combined of Different Type of Flowers

flowerbed combines different types of flowers

If you want a simple, colorful and creative decoration for your front yard, chose the flower bed combined of different type of flowers in different colors. Having a flower bed in your front yard will impress the passersby and definitely make your neighbors jealous. Just pick your favorite flowers, plant them in a shaped bed and enjoy your new creative self-made decoration.

26. A Creative Idea for Decorating the Front Yard of Your Brick House

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Brick House

If you own a brick house a decoration like the particular one on the photo is the perfect choice for your front yard. Matching the color of the bricks, the garden materials surrounding the corner low-growing flowers give the entire yard a sophisticated and perfect outlook. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and start decorating the front yard by matching your brick house design today.

27. Marvelous Decoration for Your Ranch Style House

front yard landscaping ideas for ranch style homes

There isn’t something more beautiful and admiring than a small house in ranch style with a perfectly arranged front yard. The small white wooden fences that match the porch fence, give the entire house a warm tone, while the small yard filled with grass and tiny pink flowers create a marvelous environment that will definitely leave all passersby amazed and jealous. Don’t hesitate on using this landscaping idea and turn your simple yard into a place that will represent your home in a beautiful and classy way.

28. Minimalistic Decorations for the Front Yard of Your Small House

front yard landscaping ideas for small homes

Minimalists, we’ve come up with the perfect minimalistic decoration for the front yard of your small lovely house. As you can see in the photo, the decoration includes white wooden fences matching the porch fence, small pale gray pots with tiny flowers matching the house color and a perfect space filled with grass and more flowers that embellish the front yard even more. If you’re looking for the ideal minimalistic decoration for your small yard, you’re currently looking at it. Steal our creative idea and start decorating your front yard in a creative manner.

29. Garden Decoration with Stones

garden decoration with stones

Stones are always a good idea when it comes to yard decoration because they’re easy to combine and provide a unique appearance, especially if they’re arranged the same way like the ones in the picture. Surrounded with your favorite flowers and low-growing plants, the stones can embellish your front yard in a creative manner like no other decoration before. Just pick the right spot where you can place them and let your creativity and imagination do the rest. We promise you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

30. Garden Decorated with Concrete Sculptures

Garden of concrete sculptures

Whether you chose a leaf marble, concrete mushrooms or concrete tiny animals, you won’t make a mistake because sculptures like this are always a nice way to embellish your yard and keep its natural tone. Animal lovers, you can also find some other more ordinary sculptures and place them on your porch, such as dogs, cats or chose the most popular sculpture used in yard decoration – elves. People love them because they are representatives of hard work and embellish the yards on a specific manner.

31. A Homemade Fountain

Home fountain

Everyone wishes for a homemade fountain in their front or backyard where they can relax nearby after a long by day. Listening to the flow of the water sometimes can have a calming effect on us and it’s always a good idea to situate or build a fountain if you have a larger available space in your yard, however, you can also install a small one if your yard is smaller. Either way, you will enjoy the appearance of your yard with the fountain in sight because besides calming you down, the fountain will also embellish your home and make your yard a more pleasant place for hanging out.

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