44 Best Balcony Garden Ideas To Make Your Space Beautiful

34. Suspended Pots

Suspended pots

A traditional yet trendy way to put plants in a balcony is the use of metal baskets filled with coconut fiber to grow plants. This rustic style is very used in country houses and farms, but people are bringing it into the city, for an outside reminiscence. Also, this kind of pots absorb a lot of liquids, so it is a great option for people who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to their garden. If you are looking for a functional and pretty way to make your plants stand out, this is a great way to go. They are normally used to be hanged, whether is from the ceiling or the window fence.


35. Tin Can Planters Idea for Balcony

Tin Can Planters Idea for Balcony

Looking for an inexpensive way to grow plants and create a garden in your balcony? Are you a person who worries about the environment? Do you think about ways to decrease waste? With this trick you can cover all three aspects. Wash your food cans, open little holes in the bottom, use soil and plant any small plant you want. To identify what each one has inside in the growing process, use jute or ribbons with recycled cardboard or plastic and write down the names. This is the perfect trick for a small space and will cost you nothing. And they also look very nice. If you do not like the color, you can paint the cans in one or more colors of your choice. Then, allure your friends talking about your green habits.

36. Japanese Balcony Garden Ideas

japanese balcony garden ideas


If you want to go for a more rustic look in your balcony garden, using old things like tea pots, vases, and even metallic trash can give you the country rustic yet chic style you were thinking of. Take these kinds of elements, paint them with bright colors and let the spring settle on your balcony. These kinds of pots are great to be used to contain beautiful small flowers and have the advantage of being really inexpensive.

37. Potted Vegetable Gardening Terrace

potted vegetable gardening terrace

If you do not have an old shave to recycle into your balcony garden, you do not have to worry; you can still find creative a pretty ways to make the best of your space. Take different size pots of the same color and stack the small ones on top of the bigger ones. This will give you the chance of growing plants in different levels and have the possibility to increase the size of your garden. Depending on the size of your plant pots, you can make different levels and create a very interesting landscape right there in your balcony.


38. Repurposed Cup Ideas

repurposed cup ideas

If your balcony is only a window with a little counter you can still set up a nice balcony garden using small decoration elements and plants. In this example, a vintage china cup was used as a pot to plant these beautiful small lilies that make any window look its best. It is accompanied by other cute little details that turned this normal space into a springy corner of the house.

39. Small Apartment Vegetable Lawn Garden

small apartment vegetable lawn garden

Here is another example on how you can turn a really small space into a perfectly functional mini balcony garden. Do this by accommodating elements in your window corner to make it look great. The owner of this garden is also putting its recycling skills to the test by using old rubber boots, cans, baskets and trays to create this garden. A perfect example on how you can build something beautiful with almost no money spent.

40. Small Hanging Planters For Terrace

small hanging planters for terrace

When setting up a balcony garden, it is very important to think about the space you have. This is possible by looking at the empty space and planning ahead. But if your space is little, that does not mean you can design a great and varied garden. With the boom of these balcony gardens, manufacturers are creating a lot of different options to allow owners to achieve their farming dreams. Pots especially made to be place on windows’ fences are a must in balcony gardens. They help you to used your space wisely, look great, are built in strong materials and are really inexpensive.

41. Small Planter Ideas On a Budget

small planter ideas on a budget

If you do not have the opportunity to place racks on your balcony but you still want to have this kind of plants growing in your balcony garden, you can use a big plant pot and create your own rack inside of it. Check how great this cucumber plant looks inside this really big pot, and how the vegetables perfectly climb through the structure. When you want to achieve a goal, it is just a matter of taking a minute of two to think how to make it happen.

42. Vegetable Gardening In Balcony

vegetable gardening in balcony

Some apartments include planters in their balconies, especially when the apartments are small. In this case, half of the work is already done for you. You do not have to worry about buying pots; you only have to choose the kind of plants you want to grow. This will depend on the planter’s size and depth, but it will definitively give you the option to create something special.

43. Vertical Raised Container Planter

vertical raised container planter box for small vegetable garden spaces in the balcony

If you are a handy person who likes to do home projects, then you probably will enjoy building your own plants’ shelves. This a great idea particularly because then you can create a custom made element that will not only be unique, but also will adapt perfectly to the space you have. Besides, it will be a great conversation topic when people ask you: “where did you get that beautiful plant shelve?”

44. Hinged Holders For Flowers

Hinged holders for flowers

And, if your balcony is not enough for you to set up a garden, do not worry! You can extend your garden wonders by nailing some pots in the walls near to each balcony to increase the beauty of your design. You will see hoy in no time the word will spread about the most pretty, sweet and colorful house of the block. An easy way to make people able to find your house: “is the house full with plants in the walls”. Pretty easy, right?

As you can see, if you are decided to create a garden in your house, no matter the size of it, there are tons of options to make it happen. Even the smallest space can accommodate the most beautiful garden. Let us give you now some advices you could use on creating your balcony garden:

  • Beware of colors. We all like a beautiful garden with beautiful colorful flowers. It gives joy to the soul, there is no doubt. But a bad color scheme can create a negative effect on how you or the rest perceive the garden. If you are going to start small, start with a maximum of 3 colors for the flowers. And if these colors combine much better. Do not think that 3 colors are few, because each color has its nuances and tones, thus multiplying the 3 initial colors by many more.
  • Choose pots or large containers. Within the possibilities offered by your terrace or balcony as far as space is concerned, the bigger the pots or containers where you are going to put the plants, the better. The larger, more land fits, that is, more soil for the plant. What will make it grow better and healthier.
  • To create a certain harmony, when you have many plants or containers, you usually cover the top of the pot with some natural ornament, such as river stones or pieces of wood, for example. This creates a harmonic uniformity that always looks good.
  • Think about your long-term care. If you plan to set up a good garden on the terrace, you probably want to create a point to plug in a hose. It is not the same to water with a planter a couple of pots, than a garden, however small it may be. You can also consider building an irrigation system. In general, if they are well assembled, water is saved with them, while the plants always have the optimum amount of water they need.

Even these advices are really accurate, that does not mean that you cannot let your creativity fly and create the most magical garden in your balcony, terrace or deck. It is completely up to you, your taste, budget and of course, the space you have to design your dream garden. So, if you thought that creating a balcony, terrace or deck garden was an impossible task, think again, because we gave you a lot of inspiration, now it is up to you and your ideas to make a garden everyone talks about.

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