30 Best Wood Coffee Table Ideas and Designs For Your Dream Home

11. Decorative Light Wood Coffee Table

Light Wood End Coffee Table

With a wood coffee table, the space looks more orderly. In the puzzle that your living room can be, a wood coffee table will be the centerpiece, around which will rotate the seats and the furniture for the audiovisual equipment. With the new ideas and designs there are, you can easily choose a wood coffee table that adapts to your personal style. You can find nice pieces like this one, that allows you to set candles to make the space look more inviting, especially if you add a rest of matching decoration, such as the center carpet and the couch, both having the same color that matches perfectly with the wood coffee table.

12. Modern Rusticity For A Hard Elegance

Modern Rustic Coffee Table

Few furniture is as practical and decorative in equal parts as the coffee tables. Its style will determine a large extension of the look of the salon. Like in this example, where the rustic yet elegant table definitively constitutes the center of the decoration in this room, making everything seem to be chosen just to go with the wood coffee table.

13. Beautiful And Modern For Small Spaces

Modern Small Wood Coffee Table

It does not matter if you have little space in your house, even when the living room is small you cannot miss the right wood coffee table. With amount of types of coffee tables that exist today, it will be difficult for you not to find one that suits your needs and looks perfect in your living room. This Avant-Garde design does not only look amazing, but is special for narrow and small spaces.

14. Modern And Comfortable With Lifts

modern wood lift top coffee table designs

When you buy a wood coffee table, you have to keep in mind the size of your living room, because the table should not look too big or too small, it should look compensated. If it is very small, it may be better to choose a table with a square shape. Ideally, the length of the table is not less than half the sofa, so it does not look too small. And you can also find other features to enhance your table, like this one, that besides having a beautiful elegant design is also very useful, having lifting parts ideal to have dinner or watch a movie in family.

15. Natural Outside Feeling Inside The House

Natural Wood Coffee Table

If you want to create an outdoor feeling area, you can help the task with a wood coffee table. This design makes you feel like you are out in the woods with is simple design. Also, this table is perfect if there is little space between sofa and television, being a rectangular and narrow wood coffee table that does not occupy too much space and does not disturb your mobility. Between the sofa and the table is recommended a distance of 40-50cms to be able to pass in comfort.

16. Rustic And Combined With Glass

Oak and Glass Coffee Table

Choosing a well-proportioned coffee table in your space is always a success, not only practical, but also decorative. Like this one made of only 2 trunks and a piece of glass: rustic perfection.

17. Combined With Metal And With Washed Colors

Oak White Wash Coffee Table

When buying your wood coffee table, take in consideration the height of the piece. Ideally it is the same as the sofa or even a little lower. A table that is too high can obstruct our vision and also visually reduce the space, making the room seem smaller. This wood and metal coffee table has the perfect height for you to put anything you need when watching TV in a beautifully constructed piece with washed wood that ages it without making it look old.

18. Easy For The Outside

Patio Coffee Table From Wooden Pallets

The coffee tables are usually light so they can be transported comfortably wherever they are needed, for example if you need to clear the central area of your living room, or if you need to move it somewhere else. This wood coffee table is made out of recycled pallets and it is light enough to be able to carry it wherever is needed.

19. Rustic, Natural Yet Very Modern

Petrified Wood Lava Coffee Table

Because each family is unique, the wood coffee table you choose has to respond to the needs of the family. Therefore, you must first consider the uses you will give the table: if you must be able to move it easily, if you want to center it at your choice on the design, etc. If you want to center your choice on a comfortable design, this wood coffee table is made out of petrified wood and will definitively make a point of conversation of your house.

20. Simple In Materials And Construction

Real Wood Coffee Table

Do not think that the best wood coffee table is the most elaborated one. Sometimes less is more, like in this amazing huge block of wood that just as it is, creates a marvelous centerpiece for any living room. Contrasting with the carpet and the furniture, this piece teaches us that simplicity is beauty.

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