30 Best Wood Coffee Table Ideas and Designs For Your Dream Home

The universe of coffee tables for the living room is as extensive as your imagination allows. Depending on the times and places where you live, you will be able to literally find a little bit of everything. From wooden tables to metal tables, going through curious combinations such as inflatables, the coffee table has always seemed to me one of the most important furniture in the living room or living room since it gives the decorative tone to all that space.

If you put a coffee table in your living room you will see its organization and comfort functions multiply. Controls, flowers, books ... they have their ideal support in it. But if that coffee table is also made of wood, you will add warmth and character to your overall design. A wood coffee table is always a great choice.


Choosing the shape of your wood coffee table is not simple. This decision implies several factors such as the available space you have in the room, the decorative style you like and that suits your needs. In the end, what will prevail will be your taste for a specific style that will correspond to your personality.

So, today we are going to show you 30 great wood coffee tables that will make your living room look amazing. Keep reading and get inspired by our wood coffee table ideas.

30 Gorgeous Wood Coffee Tables That Will Make Your Living Room Look Hip And Trendy

best wood coffee table ideas and designs


The coffee table plays a key role in distributing that puzzle that often results in the living room. Wherever you place it, the rest of the furniture, such as the sofa or the TV cabinet, will orbit around it. It is a key piece to give the environment a more welcoming tone. And when it is made of wood, you add warmth and comfort.

The coffee table, or better said, the table in general, is an ancestral piece of furniture born from the ancestral need of man to hold objects at a comfortable height for his use. Its origin dates back to the cave era, and it has been one of the furniture that has had more diversification throughout history, due to the growing demands derived from human development. In Egypt, there were some simple tables whose function was to separate food from the ground. Back then; there were no dining tables to serve several people at once. So you could say that the coffee tables the first way of a dinning room during cave times.

With a coffee table you can ensure a point of support for the small objects that you like to have on hand in front of the sofa. In your wood coffee table you can have the controls of the TV, DVD, etc., the book you are reading, your reading glasses, the cup of tea that you are drinking, and even your favorite plants. Your wood coffee table will be a neuralgic point in your living room, in which the basic things will come together to carry out your hobbies. So, its strong point is its functionality.


For that reason, today we will show you 25 magnificent ideas of wood coffee tables that will make your living room shine no matter what your particular style is.

1. Combined With Iron For A Aged Style

aged wood coffee table.

Ethnic, classic, Nordic ... the choice of the style that you choose, will mark the aesthetics of your living room exceedingly. In this case, the aged style in the wood coffee table complements perfectly the carpet and the light furniture.

2. Natural From An Antique Tree

Antique Coffee Table Ideas

Wood coffee tables have a crucial decorative function, as they mark in a great way the style of the environment they are placed at. Its variants are so many that, regardless the one you choose, it will enhance the aesthetic you want to give your room. It is a practical decorative object, which will give charm and coziness feeling to your living area. This wood coffee table brings the cabana feeling to any space, making it feel warmer and homey. And it also makes a beautiful center point in any room.

3. Carved And Modern Wood Coffee Table

Carved Wood Coffee Table

The circular wood coffee tables offer a particular charm that attracts many people. For some people they are not exactly very comfortable, but they actually occupy less space with the same capacity that square tables. You can perfectly put a circular wood coffee table where you want to get an impeccable and warm style. Also, having no corners, you can get rid of possible and very painful bumps with the table. The carved details enhanced the already great looking design.

4. Contemporary Wood Coffee Table With A Storage Feature

Contemporary Coffee Table

When it is time to choose the best wood coffee table you must think about your storage needs. If you always need extra space to store things around the house, it is a good idea to look for a table with drawers or a lower shelf where you can place the remote, the magazines, or anything else you need to put away. A great example for this kind of wood coffee table is this one that features small drawers that will give the owner a lot of extra storage space.

5. A DIY Wood Coffee Table

Crate Coffee Table

The square or rectangular designs of wood coffee tables offer greater symmetry than round tables. They can also be more comfortable to place in any available space. A DIY design like this gives you a great square coffee table without too much effort. Just 4 wooden boxes, legs and some handiness to have a beautiful creation like this.

6. Artistic Floating Slab With A Unique Design

Floating Slab Cofee Table

The wood coffee tables are one of the most important furniture in any living room, as long as there is space to place them. They are functional and extremely practical furniture, in addition, of course, very decorative. It is one of the most common piece of furniture to find, which is why everyday new design proposals are created to break the monotony sometimes design can have. And you have an example with this great piece.

7. Combined With Glass For Extra Elegance

glass top coffee table

Wood coffee tables are super practical; few small pieces of furniture have as many functions as the wood coffee table. And that is because coffee tables can be chameleon, functionally speaking. When they can hold different things and combine with materials like glass and metal, wood coffee table look more imposing. That is evident in this design that gives elegance to any room.

8. Hardwood With Storage For A Vintage Look

Hardwood Solid Wood Coffee Table With Storage

Nowadays we can find tables of all imaginable shapes, although the most usual ones are still the rectangular ones. This is because they are the ones that best fit the shape of the rest of the furniture and the space available. Each room is different and each house also. That is why your needs are unique and the space you have as well. Before deciding on a type of table you should consider aspects such as the available space, if you need to keep things out of sight, if you are many at home, if you eat at the coffee table, etc. for most of those needs, this wood coffee table is perfect, allowing you to have meals, store things and seizing the available space for its rectangular shape.

9. Pretty And Cheap

Inexpensive Coffee Table

If you want to give a special touch to your living room and you love vintage and original pieces, there is a great offer in terms of wood coffee tables in many places. In places like department stores, flea markets, or antique stores you can find treasures like this coffee table shaped like a piece of trunk that gives a very interesting aspect and costs little money.

10. Large And Imposing

Large Wooden Coffee Table

When you are buying a wood coffee table, one of the things you should think about is the style that goes best with your salon. Depending on the decoration you have, you will search for a table that fits with it. That does not mean that it has to be exactly like the rest of the room, but it does come to complement it. This large table will go great with any decoration on a large living room. The design is beautiful but neutral, so it will be easy adaptable to any style.

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