30 Best Wood Coffee Table Ideas and Designs For Your Dream Home

21. Light Weighted And Easy To Move

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Coffee Table

We have mentioned the importance on having wood coffee tables that are easy to move, in case you need to clear the space, or if you need to take the table somewhere else. This is the perfect wood coffee table for that task, because is very easy to grab and take it somewhere else, and with that gorgeous design, who would not want to take it everywhere?

22. Elegant With Steel And Natural Wood

reclaimed wood coffee table with brown steel base frames

Dark colors and steel have always been a elegant and industrial statement. Combined with a wood piece like this, industrial style goes to a whole new level of elegance and character.

23. Restored To Beautify The Living Room

Repurposed Wood Coffee Table

A good thing about wood coffee tables is that if you go for something traditional or rustic, you can take old pieces, refurnish them to a better state and bring them back to life into functional and pretty pieces like this one with iron legs and wooden top. A few tweaks can make any wood piece look as good as new in no time.

24. Squared To Fit Anywhere

Square Wood Coffee Table

A squared wood coffee table is the perfect piece to fit at any space of the house. Also, it makes the house look more organized. And if it looks like this piece, it will also make your living room look very fashionable.

25. A Triple Table Made Of Trunks

Trunk Coffee Table

To continue this list, we give you this triple wood coffee table made out of trunks. Put a few tiny coffee tables together in the center area, instead of a large one, is a big trend these days, and if you make it of wood, you will be twice as hip.

26. Wood Nostalgia

Unique Casette Wood Coffee Table

Enjoy this retro design that takes you back to the times where you listened and recorded songs in this curious device. If you want an icebreaker, this is it.

27. Unique And Utilitarian

Unique Coffee Table

There are different reasons to think about a table like this. First, the style is magnificent. It is rustic but very chic as well. But another great reason to mention it is because the storage opportunities it offers, making it a very useful piece of furniture. Now add the fact that it has wheels to move it anywhere and you have a triply good idea for a wood coffee table.

28. Unique Sculpture For A Wood Coffee Table

Unique Shape Coffee Table

If you like the wow factors and the bold ideas for decoration, you will love to add an artistic piece of furniture as a center of the decoration like this one that is simple yet surprising. This piece of wood can easily be the start of any conversation.

29. Recycled Wood Coffee Table For A Vintage Style

Vintage Style Coffee Table

If your decoration style is vintage and you are wondering what kind of coffee table to use for this style, consider recycling something like an old wooden chest that is not too tall and that has a flat top. It will make a centerpiece to tie all the other elements together.

30. A Rustic Slab With Metal Legs

wood slab coffee tables with aluminum legs

This wood coffee table has a very particular shape, it is low, and it has a nice cherry color and metal legs that have been painted to also look as wood. Is an ideal piece for an industrial, modern or contemporary living room, or even in a waiting room in an office. Wherever it is located, it will fill the space with art.

Coffee tables are a very important object for the design of a living room. In addition to being an aesthetic element in the overall design of the room, its functionality is totally useful, because in them you can place many things to beautify the place, from flowers to books, as well as other you daily use, like the remote, books, food, etc.

The wood coffee tables are the center of attention of your living room. That is why it is necessary that you pay them due attention and that you make them functional for your day to day. Wood coffee tables can be all kinds: square, rectangular, round, double, nest, with extra storage, with wheels. Finding the best coffee table is vital because they make a big part of the living room. We hope this article has been useful for you to choose yours.