32 Amazing Ground Pools For Swimming In Style

11. Infinity Pool with Wooden Decking


An infinity pool is an innovative design that ties in flawlessly with this ultra modern house design. The bright blue water and deep brown decking contrast strongly with the pure white house and exterior décor and furniture. Hints of colour are popped into the design through the furniture and plant life in the patio and poolside seating areas to tie the two together with artistic ease.


12. Simple Above Ground Pools


This is a classic family above ground pool. Pools like these can be bought easily from the internet or an outdoor store and require a pump to keep the pool water nice and blue. It is a far more budget friendly option that any of our previous examples as well as being a potentially temporary option. Even though its simple it does the job a great job creating a fun space to cool off in the summer and a motivator to get the kids outside playing in the sun instead of inside in front of the TV. This kind of above ground pools are also family friendly because they come with removable stairs and there are no sharp edges or hard pavement to slip and fall on.

13. Pool Wrapping Around Pergola



This pool has been designed with an integrated pergola in mind. The pitched tent style pergola is built on a pale concrete platform around which wraps the pool. The concrete platform juts out slightly into the pool in a very aesthetically simple manner to make it feel one with the pool. The paddle pool flows into main one through wide inlets either side of a paved island. This minimal design is kept safe buy unobtrusive thin silver pool fence.

14. Above Ground Splash Pool And Water Feature


The whole exterior landscaping of this outdoor area has been designed together; including the pool so that it is flawlessly cohesive. The pool acts as a swimming area and water feature in one. As people move within the splash pool water overflows and spills over the edge onto stones steps to create a tiered water feature. The pools geometry has been designed to incorporate plants, paving, textured columns that run past it through o the outdoor seating area.


15. Illuminated Pool Built Into House Design

illuminated outdoor pool

This modern house has been designed with this large glowing pool as its central point. The pools appearance and light reflections that will run around the walls and ceiling inside affects all the rooms wrapped around it due to the floor to ceiling windows on three sides. Wherever you are in the living space you always have a view of the pool, which appears to be glowing. Strategic lighting and black stone bubbles highlight certain areas create this ethereal aesthetic and help make the pool the houses main feature.

16. Bush Getaway Infinity Pool


An infinity pool has been used in a rather unexpected location as this bush getaway makes the water disappear over the edge into the wild in a rather magical way. The stone surround suits natural setting while the cohesive wicker furniture is the cherry on top of this natural design that remains true to its stunning locale.

17. Dramatic Ground Pools Lighting For Entertainment


This mosaic tiled above ground pool demonstrates how strategic lighting can be used inside and outside for heightened drama. The coloured lights inside the pool make the water glow blue. The uplighters used on the outside highlights the small tile mosaic that details the pools gradually curving walls. This is the ideal other worldly backdrop for a night time dip and unforgettable pool parties.

18. Long Narrow Pool and Hot Tub In Nature

Long narrow pool

This thin lap pool outlined by clean grey paving extends off into the garden, surrounded by greenery and nature. The coordinated hot tub sits at the end of the pool like the end of an exclamation mark. Even considering this pool’s length and the spacious patio garden remain understated because of the way that nature has been made the focal point.

19. Marble Surrounded Pool and Water Feature


This large marble framed swimming pool doubles as a water feature that highlights the stones pattern. The sunken fireplace area has the dramatic marble sides with pool water spilling over as a backdrop and calming sound as a soundtrack to their conversation. The water feature and fire place make this a unique social area that can be used at all times of year.

20. Novelty Pool Shapes

Music Inspired Ground pools

With the right budget you can make a pool into almost any shape. Along with playful exterior shape the floor of the pool can be designed to add detail to make the shape identifiable like this example that has done using a tile mosaic. This violin pool also shows how detail can be added, like the violin bow, and how decorative gardens can be used to frame and emphasize novelty shapes.

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