32 Amazing Ground Pools For Swimming In Style

21. Natural Looking Comma Shaped Pool

Oval shaped pool

A utopian forest dwelling like this needs an unusual pool This comma shaped pool and the deep teal colour of its floor makes it look like a naturally formed rock pool amongst all this nature. The stone surrounding the pool matches that used in walls of the house. All these aspects within the multi-hued natural setting ties whole design the together in a naturally harmonious way.


22. Round Pool With Novelty Slide

Pool with slides

The feature of round pool is a fun novelty slide to entertain all ages. The bright blue water (from a darker floor) and decorative stone surround that piles up around the slide makes this resemble a natural rock pool. The waterfall and added greenery around the pool along with the neutral colour and makes it less tacky kids park and more fun, quirky and natural.

23. Blue Bowl Of Water

round ground pools


As we’ve seen in a large number of examples the pool floor of this circular pool has been coloured to gives it this jeweled blue hue. The shape is perfect and simple with very thin rim. These two elements combine into an unusual yet simple design especially when seen from above through a second storey window.

24. Rocky Pool With Waterfall In The Desert


The rocky surroundings of the natural desert terrain in which this house placed are echoed in above ground rocky pool and nature inspired waterfall. The accompanying hot tub can be seen off in the distance is a similar shape but the pool brings in the rocky textures with thin horizontally stacked layers of rock making up the sides and waterfall tower. The ground pools edge itself is also uneven to keep it cohesive. This is great example of using your surroundings as an inspiration for your pool design.


25. Circular Pool Set Into A Grassy Knoll


This circular pool seems to have been wedged into the grassy knoll and ended up partly above partly below ground. The landscaping and pool go seamlessly together using a natural stone wall finish around the edge of the exposed side of the pool. The effect is different and interesting. There is a large pool house and shaded patio area to escape the sun but the novel positioning provides gentle slopes to sunbathe on if you want to work on your tan too.

26. Tropical Paradise At Home

The pool in the yard will save you from the heat

This Bali inspired poolside has been achieved with the draping thatching over the cabana that would not look out of place on a tropical island. The wooden pool decking and bright blue water surrounded by greenery and hot red roofs make it easy to convince yourself that you are on a vacation in your own house.

27. Rustic Walled Tuscan Style Pool


What, from the outside, could appear to be a traditional walled garden surprises us with unexpected pool surrounded by a Tuscan style house and shrubbery. The pool itself is a simple blue rectangle with a rim of mosaic tiles. The detail comes from the paving stones around the pool which becomes a checkerboard with grass growing between each. This rustic shaded area surrounded by nature creates an intimate calming environment to swim and relax in.

28. Long Pool With Quirky Pergola


The pitched roof and delicate lace pattern of the eclectic pergola steals the show from this poolside area. The pool itself is narrow and long surrounded by neutral stone paving that blends with the bricks of the house. Shades of blue throughout the space from the patio and pergola furniture, pool water and tiling complement the striking yellow wall of the quirky pergola which makes the space uplifting and visually inspiring.

29. Vast Pool With Terracotta Brick Patio


The large sunny garden is used to its best advantage by allowing the pool to take up most of the lawn. Its sparkling blue expanse is framed so pleasingly by the red terracotta surround and bright green lawn. The outdoor dining area is hidden away under the thatch surrounded by bushes to keep the two recreational areas separate.

30. Contemporary Raised Wooden Hot Tub


This raised dark wood hot tub surrounded by bamboo is a beautiful social space for any occasion. Multiple activities can happen around the yard due to the way its divided into sections. The grey paving with ball pool and built in seating runs alongside the lawn, which is all lauded over by stylish hot tub reached by neatly built in steps. The hot tub and design around it lets it become the focal point to your entire outdoor experience.

31. Lakeside Pool With Wooden Decking


Water beside the water, like our eighth example, is a real statement. In this case the clear blue of the pool stands out dramatically against the grey of the vast lake. A small but chic pool surrounded by warm wooden pool decking and white wooden fencing creates a colourful patch over the muted tones of the lake while still paying homage to the wooden jetties around them. Indulgent but understated this is a stand out addition to a lakeside home.

32. Wooden Framed Above Ground Pool

wooden planks

This is a more aesthetically pleasing version of our above ground pool seen in example 12. The vertical wooden surrounds are far more attractive than bulbous blue sides of the previous one and provides protection from puncturing. Stairs to the small sunbathing area are built into the curvature of the framework and another set leading directly into the pool take the form of a little set of stairs on the other side. The wood has been treated to match the wooden shed and fence to great effect.


Ground pools and their surroundings are clearly a unique way of expressing your home’s style. They can be designed with added extras like splash pools and hot tubs to make them a fun place to be for all ages and at any time of year. By fusing your pool design with plant life you are given the chance to make your pool a more natural looking feature and blend it with your chosen landscaping and your house’s location.

They can take the form of large recreational spaces or thin simple lap pools. They come in many shapes; rectangular, round, square or any weird shape you can think of. You can even influence the colour of the water with your choice of tiling and pool floor treatments. The design possibilities are at your fingertips and something beautiful can be made to suit most houses with a garden.

Ground Pools provide you with a space that is not only a fun way to cool off and exercise, but can also be the social hub of your household. Cabanas, pergolas and patios become iconic entertaining spaces for you to make memories.

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